The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

12. Fake Saint’s Evolution into a Genuine One

In the carriage, the priest advised me.

“The twins have a mortal grudge against the saint, so keep a reasonable distance from them.”

He refused to explain in detail, but it seemed that in the past, the saint treated the petite and cute twins like toys. As a result, their dignity suffered heavily.

Hence, as a desperate measure to protect themselves, the twins studied magic and acquired the qualifications of a formal magician at their young ages.

Even though they were as old as my younger brother, they worked hard…

…However, while I pitied the twins, it didn’t make sense for me to apologize in the saint’s stead. As the priest said, I could only keep my distance.

When I heard the priest’s story, I decided to never go near them again.


…The day after I decided to keep my distance, the twins approached me—

but why…?

“Hey, Lady Saint, would you like to try this? It’s a centipede cookie, like the ones you used to make us eat!”

“Hey, Lady Saint, would you like me to cast a spell that grows a tail from your hips? Then, I’ll make you walk on all-fours and bark—just like what you did to me back then.”

…They were determined to exact vengeance after having suffered at the hands of the saint.

Thus, the twins followed me and informed me of the various misdeeds the saint had done in the past, as if trying to tell someone to not forget her sins.

The knight leader, who couldn’t bear the sight of it, glared at them. In which they’d casually retort—

“—We’re just having a fun conversation. What’s wrong with that?”

Well, there was no real harm in being told of past stories, so there was nothing I could do about it.

I didn’t really care because it wasn’t something I had done. I was honestly treating it like somebody else’s business. But one day, during a break, when neither the priest nor the knight leader were nearby, the twins approached me once again.

“We need your help.”

“We have something we want you to see~”

“Oh, really? What is it?”

“Over here~”

I was guided into the forest. When I started getting suspicious—


I suddenly fell into a pit.

“Gyahaha—!! Aren’t you being too careless—!? You used to do this to us, didn’t you—!?”

“How funny~ We filled this hole with a lot of earthworms. Back when you did it to us, the pit was full of snakes. We’re being kind, aren’t we~?”


“Huh? No reply? Did you faint because of the earthworms?”

“…No, it seems that the fall broke my leg.”

“…Huh? Seriously?”

Yes, it broke, but so what?

Probably because they thought it was dangerous, the twins hurriedly rescued me from the pit. Upon being rescued, it was clear that my right ankle was broken.

Uwa… it’s really broken… b, but! We just did the exact thing you did to us! We won’t apologize! Besides, you’re the saint! Just heal yourself, already!”

Because the two were being too noisy, I grabbed the their heads and head-butted the two of them.


“W, what are you doing—!?”

From the pit of my stomach, I yelled to the two inconsiderate kids.

“That’s my line right there—!! You call this a prank—!? Isn’t it just a dangerous trap—!? It’s such a deep hole, too! Had I broken my neck, it’d be a live burial—and don’t you dare say that it’s impossible! This hole is too deep! In the first place, how did you even dig a 5 meter deep hole!? It’ll be difficult to fill back!

“I was fortunate to have only broke a leg. But if a small child were to accidentally fall inside, it’ll be a big deal!

“If you want to play a prank, scribble a beard on my face when I’m asleep, or make something more creative and safer!

“—Now, if you understand, say something—!!”

“Huh? Ah, okay…”

“Beard? Eh? Okay…”

Just like my younger brother, the boys seemed to be interested in doing risky stuff. I thought that boys were a little stupid.

You might die, you know?

I just couldn’t handle it because of how outrageous it was.

So, whenever I found my siblings doing something dangerous, I’d scold them with the fury of a thousand suns. I had to nail into their head how dangerous it was—after all, it was useless to regret—especially after dying!

Although there were many inevitable threats in that world such as illness and injury, to accidentally die because of mischief was just too sad.

Pranks were pranks because they were safe and entertaining.

When I was talking about the importance of life, my broken ankle became swollen to the point it was painful to look at. So, I hurriedly searched for a stick that could be used as a splint, and fixed it with a handkerchief. With my minuscule healing power, I had successfully reattached my bones. But honestly, it hurt like hell whenever I walked.

After my preaching, it appeared that the twins felt remorseful. They then helped me back to everyone. Well… they carried me as if they were holding a log, though…

The priest and the knight leader who saw me injured were surprised and immediately suspected the twins.

However, “The twins helped me after I fell and got injured…” was all I ever said.

Because of my emotional preaching, the both of them were still shaken. It didn’t seem like they’d recover if they got scolded by adults. Even though they were great magicians, in the end, they were still kids.

Anyway, the first decision was to let me rest in peace. Thus, the priest rented an inn at a town despite the fact that we had no plans to stop anywhere so soon.

The nearest town was an area where the Goddess’ religion had already been adopted. After the inn learned we were the saint’s pilgrimage group, they prepared the best room.

Had I not encountered that job, I probably wouldn’t have had a chance to stay at such a luxurious inn during my entire life. I’d like to focus on the silver lining, but it was too difficult to do so because of the pain.

Because I had used all my healing power, my head was heavy, and I immediately contracted a fever. I had completely exhausted myself.

The priest, who was unusually concerned, carried me to bed and asked me to lie down.

…When did he become so kind?

After I fell into the bed, I was so tired, I couldn’t even lift my head. Without bothering to change my clothes, I just closed my eyes.

During winter, I couldn’t lie down despite having a fever because I was too busy caring for my siblings.

That might had been my first time falling asleep in such a manner—which was, giving priority to my own physical condition.

***T/N: Everything about this mc is so saintly lol. Is this what they meant by born a saint?

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