I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

16. In the Moving Carriage

When I casually looked outside, I saw Alves accompanying the carriage on horseback.

As he held the reins …my brother might have fallen asleep.

His bangs had just fallen over his eyes. As such, I couldn’t see his expression. But his eyes were definitely closed.

It seemed that the special skills of being a knight include taking a nap while riding a horse. Even while he was asleep, my brother remained unwavering.

That said, he could probably sleep better inside the carriage…

Alves had insisted that he slept better on a horse—well, as long as he a company.

I truly didn’t understand.

Every time I saw his figure, I kept thinking that it’d be easier for my brother if he stayed at the inn in the royal capital. He didn’t have to return to our territory right away.

Inn where aristocrats stayed were expensive. Therefore, unless there was a special reason, my brother always returned home straight away.

If we had more money, we could surely afford the luxury of staying at an inn.

…Would it be wise to sell my dowry, which I would no longer use, to rent an inn?

I also thought that my brother deserved new clothes.

The clothes that I was currently wearing were tailored for when I ascended to viscount. It didn’t look old because it was well-maintained, but Alves’ dark blond hair should look good in the trendy light purple.

Although he was a little tanned, my brother was very tall, had a pair of wide shoulders, and a muscular body. Not to mention, he was also good-looking.

He was a hard-worker, and as long as he had a sword, thieves would be lucky to even have a chance to escape. I thought that my brother, who was a deeply affectionate person, was a catch despite his lack of wealth.

The reason he didn’t have a lover was because he was busy with farm work and managing the territory. If he had more opportunities to be noticed, I was sure there’d be various marriage proposals.

“Lady Lucia, Lord Phil is over there.”

While I was indulging in my thoughts once again, Tiana gently called out to me.

By that point, we had already left the territory of Ragulen and were close to the royal capital. A little further down the road was a man getting off his horse and waving.

Besides him, was another man in a knight’s attire, but he looked nervous.

The carriage slowed down before stopping entirely.

My older brother had awoken, and his eyes returned to the road. Meanwhile, the carriage door opened and Phil boarded.

Phil, who sat across from me after a light greeting, stared at me and laughed with satisfaction.

“That last minute effort was worth it. I feel more enthusiastic than when I hunted down those bandits… Hey, Alves, why do you look so awful? It’s as if you’re about to die.”

“If it’s only to this extent, I won’t die. Besides, I slept a little, so I am feeling better.”

As my brother peered through the carriage door, he let out a big yawn.

Phil had a bitter smile, perhaps because he was aware of the situation.

“Well, leave the rest to me. You’ll be dealing with those finance guys, right? Then bring that youth along. His swordsmanship is unreliable, but he’s still the son of Count Barois. All he needs to do is show up, and the rest will take care of itself.”

“…I thought that man is a horse collector, or was I mistaken?”

“Since I didn’t help at all this time, let me do at least this much.”

Phil said that and closed the carriage door.

The carriage started to move again. My brother also followed suit. Behind him was a young knight pulling the reins of an empty horse. He looked lifeless.

Could it be?

Phil may had abandoned his work on the way…

When I glanced at Phil, he started making excuses in a hurry.

“I already did my part well! Although my subordinates cried, it’s none of my business! My useless colleague was screaming, and my followers were screaming, but it’s alright nonetheless!”

“…Which means, you’re just abandoning your work, right?”

“I did finish it! To begin with, the work of the royal capital isn’t within my scope! Leaving it to me under the pretense of formalism is already strange! That’s just too low! Trying to get work done for such a trivial matter is wrong!”

He was flaring…

…Was it different from being relied upon? Was work truly being pushed on him?

As usual, when the story of Phil’s house was involved, it became complicated.

Considering the reaction of Alves, I wondered if I shouldn’t even ask.


The cloak that Phil was currently wearing was bright yellow—it belonged to the knights of the kingdom.

Speaking of yellow… wasn’t that the Third Army?

Recently, he said that the Northern area was his place of work.

“Lord Phil, please remove that cloak.”

“Oh, that’s right. I wore it to fool the eyes of the noisy guys.”

After Tiana had quietly pointed that out, Phil dexterously took off his cloak inside the narrow and swaying carriage.

What appeared from below was a blue outfit that looked a lot like my dress.

Tiana, who carefully compared the color of his clothes with mine, then scrutinized the silver thread edging and the modest little collar, nodded slowly and in satisfaction.

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