I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

15. On the Wedding Day

Finally, the wedding day of Gorman and Irena had arrived.

It was sunny from the morning. It looked to be a great day.

However, it was a day of battle for me.

I had to show the results of my one month’s preparation.


After looking up towards the sky and taking a deep breath, I clenched my fists.

I had avoided the sun, stayed away from water and field work, and applied plenty of expensive cream. As a result, my hands were whiter, smoother, and cleaner than I had ever seen. My nails had been trimmed, and their surfaces had been polished to a glossy finish.

The skin on my face and neck was glistening—probably because it wasn’t sunburned.

I had also washed, dried, and brushed my hair to perfection.

With this, I won’t lose!

My energy reached its climax.

“…I can’t, I’m about to die.”

After I had dressed up, I slumped on my chair.

Noble ladies were amazing.

It was easier to do field work.

“You’ve splendidly dressed up!”

Alves, who casually entered the living room, praised me.

However, my brother seemed thinner. There were dark circles under his eyes.

He had to prepare the books for the regular reports, made various documents for newly registered agricultural land, and reported the large-scale civil engineering work planned for the future. Moreover, he also had to go around various government offices and talked with merchants within the royal capital for books and materials.

The amount of work he had to do was so great, it was borderline impossible to finish it alone.

Up until last year, several people came to produce the materials.

But this year, we hadn’t requested for aid. After all, we couldn’t ask anyone who had connections with Count Orfels or Viscount Berthia.

For the time being, Alves was searching for alternatives.

However, something might have happened, which prevented him from making any arrangements.

My brother was working harder than ever.

If it wasn’t for the physical strength he developed as a knight that he often boasted about, he would’ve collapsed many days ago. When he said that he wasn’t good at making documents, the knights who were staying at the farm also helped him. That was really fortunate.

“Brother Alves, you have a terrible complexion. Have you been neglecting your sleep?”

“It’s alright, I can still manage for another week.”

He wasn’t okay at all. That much was obvious. Nevertheless, since it was Alves, I thought he could really pull off another week.

After today was over, I would help him.

I wasn’t allowed to do anything because I might dirty my fingers with ink. As such, until now, he had been forced to do everything alone.

“I was a little tired, but after seeing how beautiful Lucia has become, I feel better. I’ll do my best to get the road maintenance cost subsidized. I’ll even knock down the seeds and stones.”

“Do your best! I shall aid you starting from tomorrow!”

“It’s very encouraging to hear, but for now, Lucia has to focus on the wedding. Have you checked the guest list?”

“Yes, I’ve memorized all the names. But, when it comes to high-ranking aristocrats, I’ve never met them, so it might be difficult…”

“Phil will do something about that… Wait? Phil hasn’t arrived yet?”

My brother scanned the room and tilted his head.

He was truly tired, to the point he failed to notice.

“I received a letter from him yesterday. He’s going to arrive in the middle of the party because he got held back. I’ll be leaving on my own, soon.”

“What? Didn’t he say that he’s going to be the perfect escort? What is he doing?! Are you going to the royal capital alone?”

“Tiana will come with me.”

When I looked back, Tiana smiled.

My brother looked a little relieved, for she was a very beautiful and disciplined maid who performed flawlessly.

“Then, since it’s about time for me to head to the royal capital, I shall be your escort.”


Tiana gave a look of disapproval towards my brother’s unkempt hair and wrinkled clothes. When she was about to say something, my brother re-appeared with a viscount-like attire. She then nodded in affirmation.


Tiana has approved my brother!

The road to the royal capital passed through the fields.

When I looked out of the window of the carriage, which rocked once in a while, I could only see the waterway.

Since it was close to home, my brother and I could look at it every day. However, with each passing day, it became more difficult to manage. The area where the wagon passed was part of the Ragulen territory, and the waterway, which had received a simple repair, looked a little rough.

Although the method of maintaining the waterway was widespread among the people, it tended to be postponed when they were busy with their daily lives.

Even now, I still yearned for a dedicated manager who could take care of the farm.

Since my marriage was gone, could I use the remaining fund to hire an administrator? Alves was about to get married, therefore I shouldn’t spend the full amount, but…

When I was thinking seriously, I could hear a throat clearing from the other side.

It was Tiana, the beautiful, talented, maid.

“Lady Lucia, there are wrinkles between your eyebrows.”


Not good.

I mustn’t look out of line.

Hadn’t Tiana stopped me, I might had forgotten about my make-up and rubbed my face as I was.

I sat down in a hurry and lowered my hand which was reaching for my face.


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