His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

11. When I Wake up in the Morning…

The morning sun faintly shone into the room through the window curtain.

Since our territory, Arkhangelsk, was in the North, autumn was only chilly.

I woke up with the light of the morning sun and the coldness peculiar to dawn.

I wanted to pull up my blanket and sleep once again, but if I did that, His Highness Alexander might disapprove.

That was right.

I was sleeping in a bed with His Highness.

His Highness Alexander was my fiancé. His Highness, who lost his position as the crown prince, was relegated to be a territory lord, and I chose to follow him.

His Highness had told me that he needed me.

It was only the third day, but I was glad that I came to that territory.

Before, I was just a tool for a political marriage. However, of my own volition, I came to that place with His Highness.

His Highness needed me—so I’d help him. Such a relationship… was very nice and happy.

But, for a long time, we were engaged in name only. We didn’t do any couple-like activities, and we didn’t know how to close the distance between us.

Still… yesterday, I took courage and stepped forward.

As a result, I managed to hug His Highness!

It was embarrassing, but at the same time, I was proud of myself.

…His Highness might be shy, but he hugged me back.

Then, I proceeded to stroke His Highness’ hair as he slept. I remembered that his sleeping face was cute.


By the way, what about His Highness?

The room was cold, but for some reason, the area around my waist felt warm.


Something moved around my waist.


I screamed unintentionally because it tickled.

His Highness’ arm was wrapped around my body.

Upon closer inspection, there was a sleeping face in the immediate vicinity. His Highness was sleeping comfortably with a relaxed face.

…Perhaps due to the cold, he was attracted to the warmest thing nearby—and unconsciously hugged me.

What foul play!

When I was awake, I was already being embraced without shame!

I felt my cheeks getting hot. His Highness was hugging me tightly—it was unlikely he would let go.

Although I felt embarrassed, I was glad that he was sleeping soundly and looking very peaceful.

“…It can’t be helped…”

His Highness’ face made me forgive everything.

Besides… the embrace felt comfortable.

I gently put my right hand on His Highness’ back and gently caressed his hair with my left hand. His Highness relaxed, but he showed no sign of waking up.

I smiled—

Since he hugged me without permission, I can demand a little payback.

What was more, His Highness was sleeping soundly. No matter what I did, he wouldn’t notice.

…In such case, as his lover, what should I do?

Then, my gaze inadvertently landed at his lips. I immediately shook my head.

As expected, I didn’t have the courage to snatch a kiss from him… but, maybe I could afford a kiss on the cheek.

His Highness’ cheeks were white and silky like a girl’s. Truly, a member of a royal family.

I was nervous and squeezed my courage.

Besides, it wasn’t like he’d notice.

Besides, if I didn’t muster some courage now, I wouldn’t be able to step forward.

I decided to kiss His Highness’ cheek.

As I gently tried to land my lips against his cheek—


His Highness muttered my name. I was so surprised, my heart bounced.

For a moment, I felt upset.

Did His Highness find out?

However, it seemed that he was still asleep. His eyes were still closed. My breath readjusted once again.

…Alright, there was nothing to worry about—

—this time for sure!

At that time, there was a knock on the door.

“Please wake up already. Breakfast is served.”

From the corridor, there came the cheerful, well-meaning, voice of the butler, Felix.

What bad timing…!


Sure enough, His Highness groaned and opened his eyes.

His eyes, which were akin to blue jewels, listlessly stared at me.

“Good morning, Your Highness.”

Embraced by His Highness, I remained in a position just before kissing his cheek.

For the time being, I tried to say hello.

His Highness was appalled for a moment. Perhaps realizing the situation, in an instant, his face turned bright red.

It was at that moment—

—Felix vigorously opened the door of the room. Perhaps because we never answered.


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