The Heinous Mysterious Death Green Translation

7. Blow Up That Blue Guy

An abandoned factory looms over the outskirts of Tokyo. It used to be a chemical plant that supported the local economy after the war. However, now, all that remains is its weathered framework.

Even the “No Trespassing” sign is covered with a thick layer of ivy. The rusty iron pillars that look as if they will collapse at a touch support a ceiling that looks ready to cave-in at any moment.

Not many reasons for bothering to visiting an abandoned building like that exist. One could be for a test of courage among friends while another for a shady transaction by the mafia.

Or perhaps for hiding things others can’t be allowed to see, like bombs.

“Carry it carefully. If you drop it, it’ll go off with a bang.”
“No wo—rries, ssu. Physical work is Samecchi’s specialty, ssu.”
“I see, that’s good to know. Then, why don’t you stop skipping while carrying the bomb, first.”

Earlier that morning, Rintaro explained his reasons and rented a car from Ark Dominion. He wondered if the car would explode on the way, but he didn’t pay it any mind and the car safely reached their destination. At present, Rintaro and Samecchi have just finished transporting the large number of bombs into the abandoned factory.

“We are going to explode them in a place like this, ssuka? This is a long way from the city center, ssuyo.”

“Listen, Samecchi. This is just temporary storage. If we lose the bombs, we’ll be troubled.”
“I see, ssu!”
“Great, good girl. Then, Aniki is going to take care of some minor business really quick. I’ll be right back, so keep your eyes open.”
“Understood, ssu, Aniki!”

With those words, Rintaro leaves Samecchi alone with the bombs in the abandoned factory and returns to the car. His so called minor business is naturally an outright lie.

“With this, that blue eyesore will be smashed to bits… Right, now there’s no one to monitor me. I’m free to go back to the organization. Everyone will be happy, kukuku….”

Rintaro holds Samecchi’s homemade detonator switch tight as he makes a wicked chuckle. He starts the car and turns on the radio. Then, without any hesitation, he presses the switch.

“It’s an early Christmas present. Give thanks to Santa-san, baby.”

A pillar of fire nearly 50 meters high rises behind the car as it drives away. A thunderous roar rattle pasts immediately afterwards, shaking the side mirror in the process. All that remains is the misshapen detonator switch in Rintaro’s right hand, a switch that has already fulfilled its role.

“…In the end, that’s how I do things. Did you see that, you bastard?”
“I saw it clearly, ssu! Wow~ That was a great explosion, ssunee.”
“What are you doing here!?”

Rintaro is so surprised, he slams his foot on the brakes, causing the car to spin around as its tires slide about. He dodges an oncoming car at the last second, makes a spectacular drift, and barely makes it back to the travel lane.

“Samecchi, as ordered, diligently kept her eyes open and watched Aniki’s majesticness!”

Saying that, Samecchi smiles and shows her sharp, pointed fangs. Her smiling face seems to say that once she bites onto you, she won’t let you go.

“……Oh, yeah, that’s right. I’ll have to be a bit more precise with my instructions next time.”

Rintaro, without letting Samecchi notice, quietly switches the destination of the car navigation system from Hero Headquarters to the Ark Dominion secret base.

–Meanwhile, a few minutes ago.

“This is Blue. I have no doubt that the response came from this building, ze.”

Johnny Aikawa, a.k.a. Victor Blue, is sneaking into an abandoned factory looming on the outskirts of Tokyo after following the signal of Green’s “Victory Transformation Gear”.

The reason why Blue is alone this time is because of all lockers of the Victor Rangers that were tightly sealed with carpenter glue, he is the only one who was able to get the full set of his equipment out, barely.

“This is headquarters. Well done, stand by until further instructions.”
“Roger that, da ze. No, wait a minute, someone’s coming out.”

Blue senses the presence of people and hides his body with some nearby bushes. When he arrived, there was a suspicious car parked in front of the abandoned factory.

It is not nothing. The Victory Transformation Gear signal Blue has been following is being transmitted from that car. The owner of the gear is the one possessing the remains of the late Victor Green. That is to say, there is a high possibility that it is the unidentified “Heinous Mysterious Death Green” marked by Hero Headquarters.

“I couldn’t see his face, but he’s a man, ze.”
“Blue, can you get a picture?”
“Yeah, I’ll take a picture. ……!? Problem, there’s another one coming out, ze!”

As Blue killed his breathing within the bushes, small footsteps followed behind the man.

“Headquarters, can you hear me? It’s a kid. A kid got into the car together with the mysterious being. I just sent you a picture from behind, ze.”
“This is headquarters, it’s been received. We’re going to satellite track the vehicle from here.”
“OK, I don’t know when he’s coming back. I’m going to check inside the building, ze!”

As soon as Blue says that, he silently slips into the abandoned factory like a daft. As expected, the inside of the abandoned factory is deserted. Still, even if it were overflowing with mysterious beings, very few would have noticed Blue’s infiltration.

Time for an explanation!
Johnny Aikawa, also known as Victor Blue, is a former police officer.

He is also a professional who infiltrates and suppresses buildings during emergency. Until a few years ago, he was an ace in the Chiba Prefectural Police’s raid and rescue team, also known as ART. His speed, judgment, and marksmanship are on full display as a Victor Ranger.

“This is Blue. I’m going to uncover what they were up to here, ze.”
“Copy that. Be very careful.”

The abandoned factory is covered with a thick layer of dust. The only thing that catches his eyes is a shiny green color that looks entirely brand new.

“This is Blue, and I’ve instantly found something ridiculous, ze! It’s Green’s bag!”

It is without a doubt the carry-on bag that Kuriyama Rintaro, a.k.a. Green, had when he disappeared.

“I’m positive, that guy must have left some clues here!”

Blue opens the bag and finds cords and circuits beside each other. There is no room to even think, ‘What is this?’ because “Bomb” was courteously written in large hiragana on top of it.

“…What a terrible joke, ze!”

The next moment, Blue’s body is rammed into and enveloped by a pillar of fire.

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