His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

7.1 You Said You’ll do Anything, Right?

To summarize the mayor’s story—the former governor-general of Arkhangelsk seems to have taken bribes, embezzled, and accumulated property in addition to the original compensation.

It was said that the residents of Arkhangelsk, who were originally poor, suffered tremendously because of that.

Despite the originally burdensome tax, the situation worsened when they also had to pay off the greedy governor.

“But he’s gone, so it’s good. The problem is… the Iron Crown of the Holy King.”

The mayor spoke with a dark face.

Arkhangelsk had a large monastery. Originally, before the harbor was built, the monastery was at the heart of the city.

A treasure was handed down within the monastery—‘The Iron Crown of the Holy King.’

That crown belonged to the Holy King who spread the teachings of the church across Russenian hundreds of years ago. It was truly precious, and it could be called a symbol of the city.

…I had read books about it. I was glad that I was prepared.

“The former governor is trying to take the crown with him to the royal capital… but, it’s the symbol of this city! It’s the last hope of our declining city! Thus, I want to get the crown back with the help of His Highness…”

His Highness and I stare at each other at the mayor’s words.

Certainly, as the mayor said, that was a big problem. There was a need to take the crown back, but as a bureaucrat, it simply wouldn’t do.

It seemed that the former governor was still in that city so he could retake control. As such, it was necessary to clarify the facts and respond.

“I understand, as the prince and the lord of this city, I promise to do good.”

The appearance of His Highness who unwaveringly said that… was a little cool.

I thought that he genuinely looked like a prince.

“…Thank you.”

The mayor nodded in relief.


His Highness and I listened to the people of the city, the village residents, and those of the monastery. We confirmed that it was exactly as the mayor said.

Afterwards, we decided to enter the building that the former governor-general used for his duties in order to examine his books and the warehouse.

Fortunately, the former governor-general was absent. The mansion he lived in was on the other side of the city.

His Highness revealed his identity at the entrance of the building and said that he was going to

To assume the position of Arkhangelsk’s ruler.’ He was smoothly granted entrance.

Inside the large, dusty, warehouse, I flipped through the books and matched the logs with the actual items.

…Certainly, it was strange.

“I don’t think there should be this much wealth.”

“It’s as Alisa said.”

His Highness answered my words while examining the item in the warehouse.

At the present, Akrhangelsk was an impoverished city.

However, it was once affluent. The jewels and weapons of that era might had been excluded from the books—or, conversely, what should had been there wasn’t in the warehouse.

I was convinced of the governor-general’s embezzlement. Off on the side, His Highness seemed to be looking into the proof of bribery.

There were some jewels that were collecting dust in the corner of the warehouse even though they weren’t recorded in the books. It seemed that the governor-general had personally collected them from the city.

I decided to look at another book. Then, I looked up at the shelves on the wall of the warehouse.

One book was placed a little high. It looked suspicious.

…If I were to stretch my back, I should be able to reach it, right?

I was on tiptoe as I tried to reach the book on top of the shelf—and failed…

…Without realizing that there was a box behind my feet, I stumbled and fell backwards.

The small warehouse was packed with shelves. Moreover, heavy iron weapons and armors were lined up on the shelf behind me…

If I were to fall down as it were, I’d hit that shelf and the heavy weapons would surely fall on my head.

…I might die—I cursed my misfortune.

To die in such a place… I hadn’t even helped His Highness, yet.

Such an idea passed through my mind in an instant—

—then, I was hugged from behind.


To be wrapped in such large arms and solid body—I was surprised.

A voice came out from behind me.

“Are you alright, Alisa?”

I was relieved by the gentle voice of His Highness.

His Highness seemed to have caught me when I was about to fall.

“T, thank you…”

How scary… I was glad I didn’t die…

…Even then, I was still shaking.

If I died from such a trivial matter, how would I face His Highness?

I avoided such a fate thanks to His Highness.

Thinking about His Highness, I noticed something significant—

—I was being embraced by him for the first time…!

Although it was a mere light embrace from behind, instead one of a lover.

“U, uhm, Your Highness…”

My face was probably bright red.

My embarrassment was my weakness.

The fear of being seriously injured disappeared. I was filled with the embarrassment of being hugged by His Highness.

When I looked up at His Highness, he seemed to be stunned as our situation dawned upon him.

Thus, his cheeks flushed red. He hurriedly away from me. I liked seeing His Highness’ reddened cheeks.

It might be rude to consider him cute, but I was a little happy that I was the cause for his shyness.

I wish he had hugged me longer.

I recalled the warmth of His Highness’ hands.

He had never kissed or hugged me before—that was definitely progress.

His Highness awkwardly cleared his throat.

“You could’ve asked for my help, you know…”

Certainly, I shouldn’t had tried to reach for it by myself.

As a result, I was almost seriously injured. Without His Highness, a disaster would have surly occurred.

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