I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

9. My Cousin, Irena

As expected, the one who came to visit my residence was none other than my cousin—Irena.

Usually, I’d wholeheartedly welcome her. However, the story I had just heard yesterday had thrown me off balance.

“Lucia, it’s been a long time! How have you been?”

In contrast to me and my complex emotions, Irena had a brilliant smile.

Just like me, Irena was 18-years-old. If I was a man, I’d instinctively want to protect a delicate woman like her.

She was as tall as my shoulders. Her round eyes were a bright sky blue. Her hair, which was dark blonde similar to Alves’, was both fluffy and wavy. Her arms, which tightly embraced me, were thin and powerless.

She was truly adorable.

…For her to still be able to show such a pure smile to me after everything, I envied that strength of her heart.

My face almost cramped from having to force a smile the entire time. I then prepared a special tea meant for two people.

I was fortunate. I had made sweets that morning with the sugar I got from Phil.

“Well, I think Lucia already knows…”

After eating some sweets and refilling her tea cup, Irena finally got to the main subject.

“Yesterday, Gorman told me he had sent you an invitation. So, you’ve already been informed, right? I’ve decided to get married!”

“…Yes, that’s right. Congratulations.”

I managed to force those words out while maintaining a smile.

’Good for you.’ ‘That’s great.’—praising her was all I could do.

“But, it’s quite sudden, no?”

Ah, I accidentally blurted it out.

I immediately regretted my words. But Irena smiled without batting an eyelash.

“Right!? I was honestly surprised! But, it can’t be helped! Gorman decided the marriage would be this year! It can’t be postponed any longer, so it can be said that I’m ready!”

Irena talked without a pause.

But… I was the one Gorman had planned to marry that year. Surely, Irena was aware of that. Yet, she still said those words.

“The Count of Orfels still hasn’t prepared everything, yet. But rest assured! The Berthia family shall aid them! However, I was worried that the wedding dress wouldn’t be finished in time… But fortunately, the count’s family had a cloth prepared and they offered it to me! By now, the seamstresses must hurrying to tailor the dress!”


The cloth that the count family had prepared… no way, wasn’t that for my dress? So… my dress hadn’t even been prepared, yet?

Only less than half a year remained before the wedding ceremony, but no one ever mentioned a thing about my dress. Now that I thought about it, that was certainly strange. However, since it was still a few months away, I opted to say nothing.

However, if what Irena said was true…

…Then that meant Gorman was prepared to annul our engagement from an earlier time than I expected.

…I felt dizzy for some reason.

My hands also seemed to shake a little. My complexion had paled.

I couldn’t afford to talk to Irena anymore.

But I just couldn’t tell her to go home.

Irena was staring at me with a smile on her face.

She should also be aware of the transgression.

She said nothing about it and kept talking with a bright smile.

“The Orfels family seems to like me a lot! That’s why, I definitely want them to meet you, Lucia! When I told them that you’re way taller than me, they started looking forward to meeting you! So—”

—Irena suddenly stood up and squeezed my trembling hands. With her pretty face right in front of me, she whispered in a sweet voice.

“…Please, absolutely come to our wedding? Gorman, the Orfels family, and their relatives are all waiting for you.”

Irena’s silky and thin hands were encasing my rough hands.

I didn’t usually mind it, but I suddenly became embarrassed and wanted to withdraw them.

However, I suppressed said urge and gathered the pride of the Ragulen family.

“I’m very honored. I will definitely attend.”

Spinning words that I didn’t even mean, I smiled pridefully.

Irena laughed back as she casually retracted her hand.

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