The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

5. The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One

As a result of my previous outburst, the priest I was sharing the carriage with wouldn’t stop asking me questions. He kept throwing one after another.

It’s honestly annoying, why are you doing this?

Although I tried to maintain my composure, he kept repeating the same question until he got a concrete answer. I would give a general opinion, but he kept asking, “But, what about your personal opinion?”

Spare me already.

The priest’s barrage of questions was more difficult than the pain of being shaken by the carriage for a long time.

After I was exhausted, the red-haired knight captain informed the priest that we had arrived at the first destination.

“Alright, Ceylan, this is your first job as the saint’s substitute. Do you remember today’s schedule?”

“Yes, first, I’ll go pray at the church. Afterwards, I’ll go around the territory for community services. I just have to say hello to the lord and shake hands, right? I don’t need to do more than that, right?”

“Yes, but remember this—if you’re asked for healing, you should respond. But don’t overdo it. Just do the bare minimum necessary.”

“I see, but my healing power is really lacking. I can only cure backpain and hangovers, is it alright for me to respond to such requests?”

“Yes, after all, this is nothing more than a performance meant for impressing others. A slight healing is enough. It’s a proof that you’ve done your job.”

I was worried about what was considered as the appropriate response. However, was I worried for nothing?

When I emerged from the carriage donning the veil of the saint, the red-haired knight stood before me.

He was grinning at me, as if looking at something peculiar.

What’s the matter with him?

While thinking, I walked along the road to follow the priest.

In the next moment—


Something hard hit my head with a thud. I felt something sticky dripping from my head.

While I was stunned, the knight captain, who stood beside me, started laughing.

“Hahahaha! Look at the enthusiastic welcome, saint! A raw egg shower, right at your moment of arrival! The lords of this place are so courteous!”

A raw egg… ah, I see.

An egg had just been thrown at me.

The knight captain was smirking because he knew it was going to happen.

Looking in the direction in which the egg flew, two boys could be seen laughing wile holding a basket. One of them was holding an egg.

When he was about to throw another one, his action was cut short.

Arrrrgh—!! Those fucking brats—!!”

With a fierce dash, I chased after the two boys. I quickly captured them with double lariats.

The boys, who didn’t think the saint would fly in the air and perform a lariat, were stunned as they got pulled to the ground.

After gently putting down the basket of eggs, I dropped my fists on top of their heads.


“W, what are you doing!? Is it alright for a saint to hit a child!?”

“Do you know what you did—!? What do you think you’re doing, throwing eggs at people—!?”

“Hmph! If you don’t want to be hit with another egg, get out of our village right away! Do you want to be drenched with kitchen waste next time?”

One of the boys was afraid, so he kept quiet. But the bullish-looking one replied with sarcasm. Seeing that they didn’t regret their actions in the slightest, my anger reached a new height.

“…Do you think you have infinite amount of eggs or something!? Didn’t someone teach you to not waste food?! It’s ridiculous to waste precious eggs for harassment, no, even merely dropping them is an act of sacrilege!!

Eggs are food!! Rich in nutrition!! I would be very happy if I could eat one every day!! They’re very nutritious, you know?! Apologize right now!! Ask the hens who laid the eggs forgiveness by kneeling and saying, ‘I’m very sorry for wasting your eggs!’ Even if the chickens pardon you, you must apologize! Also, apologize to all the poultry farmers who feed and take care of their hens to make sure they produce eggs every, single, day!”

Wasting food was an unforgiveable act. But above all, I couldn’t condone the use of eggs in that way.

Eggs were nutritious. I had hoped to feed them to my siblings eggs every day if possible. However, that was too expensive. As it was, my financial situation couldn’t afford it.

When my younger sister lost weight due to a prolonged cold, I had hoped to feed her a lot of eggs.

Even I had hoped to eat a whole boiled egg by myself. However, sharing one with all of my siblings was a must. Being poor was difficult.

Recalling those days, I simply couldn’t forgive what the boys had done.

I grabbed them by the collars and shook them as if I were harboring a personal vendetta.

The boys, who were completely surprised by my words, cried with snot running down their noses.

“I’m sorry…! I’m sorry…!”

At that moment, I finally regained my senses.

When I turned around, the red-haired knight captain and his subordinates were dumbstruck while the priest was trying hard not to laugh.

I, I did it again, didn’t I…?


…btw, I now have craving for eggs.

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