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9. A Holiday Date

As the door to the store opened, the familiar sound of the bell rang.

It was sunny outside, and the air was refreshing.

I took a step outside and made sure the plate hanging on the door showed the sign, ‘CLOSED.’

After locking up and checking for any garbage around the store, I muttered, “Ok!” and looked up towards the sky.

I squinted at the clear blue sky.

It was going to be a great holiday.

When I tried to walk with such expectations in mind.

“Hello, Flores.”

Towards the beautiful and familiar voice, I turned around.


Although it was a coincidence, I was happy at being able to see him on my holiday and smiled.

Talking to Ryan was one of my favorite pastimes.

My regular looked at me as soon as he saw me.

“…Could it be, you’re having a day off today?”

I wasn’t wearing my usual attire, but a more casual one. Of course, I also wasn’t wearing an apron.

Today, I wasn’t a café owner but a mere town girl.

“That’s right. Today’s a holiday. Did you perhaps want to visit the store?”

Ryan usually came on fixed days. It didn’t even cross my mind to tell him about my holidays.

Apparently, that was a mistake.

He had an overtly disappointed face as he slumped his shoulders dejectedly.

“That’s right… Actually, I took a day off for the first time in a while. I was planning to eat somewhere peaceful.”

“I see… I’m sorry, I should’ve told you in advance.”

I couldn’t help but feel sorry towards him who had such a cute expression despite his flawless, handsome, face.

During his precious holiday, he had chosen my store to spend his time. I liked him even more.

Anyway, Ryan looked good in casual attire.

He looked great in his usual knightly attire. Because of how impactful his uniform was, I became used to the knight him.

In that respect, casual wear also suited him well. The loose white shirt gave off a soft impression and a sweet atmosphere. His small trinkets were of different colors, which was also wonderful.

I felt like I had been clumsy for not telling him about the holiday. It made me happy when I thought that he wanted to come to my store for lunch.

Apparently, he thought of my store as a healing place.

By the way, I wondered if it was alright for him to not show up with one of his companions despite being a duke’s son.

I was a little concerned, but I also knew that Ryan hated such formalities. In understanding, Ryan showed a bitter smile.

“I’m sorry for not confirming. Are you going out right now?”

“Yes, I thought of taking a walk and going shopping.”

It was a special holiday. The weather was also nice. It’d be a waste not to go out on such a day.

Anyway, I planned to go a little further to procure tea leaves and coffee beans.

That was my plan for today.

“I see, have fun.”

“Thank you. How about you, Ryan?”

“I have nothing in mind… that’s right, do you know of any other delicious restaurants?”

“Let me see…”

After pondering a little, I came up with an idea.

However, I hesitated to say it.

Although I had a title, it was the result of my parents’ hard work.

I was nothing more a commoner until a few years ago. Would it be alright for someone like me to make such a big proposal?

It took only a few seconds, and in the end, I made a decision.

“…Then, why don’t you come with me if you like? I know of a delicious bakery. Or, if you prefer, why don’t we have a picnic in the park?”

When I confidently asked him out, he suddenly beamed.

He wore his heart on his sleeve, I was worried about him.

In an aristocratic society, if you didn’t conceal your emotions well, you’d be more likely to be stomped down.

“…Is it alright with you?”

“Of course.”

Still, I was happy to receive such a response.

When I answered with a whole-hearted smile, he responded the same.

I was glad I had invited him.

I thought so from the bottom of my heart.

Regardless of our difference in status, having a picnic in the park and laughing out loud shouldn’t be a problem.

“As for the bags…”

“Leave it to me.”

I was joking, but he was kind enough to laugh.

It seemed that he’d cover the expense for the picnic. What was more, he even took care of the bags.

He turned out to be such a person.

Remembering the exchanges we had so far made me happy.

If I were to take it upon myself, he’d surely scold me. However, since it was a big deal to me, I offered to help with half of the bags.

I was planning to buy various things, so I was honestly very grateful.

“Well then, let’s go, Milady.”

In such a fluid manner, he had transformed into an escort.


That’s why, aristocrats are…!

That power would end up going to my head!

I secretly complained in my heart while gently receiving his outstretched arm.

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