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13. Avoidance

A month later, Baroness Mia’s harem had finally finished assembling. It consisted of Duke Sagius Samaria, His Highness Feld Rolaud, and Count Brown Kayes.

What was more, Baroness Abazn demanded those three to refer to her as ‘Mia.’

The proceedings happened two months earlier than in my previous life.

However, His Highness still wasn’t aware that he harbored a slight crush towards Mia.

On the other hand, Countess Lilian Baker was no longer involved with His Highness. It seemed that her patience had ran dry.

If she were to know of the extent of the situation earlier, she wouldn’t have confronted Mia.

By the way, I kept treating His Highness as amiable as necessary.

After all, if I didn’t do that, the people around me would become bothersome.

Nevertheless, slowly but surely, His Highness would come to hate me and refuse to speak with me. Before any of that could happen, I decided to move on to the next phase.


“…It’s been a while.”

As a fiancée candidate, I was scheduled to meet him that day. Despite his lateness, His Highness showed no sign of remorse.

By the way, last month, he didn’t come because he had an ‘important errand’—namely, playing with Baroness Abazn. That day was our first time meeting in two months.

It also felt like that was the first time I saw His Highness’ face in a week.

I intended to drink tea while gazing at the garden in the terrace of the royal palace in solitude. The moment he arrived, I had to put down my tea and greet His Highness.


When I smiled and said that, His Highness went silent for some reason. So, I decided to amuse him.

“What does Your Highness intend to do with Baroness Mia in the future…?”

“What do you mean…?”

“In the future, I am wondering if you plan to welcome her as a concubine or the queen.”

“Why did you suddenly bring this up?”

“…His Highness has always been together with Baroness Abazn, right?”

“Well, as a friend…”

“Then, is Your Highness fine with not being able to meet Baroness Abazn after graduation? After all, Your Highness is going to further his study of public affairs at the royal capital in preparation of becoming king. Once that happens, it won’t be permissible for a mere student, and not to mention, a baroness, to meet with Your Highness. There’s a chance that you might not be able to meet her again.”

When I said that, His Highness froze in shock. I laughed inwardly.

He was completely captivated by Mia.

Well, that was to be expected considering how much time they had spent together. As he became more invested in her, it’d become more difficult to leave her.

In the hallway of the academy, I recalled seeing Baroness Abazn praise His Highness for his eyes. His Highness shook it off despite looking truly happy.

…Your Highness, don’t you see how much of a flatterer she is?

She’s already praising you to high heaven just because you helped her open a bottle…

I sighed inwardly and gazed at the pitiful figure of His Highness. He was completely charmed by Baroness Abazn.

“…I support Your Highness’ happiness.”

When I proceeded to say that, His Highness became stunned.

“…What are you talking about?”

“I’m sure you already know what I’m talking about. Don’t make me spell it out.”

The moment I said that, His Highness looked hurt for some reason. I only tilted my head.

Why would he react like that?

While I was pondering, His Highness muttered.

“…Does Violet truly feel nothing for me?”


Surprised, I instinctively cried out. I immediately regained my composure and answered.

“…Your Highness, please remember your actions over these last six months. With whom did you spend your time the most?”

“…Like I said, she is just a friend.”

“If she is just a friend, then you’re okay with not being able to meet her after graduation, yes?”

“T, that’s…”

His Highness, as expected, couldn’t answer.

Within my heart, I was frustrated with His Highness. Still, I preserved my smile.

“Your Highness, be honest with yourself. Then, as your true friend, I shall lend you a hand.”

When I stood up while saying that, His Highness kept staring at me in silence.

After I had expressed my parting words, I quickly left the scene with Luria who was trembling with anger.


I went straight towards the drawing room after leaving His Highness.

I hadn’t heard the reason, but the queen had summoned me.

Well, I could almost imagine why.

It was about my recent actions.

While thinking so, I left Luria and entered the drawing room. I was slightly surprised when I saw who were inside.

Not only Her Majesty the Queen, His Majesty the King was also there.

I immediately tried to bow but was stopped by the queen.

“There’s no need to be so formal. Sit down.”

“…Understood.” I answered so and sat down on the sofa.

His Majesty went straight to the chase.

“Countess Lilian Baker has withdrawn from her position as a fiancée candidate. One of my ministers, the countess’ grandfather, has also stopped backing Feld.”

“…Is that so.”

His Majesty’s words let me understand everything. Then, the queen firmly asked me.

“…Is the current Feld worthy of being the crown prince?”

“…I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“The actions of Feld in the academy have reached my ears.”

“Then, why didn’t you correct him?”

“At first, I thought that it was part of him growing up. He started to speak out more often. How mistaken I was—now, he refuses to listen to anything.”

When the queen replied so, His Majesty nodded with a grave expression.

“By the way, the reason he doesn’t listen to us isn’t only because of that baroness. Apparently, the factions that want to dethrone me are steadily supporting Feld. Hence why, he’s untouchable.”

“In that case, it’s better to take swift action…”

“I don’t want to turn Feld into a puppet and create a mess. Hence ‘veI decided to leave Felt alone.”

“…You’re coddling His Highness.”

“That’s right. Well, by the time of Feld’s graduation party, I should be able to remove those people. Until then, I’m sorry, I want Duchess of Samaria to remain as his fiancée candidate.”

“…I understand.”

I answered so and looked towards the ground.

I wasn’t disappointed at all. In fact, I almost laughed. I had to lower my face to not reveal my true feelings.

That would surely prevent me from becoming His Highness’ fiancée.

I felt like laughing out loud and jumping on the sofa.

However, I immediately remembered that the root of problems was the poison. I couldn’t solve that part at all.

If I were to remain as his fiancée candidate, I’d definitely get framed.

…But who brought that poison into that kingdom…?

When I was thinking about that, His Majesty said apologetically.

“I realizee that I’m wronging the Duchess of Samaria. However, the next crown prince is the second prince, Aiden. Won’t the talented Duchess of Samaria be an excellent partner for him?”

“…But His Highness the Second Prince has a fiancée, yes?”

“If I were to explain the situation, everything will be alright. If the Duchess of Samaria is fine with it, we can turn his fiancée into his second wife.”

“…Pardon me, but is this a royal decree?”

I was a little frustrated by His Majesty’s selfish plan. When he heard my question, he shook his head.

“No, but I want you to think of it in the corner of your mind.”

“…I understand.”

When I nodded, the king and queen responded the same. When I stood up, they also stood up.

“Then, let’s leave today’s conversation a secret. I haven’t brought this up with Aiden, yet.”

The queen said that and left the drawing room with the king. I plopped down on the sofa.

“I’m definitely not planning on being queen… But, the situation has changed considerably from last time. Despite the fine results, there are some parts that I didn’t expect…”

While I muttered so, my mouth grew distorted.

The graduation party…

Then, I had to make sure that the party was even merrier than ‘last time’.

While thinking that, I started planning the next step in my head.

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