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8. Cookies and a Towel

I sat at my seat behind the counter to hide my laughter.

Ryan looked at me. Smiling, I turned to face him.

“It is. It depends on the day, but if there are leftovers just before the store closes, I’ll sell them to the customers.”

“Is that so…? By the way, how much is left today?”

To answer Ryan’s question, I checked how many cookies I had left.

I didn’t expect it to rain, so I made a lot of cookies—what a big mistake.

“…Well, it suddenly rained, so there is quite a few left.”


His eyes shone brightly.

He was a man who was crazily bedazzling when he kept silent, but when he was like that, he was truly adorable.

Rather than his stern expression, I liked that childish side of his.

“Okay, but if you eat too much, you won’t be able to wear your armor?”

“Haha, I won’t eat all of them.”

No matter how much he liked sweets, he’d take in a lot of calories if he were to eat all of them.

When I was concerned and asked, Ryan laughed in amusement.

“I’m thinking of sharing the cookies with my subordinates who have helped with my paperwork.”

“I see, so you’re the leader.”

“I’m going to boast my sweet tooth.”

“I see, I hope you find a comrade along the way.”

“…I’ll most likely eat about half of it, though.”

Ryan corrected his statement in shame.

I also liked his awkward side.

By the time he had finished drinking the tea, the rain was pouring in earnest. I had finished wrapping the cookies, too.

Standing over the cash register and facing each other, I could see how tall Ryan was.

“It was delicious.”

“Thank you as always. Please refer your subordinates to me.”

Because of my bluntness, Ryan showed a difficult expression.

“…If possible, I want to keep it a secret.”


It was a straightforward question, and in no way did I have the slightest intention of blaming him. But his expression turned ugly.

“…I don’t want my peace to be disturbed.”

As he said it while averting his gaze, he was probably being honest.

As I thought, he’s that kind of person.

He was constantly exposed to the public. It seemed that there were a few moments when he got tired of the attention.

At such a young age, he seemed to already have a number of subordinates. He had always been depended upon.

He must had wanted to secure as much time as possible for himself during a break.

He must had been fed up of being called out by noble ladies in the castle.

I was convinced and deeply sympathetic.

A popular person rarely had time to relax.

In my case, although I wasn’t as popular as Ryan, I was infamous for being a villainous. Because of that, I got some breaks.

A place where one could avoid the public eye was really important.

“I’d be happy if you think of this café as a refreshing place.”

It couldn’t be helped. I shall give up on attracting more customers through him.

Even for me, spending time with Ryan was quite important.

“I’m sorry I can’t introduce your store.”

“Fufu, I hope that in return, you’ll still visit me.”

Sorry for even bringing that up. I hope you’ll still come to visit.

It wasn’t the matter of profit—I was just happy that Ryan came.

“Thank you.”

As if my intention had been conveyed, he said that.

After given him the change, I took out the towel for rent on rainy days from under the cash register. Ryan noticed that I was about to give it to him.

“Oh, do you not need it?”


It seemed that he could also return without getting drenched by the rain.

Ryan grabbed the towel that I was about to withdraw.

“Uh, can I borrow it…?”

“…Of course, but, you won’t get wet, right?”

“Well, yes, but…”

Ryan frowned as if he didn’t know the reason himself.

It might not have had a particularly deep meaning.

I stopped thinking and pressed the towel into his hand.

“It’s to prevent you from catching a cold.”

“…Oh, thank you.”

With a smile, he received it.

As he left the store and went through the rain, the rain disappeared as if to avoid his body.

What kind of sorcery is that?!

As I kept wondering, I followed him with my gaze.

Ryan turned around while holding the towel and cookies with care.

The sturdy man proceeded to gently wave at me. I smiled involuntarily.

Aah, I’m the one being healed…

***T/N: So he doesn’t need umbrella… man what about sharing an umbrella under the rain???

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