The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

3.5 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter

“We’ll discuss your uncouthness afterwards.”

When Alfred said that, the grand duke said, “Uwaa, how scary…”

Indeed, scary.

I inwardly applauded Alfred.

After all, the grand duke had held the hand of an unmarried lady without permission.

Such rudeness, please discipline him properly. It was for Sasha’s sake.

However, as expected of a playboy. A normal human being would die of fear after making someone like Alfred their enemy.

What was more, it was as if the grand duke was asking for a fight with his next statement.

“Come to think of it, Georges would always say that someone like Alfred would only favor a delicacy. Alfred, your ‘delicacy’ has turned out to be quite the main dish! Say, won’t you let me have a bit of a taste?”

The grand duke showed a ghost of a smile as he turned towards me for some reason. I got goosebumps when he proceeded to stare at me.

“…Lord Alfred’s favorite? Delicacy?”

 I shook my head. The grand duke laughed when he saw Georges running after Alfred in a hurry.

So… Alfred’s favorite food is a delicacy? Was he trying to hide that fact? Did he secretly eat them amidst his studies?

I wondered what kind of dish it was. Was it that embarrassing for someone to know?

Maybe it’s a wallet situation. Delicacies are expensive, right? The ingredients themselves are rare, and it takes time and effort to make. Maybe it’s Foie Gras…

If my memory hadn’t returned, then as the rich, spoiled, daughter of the Gessel family, I’d surely shower Alfred with dozens of delicacies out of sympathy.

“Leave, David, now.”

Alfred’s tone grew even more menacing.

“Alright, alright… it sure is nice to be young…”

The grand duke laughed in exaggeration. Then, he waved ‘bye-bye’, and walked away in vain.

Well, it doesn’t matter to me anymore. But Sasha might find the information quite useful.

I kept a fluffy attitude and glanced at Alfred.

“So, are you done with your work?”

“Ah, indeed… I’ll get ready soon, so please wait in the drawing room.”

“Wait, what do you mean…?”

Alfred leaned closer to me.

“I have something I want to show you.”

“What, is it?”

He leaned even closer. His lukewarm breath, which fell on my cheeks, didn’t exactly feel unpleasant. But as a lady, that proximity only filled me with unease!

“Uh, you’re too close…”

“Ah, m-my bad…”

Alfred’s face was dyed bright red. He ran his hand across his face and took a deep breath. Then, Alfred returned to his usual expression.

“It took a while, but I can finally tell you… ah, my bad. Anyway, wait in the drawing room, do you understand?”

Then, he showed me a pristine smile, one which looked like a ray of light. He was clearly telling me not to escape.

How dangerous.

That was it, I was positive he was going to break of his engagement with me.

But there’s no way the Gessel family would just accept it for free… Perhaps, that’s why Alfred put up with me for a while… It must have been difficult for him, having such a rotten fiancée…

“Juliane, I’ve made you wait!”

As I contemplated that, I waited in the drawing room with a slight unease. Then, Alfred returned with a brilliant expression. He looked like he had accomplished something. In his arms, were the bindings of a few books.

“This is the result of my hard work! Please read it!”

Alfred sat down on the couch and said cheerfully. He stared at me with mysterious excitement. Despite his nervous expression, he rushed me with his gaze to read the books as soon as possible.

I reached for a book, and when I opened it, I saw a list of numbers. I quickly realized that it was a national treasury status report.

Since Alfred looked so enthusiastic, I might as well read them. Because I had self-taught myself some, I could comprehend the numbers. Still, it was difficult, it took me a long time to finish reading.

“It’s wonderful.”

Closing the last book, I nodded slowly.

That was the first and only word that came into my mind, instead of any unpleasant and obscene impressions I might reflexively thought of.

“I, I see…”

Alfred briefly cleared his throat. After a short pause, he slowly laughed once again. “I see.”

“It took an unexpected amount of time to edit this, as such, I’ve made you wait. But it’s really important. I’m glad I managed to accomplish it.”

Alfred laughed once again. Then, he exhaled deeply. His eyes looked depressed.

“This is an excellent feat. You’ll be a fine king.”

The books had recorded Alfred’s every feat since last year.

He had identified the economic crises of the Kingdom of Ruderva, devised countermeasures, and put them into action. Within them, Alfred’s dedication for the future development of that kingdom was properly written. Of course, it was still developing. However, it seemed that the buds had finally sprouted. At that rate, Ruderva would surely gain momentum and prosper.

Well, I feel like I can forgive his lack of presence for the past year a little, now… too bad, I’m still bitter about it.

As he leaned onto the sofa, Alfred’s eyes were narrowed.

“I, I happen to have some spare cash in my pocket, I was wondering if we should go out and shop a little…”

“But it’s too early to celebrate, isn’t it? The yield of the new farming method under your direct control hasn’t yet been tabulated, and the changes to tariff negotiations haven’t yet been determined. It’ll take some more time. The economy of this royal capital will surely improve, but it has to be pushed to the point where everyone can feel the benefit.”

“…” After a pause, Alfred shook his head.

“Like I said, it’s alright. I can afford to spend some money. I can buy you a big jewel, or a mare of excellent pedigree, so what would you like?”

Was he saying that so I could come up with an idea? It seemed that he wanted to waste some money, but as I thought, I couldn’t think of anything.

They are certainly expensive, and suitable for wasting money… but well, I can’t come up with anything…

In short, Alfred wanted to reward himself. He wanted to award himself and felt a bit happiness after a year of hard work. He seemed to be tired, so I should come up with something…


“Did you come up with something!?”

“How about a heap of delicacies!?”

That was his favorite, wasn’t it? It’d be a huge reward for Alfred.


Alfred tilted his head. It was as if question marks were dancing inside his mind.

Georges, who stood behind him, covered his mouth. But he didn’t make it in time, and let out a sigh, “Pfft!”

“No, that’s not right! Carpets woven with delicate patterns, rare furs, and big ornamental fish that shine for all to see—…!”

Alfred’s eyes widened as he proceeded to say loudly.

“Didn’t you say you want them long ago!?”


I exhaled briefly.

“If that’s what Lord Alfred want, then it’s okay?”

I covered my mouth with my hand and muttered, “I wouldn’t want them, though.”

After all, I was merely making a suggestion. If Alfred wanted them, then he should buy them.

His eleven sisters had been spending money left and right, while he had to put up with it. I didn’t think there’d be any consequences if Alfred were to indulge himself a little.

Moreover, it seems like everything that Alfred has listed is already in my house…

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