The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

12.2 Rumors Spreading

Oh dear, she wasn’t satisfied with His Highness. She had started preying on his brother, too…

At the graduation party, I remembered the wild, red-haired, Count Kayes. He was staring at me the entire time, ready to unsheathe his sword.

By the way, I had never spoken to him.

When I was scolding Baroness Abazn, he only stared at me. Of course, with murderous intent.

I had only realized it recently—perhaps, Count Kayes was the most devoted to Baroness Abazn.

However, it seemed that he could only watch over His Highness, for he was his brother and a duke.

In that case, it was time to consider of the next phase…

While thinking that, I went to say hello to His Highness.

“Good morning everyone, and to you Your Highness.”

“Hi, Violet.”

“…Good morning, Duchess of Samaria.”

“Good morning, Violet!”

The moment Baroness Mia said that, the surrounding students were shocked.

Well, since we were in the academy, it was alright to refer to someone by name. Nevertheless, towards someone of a higher stature, it was implicitly understood that one shouldn’t recklessly refer to them without honorifics until being allowed to do so.

However, Baroness Abazn had suddenly referred to me by name.

I smiled at Baroness Abazn.

“Baroness Abazn, I’m glad that you referred to me by name. But for the time being, we aren’t that close yet, so please call me using my family name. Such is our etiquette.”

When I said that, Baroness Abazn suddenly burst into tears and bowed her head.

“U, uuh, uuh, I’m so sorry, forgive my lack… of understanding…”

Baroness Abazn said so and covered her face with both hands. His Highness stared at me.

“Violet, since we’re at the academy, shouldn’t it be alright for her to address you by name?”

“…What His Highness said isn’t wrong, but as a higher ranked aristocrat, I deem her previous action as uncourteous and unbefitting of her status. I’m sure everyone here agrees, too. If I’m mistaken, you may reprimand me.”

When I said that and knelt down, His Highness was taken aback to the point he withdrew.

Without saying anything further, His Highness began to falter.

I was sure he was being pressured by the stares he was getting from the other students.

“…Let’s go, Baroness Abazn.”

His Highness said that and escaped with Baroness Abazn.

At that time, Baroness Abazn glanced at me for a moment. I responded to her with a smile, which surprised her.

While watching that scene, Countess Baker and the students in the class called out to me. It seemed that Countess Baker in particular was struggling to suppress her laughter.

“That was excellent, Duchess of Samaria.”

“As expected of the Duchess of Samaria!”

“Not only is she beautiful, she also has the dignity of an aristocrat!”

“Thank you, I’m troubled with His Highness…”

When I said that while tilting my head, everyone started to look awkward. I decided that it was time to ask.

“Have you been talking to your families about His Highness?”

“Not really, but I’m angry that he chose a mere baroness over his own fiancée…”

“I’m scared about what would happen if I were to talk about His Highness…”

“I don’t want to turn the royal family into an enemy…”

Everyone gave the expected answer, so I shook my head.

“Now, I wonder about that. We’re aristocrats. Aristocrats have to behave in a way befitting to their status. If things are left as they are, Baroness Abazn will become the queen.”

When I said that, everyone’s complexion turned deep blue.

I seized the opportunity and spoke in a serious tone.

“Even if we can’t do anything, our parents may come up with something. So, casually mention to them about what happened today.”

When I said that, everyone nodded with convinced expressions. They then started to discuss how they would consult with their parents.

When I saw them, I felt content.

…It’d gradually spread from now on—

—the vileness of His Highness.

My lips twisted underneath the fan I was holding.

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