The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

7. The Fake Saint’s Evolution into a Genuine One

When I was a kid, the first time I went to the church was to curse my shitty father.

After my father left with all our money, I immediately thought—

‘—Alright, let’s curse him.’

I went to the church to devoutly curse him.

I came to pray while harboring such an evil feeling, but as I continued to pray in front of the goddess’ statue, I suddenly realized how ridiculous it was.

I realized, ‘No matter how much I cursed him, it won’t bring home food.’

My clouded feelings gradually calmed down.

After that, even though I always felt frustrated and at loss, I felt refreshed after praying. As soon as I experienced anything distasteful, I’d pray.

Hence why, I liked praying. Since I was employed at the church, I had been praying every day.

I didn’t think that my tiny prayers would reach the Goddess. But when the old priest told me that praying was simply wishing for the happiness of a loved one, I began to study the scriptures.

I recalled all the written prayer words and prayed while thinking about my family.

Ah, I feel great today. I think I can perform well.

Once when I was in a good mood, I gloriously recited the words of prayer within my heart and ended up I messing up the salutation. As such, a stronger cleansing magic was casted.

As a result, the dusty air became cleaner, and my stuffy nose grew lighter.

That phenomenon began to occur whenever I finished seriously praying.

I named it ‘cleansing magic’ arbitrarily.

When that happened for the first time, it saved me from cleaning duty! Afterwards, I reported it to the old priest with joy and courage. He proceeded to advise me to stay silent about it, “Otherwise, you will be taken advantage of as a convenient cleaner. No one in the village should know about this.”

When the prayer time was over and I lifted my face, it wasn’t just the dust, all the stains in the entire room had also been cleaned. I was truly satisfied. The effect of the magic might had been doubled due to adding clauses.

I wondered if I did a great job.

When I turned around, the priest of that church, the knight captains, and the others were stunned.

Then, as if he had regained his sense, the priest dashed towards me, took my hand, and proceeded to kneel.

Before I realized it, the priest was crying intensely.

Eh? Why?

“I will never forget the day I was able to see the miracle of the saint with my own eyes! I’ve never seen such a beautiful prayer…! Oh, I can’t convey my reverence in words alone…! Thank you, Lady Saint…!”

“Uh? Is that so? You’re thanking me for only that?”

Did he like my weird salutation that much?

To be honest, I thought my magic was only effective for cleaning and reducing hay fever…

…That was right, the true saint was said to be the Goddess’ angel. Therefore, she was considered sacred. Despite the shabby effect, since it resembled the saint’s magic, it might appear to be a miracle…

…Forgive me for being a fake.

While the crying priest held my hand and uttered a lot of apologies, the red-haired knight captain also approached me. As I wondered what he was about to do, he suddenly sank and rubbed his forehead on the ground.

“O, Lady Saint…! I’ve always believed that… that saints were just puppets created by the Holy Church… Due to your terrible attitude, I just couldn’t find it within me to respect you! But now, having seen the prayer of the saint for the first time, I began to regret everything! I’m truly sorry!”

While wailing those words, the red-haired knight captain begged and begged.

S, scary! How scary!

The former reputation of the true saint was scary, but the intensity of the knight captain’s instant reversion was scarier!

I was a substitute. You were apologizing to the wrong saint—

—despite that, I couldn’t say any of it.

“…I don’t think my rudeness is easy to forgive, so please step on me until you’re satisfied!”

“No, in the first place, there’s no need to apologize… Wait, ‘step on you?’ Also, it seems that I’ve misunderstood a little, can you repeat what you said earlier?”

“—Step on me.”

“One more time, please?!”

“—Step on me.”

“Oh, I didn’t mishear it after all. What do you mean? Why would I step on you? No, I won’t do it. I can’t find a reason to do so, so stand up.”

“I can’t just accept that! Lady Saint! Please step on me! You can use me as a footrest, or a chair, if you want! I want you to step on me! I won’t have it any other way!”

“I don’t wanna, how scary!”

I couldn’t understand what the knight captain was saying at all.

At the back, the handsome priest took out his pocket watch and looked as if he was fed up with the wait.

No matter how much I tried to refuse, the knight captain was insistent. He even blocked the road. Because I had no choice, I jumped on his back and straddled him.

It seemed that the landing was a bit of a fail. As a result, I accidentally stepped on his foot—


…Just now, the knight captain let out a strange voice…

Okay, let’s pretend I never heard that.

Does the knight captain have some screws loose?

In the future, I should avoid getting involved with him as much as possible…

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