A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being a ‘Woman who Reeks of Iron’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness Translation

53. A Full-Scale Start?

A Strict atmosphere.

Rigard, who always sported a messy appearance, gave me a normal compliment with a serious expression.

“You’ve been doing your best. You’re a great help to everyone.”

“I, I see… thank you…”

 I thought that he was going to talk about something serious. Because the contents of the conversation was too normal, I was caught off guard.

Of course, I was happy to be praised.

However, I was still tense due to the bizarre atmosphere.



Teresia, who stood next to me, sighed deeply.

She then asked Rigard.

“What’s with the serious atmosphere?”

“Eh? Because I’m in the mood for a serious talk.”

“Serious doesn’t mean intimidating! Besides, you’re just joking around! Nobody says that under such an atmosphere with such a look! Even Liliana is confused!”

“Uh… is that so? Sorry bout’ that…”

Rigard bowed his head.

Apparently, I misunderstood the situation.

I turned towards Grave.

“He’s always like that.”

“I see.”

I could imagine it somehow.

I said to Rigard who was still bowing.

“Well, it’s alright. I’m merely surprised, so don’t worry.”

“I’m sorry for creating such a tense atmosphere. By the way, I have something good to talk about.”

“I see.”

What was it?

Rigard coughed once and reverted back to his original self.

Then, finally, he got to the main subject.

“Are you used to your new home, yet? I’m thinking about making Liliana work earnestly as a member of the guild. To be more specific, I want to open a store.”

“A store?”

“Yes, Liliana’s shop.”

“My… shop…”

It sounded strange.

“I think I’ve mentioned about it before. Originally, we were a combat guild, but recently the number of members has increased. We’re starting to focus on eating, drinking, and business. Since an excellent blacksmith named Liliana has joined, I want you to get involved in that business as well.”

Rigard crossed his arm.

As of the present, my job was to repair or forge new weapon for everyone in the guild.

It was discreet, so to speak.

In other words, from now on, Rigard wanted me to make a name for myself.

“Well, it’s up to you? If you don’t like the idea, then don’t do it. You can manage everyone’s equipment just as always, right, Grave?”

“That’s right. I know Liliana is amazing and I want more people to know about that, too.”

“What do you think, Liliana?”

Two people had acknowledged me.

I was sure it wasn’t only those two, but Teresia, Anna, and the others.

They told they needed me, and put their hopes in me.

Then, I only had one answer.

“If I am enough, then I want to try my hand at it.”

 I answered firmly.

I wanted to repay those who picked me up.

If they needed me, then I wanted to respond to them.

The three people who heard my reply smiled gently.

“I expected you to stay that. Then, Teresia will give you the details.”

“Well, then I’ll tell you the minimum requirements needed to set up a store.”


Teresia explained the setup.

There were three main things I needed to do before opening a store.

One—to decide what kind of store it would be.

Two, determine what products would be available.

Then, to attend a guild meeting.

“What does the first mean?”

“There are many adventurers in this city, so many weapons and armors stores have already been established. Most guilds and adventurers are also already affiliated with some of those stores. Thus, you need to decide what kind of store you’ll be establishing.”

I finally understood what she meant.

Even if I were to start a weapons or an armor shop, there was a high possibility that customers wouldn’t come.

Even if it was advertised, I’d be competing with other stores.

If a big guild was already affiliated with those stores, they wouldn’t be affected unless there was a problem.

By the way, did they request Doga to help with blacksmithing before I joined?

It seemed that the other guilds were doing the same.

“That’s why, I think normal weapon shop won’t work.”

“I think it will. After all, Liliana is so skillful, she will rob other stores of their customers.”

“Haven’t we discussed that? It will upset the balance of the city.”

“Oh, right… sorry…”

Rigard shrank due to Teresia’s intimidation.

Grave was astonished and laughed out from beside me.

It was the usual sight.

Teresia sighed and returned to the main topic.

“In other words, I would like to know if you could open a utensil or a tool shop.”

“I think I can do that. I can make knives, scissors, and other utensils… I can make iron tools, as well.”

“That’s right, then, let’s open a cutlery shop.”

“I see.”

I was going to set up my own shop.

As a blacksmith, that was like a dream come true.

My dream was approaching reality.

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