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11. A Different Side

After luncheoning in the park, we returned to the city.

“Where are you headed to next?”

“Well, I’m thinking of buying a new brand of tea…”

That was what I originally planned to do, after all.

Ryan didn’t seem to mind accompanying me on my shopping.

In exchange for carrying my bags, I asked for his preferences in tea, received his requests for meals and desserts, and promised to serve them the next time he visited the store.

Thus, I went to various store to fulfil his orders.

Isn’t this just a normal date at this point?

…Well, let’s say that it was indeed a date.

After all, I was having so much fun.

For me to be able to go on a date with such a perfect man, even if it was just to go shopping—was that my compensation for enduring with Ricardo’s bullshit?

The ladies I encountered on the road stared dagger at me. But I was having too much fun to care.

I was used to be stared at with hostility.

The difference was, compared to those hellish days, Ryan was with me.

Ryan listened to me and would smile at me.

He didn’t shoot down my opinions, and he’d also tell me helpful stories.

He had an abundance of topics to talk about.

His voice was pleasing to the ear, I didn’t get tired of listening to him. Ryan seemed to feel the same.

We seemed to get along very well.

“Would you like to take a break?”

When I started to feel tired, Ryan made that suggestion. What perfect timing.

We had just arrived in front of the terrace of a café.

I didn’t think a knight like him would get tired with just that. Which meant, he said that out of pure concern for me.

“Yes, thank you. How kind of you, Ryan.”

“No, it’s just…”

I praised him, but for some reason, he was at loss for words.

Rather than being shy, he looked guilty.

“…No matter what others say, I believe that you’re a kind person.”

“If Flores thinks so, then so be it.”


When I said that, Ryan smiled without a hint of frustration.

“I can’t beat Flores.”

“Is that a compliment?”

“Of course.”

“Alright, then.”

When I responded with a smile, Ryan laughed out loud that time.

We ordered drinks inside the store and sat outside at the table.

It was too early to call it a day. Regardless, the end of the day was approaching.

It was a shame to think that the fun day would soon be over.

I took a break and went to the restroom.

When I looked in the mirror, I saw myself looking all smiley.

Apparently, I was guffawing all day.

It felt like I always had that kind of expression when I was with Ryan.

I slapped my cheeks, renewed my determination, quickly fixed my make up, and left the restroom.

I was stunned when I returned.

Women were flocking to Ryan.

They saw the fact that he was alone as an opportunity.

As expected of a handsome guy…!

I was impressed.

I wondered if interrupting would be bad, and I decided watch from at a distance.

The women were trying to strike a conversation with him. Their cheeks were rosy.

They weren’t afraid in the slightest. They all wore gorgeous outfits which seemed to have boosted their confidence.

If I was a man, I’d be happy.

However, the same didn’t apply to Ryan. He had a rough expression.

He was neither shy nor confused.

He didn’t look at the women at all. He only responded to them curtly.

At that moment, Ryan seemed untouchable. I had never seen that side of him. He seemed eager to be rid of those women.

In short, he looked terribly annoyed.

From the day we met, he had been nothing but gentle to me. I was surprised by his flat expression. He looked both cold and menacing.

The true face of that handsome guy sure was scary…

His expressionless face spoke louder than anything. Those unwavering young ladies were amazing.

Perhaps they were the type of people who thought that kind of cold attitude was wonderful.

If so, our preferences didn’t match.

Ryan, who wasn’t showing any sort of expression, still seemed beautiful.

While he might look like a work of art, I preferred the usual Ryan.

Anyway, ladies—

I know you are all very happy, but don’t you know that Ryan is in bad mood?

It was obvious that if they were to continue playing with fire, they’d get burned.

That said, it wasn’t like there was nothing I could do.

It was obvious that Ryan found the situation unwelcomed.

I straightened my posture and stepped forward.


I called him and smiled gracefully.

I made full use of my appearance—which, according to Ricardo, made me look like a daughter of an upstanding family.

As in, the type Ricardo found the most boring.

Ryan would probably tell me to not bother with him. But I just couldn’t sit around and do nothing.

The moment I announced my presence, the hostile eyes of the young ladies gathered on me.

However, maybe because I was imposing, they shrunk back.


Ryan, who seemed to not find me threatening, beamed and laughed happily the moment he saw me.

The difference from his previous expression was just too great.

What do you think, everyone?

The super cute Ryan is here.

I see…!

Ryan has such a gap!

It’s the best! 100 points out of 100!

The young ladies staggered. They appeared to have suffered a critical hit.

He said that he wasn’t used at calling women name, so I thought that he wasn’t good with them. Maybe, it was because he was sick of them.

I secretly regretted telling him to call me by my name.


“Where shall we go next, Flores?”

I couldn’t just tell him to stop calling me by my name. It was too important to me.

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