The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

6. The Fake Saint’s Evolution into a Genuine One

“W, well, it’s part of the Goddess’ teaching to not waste food… remember it well, alright? You mustn’t throw eggs anymore, okay? Ohohoho…”

Ahh, it’s hopeless.

Right on my very first encounter, I had created an abolition of a first impression. The pilgrimage failure in that village has been confirmed. I was a villain who made children cry. I wondered if I’d be reprimanded, I, at the very least, didn’t want to be dismissed at once…

When I was sweating a fountain, the red-haired knight captain approached me. He firmly held my shoulder.

Oh no, oh no, oh no—he’s angry, he’s angry, he’s angry… I, I wonder if I’ll be hit!?

When I looked up, the knight captain spoke awkwardly.

“Ah, uh… it’s my fault. You’re not in the wrong. Forgive me. I noticed that these kids were trying to throw eggs… I was wondering how the would saint react if she were to be hit with raw eggs? I was the one who let it happen. But you’re right, one shouldn’t be wasteful of food… I haven’t forgotten that…”

“Eh? Ah, no, the problem is with the children. They threw the eggs without boiling them first. Had they been boiled, even if I were to be hit with them, I’d be able to eat them afterwards to avoid being wasteful. The knight captain just didn’t know whether they were raw or boiled, so it can’t be helped…”

“Raw or boiled…?”

“Yes, if only it’s boiled…”


After a brief moment, the knight captain and the others burst into laughter with enough force to shaking the ground.

“Oi, aren’t you missing the point, here?! So, all that matters to you is whether or not the egg is boiled?! Isn’t that weird?!”

“Is that something you should say while being covered with raw eggs?!”

“If it’s a boiled egg, will you eat it even if it has fallen to the ground, Lady Saint!?”

The knights were holding their stomachs while rolling on the ground.

You guys are younger than me, right? Don’t go pointing your finger at others!

What was so funny, I wondered?

Well, because the atmosphere had eased, I thought everything was alright.

The magician twins came out of the church, dubiously eyeing the group of people who couldn’t stop laughing.

“Hey, what’s this fuss? Shouldn’t you be preparing?”

“Ah~ look at the saint! She’s all sticky~! Did she get hit with an egg? Fufu, you must be really hated, here!”

“Hey, Faril, Will, either one of you, bring hot water and towel. Please prepare a room where she can change her clothes.”

The red-haired knight captain pushed the grinning twins back into the church.

It seemed that the twins had arrived first and were preparing for the church. Even though they were still young, they were working properly…

“Hey, Darren, why do we have to do that?!”

“Yes, why!? You hate that woman, too, right!?”

“Shut up, I realized that I was mistaken. I’m merely making amends. Just do it, already.”

The red-haired knight captain entered the church amidst the twins’ protests.

“Alright, Lady Saint, you need to change your clothes. After that, we shall proceed with the prayer ritual. Let’s be quick.”

The priest called out to me from behind when I was still absent-minded.

“Ah, right…”

I entered the room prepared inside the church as I was told.

“Replace the veil with a spare one. Also, change into the ceremonial garments.”

“Alright, I understand. Then, I will get changed. Uhm, priest…?”

“I will help.”

“Say what?”

“Ceremonial clothes are difficult to put on, so I will help you change. Remove your dirty clothes first.”

Just now, he said something ridiculous.

However, I didn’t think I misheard it.

He, he was a man, right…?

Was he, in truth, a woman…?

No, that couldn’t be…

Despite his beautiful face, he was absolutely a man in gender.

“No, no, it’s impossible for a man to help me get changed. I’m a woman, after all. Not to mention, my mother told me to not bare my skin to a man until after marriage. I will try to put it on alone for the time being. Please get out.”

“I see, you still possess some common sense. But as you can see, there are no maids available. I’m the only one who can help you. It’s alright, I’m a priest.”

“N, no, it doesn’t matter even if you’re a priest, it’s a matter of feelings, so it’s impossib—gya, GYAAAAAAA—!!”

Despite my blatant refusal, the priest seized me and didn’t hesitate to remove my clothes.

…I wondered if the humiliation was also compensated in the reward… the reward was exorbitant, though, but still—!!!

By the time I finished dressing, I was already exhausted. I’d definitely learn how to put the ceremonial garments on. Next time, I should be able to wear it myself!

…Alright, let’s forget today’s humiliation.

The church prayer was rather difficult. The sculpture of Goddess Asera was displayed in the center, but it didn’t seem to have been cleaned. It smelled like dust, probably because it had been stowed away the entire time.

Wait? Isn’t the church a place where believers come and talk every day, donate too many vegetables, or even act as nursery school for children?

Because the atmosphere was too different from the church in my village, I was a little surprised.

The priest seemed to have been summoned from the capital. Once the year ended with the season, he was going to be replaced. I wondered if he had been able to carry out local activities…

I was worried about various things, but the circumstance around that place weren’t related to me in anyway.

As part of the job, I went up to the dirty altar and prayed.

Regardless of what I had agreed to do, I shall wholeheartedly pray.

The Goddess never patronized those who prayed.

Bad luck was inevitable, while good luck was inequal.

However, I cherished my prayer time because I felt that my head became clearer every time I prayed. I felt that my negative emotions such as envy and resentment were purified.

***T/N: …No, just no. That priest is a no.

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