A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being a ‘Woman who Reeks of Iron’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness Translation

52. An Important Story

The Sword of Blue Sky.

It was my home. At the same time, it was also the guild where Grave and I belonged.

When I opened the door, I saw everyone eating lively.

““I’m back.””

“Welcome back!”

The first person to welcome us was Anna. Dressed as a waitress, she enthusiastically served everyone.

She carried empty plates and cups in her hands. I admired how she didn’t drop them.

“Well, well, you guys are together today! Would you like to have dinner?”

“Right, I was just about to get to that part. What about you, Liliana?”

“I will have something to eat, too.”

“Your usual seats are vacant, so please sit down!”

Anna returned to the kitchen.

Grave and I sat while facing each other.

Beside the stairs leading to the second floor, the table at the end where everyone eating outside the window could be seen was our usual spot.

“I wonder what’s on the menu today. I’ve moved around a lot, I’m crazy with hunger.”

“I’d be satisfied if I can eat a lot.”

“I’m still hungry.”

“You’ve just finish blacksmithing, so it can’t be helped.”

Was it because I was concentrating?

Although I didn’t feel it while I was smithing, I would be tired and hungry after it was over.

I would sweat a lot, so my throat felt parched.

Nutrition was important for work.

Not only that, the food there was great and I always ended up eating a lot.

After waiting for a while, the food was delivered.

It looked amazing.

There seemed to be a lot of meat. Grave looked satisfied.

““Thanks for the meal!””

We joined our hands and spoke at the same time.

“It’s delicious, but a little spicy. Liliana, can you handle the spiciness?”

“I like both spicy and sweet foods.”

“Hee… and here I believed that Liliana likes everything.”

“Yes, but I’m not good with bitter food.”

We’d share our impressions about the cooking, and when we were eating, our gazes would sometimes meet.

It was a newfound sensation for me.

It was more fun to eat together than to eat alone.

When I started living there, I realized that the food tasted better.

I was satisfied with both the food and the place.

“How delicious…”

“It is…”

“Have you both finished eating? That was quick!”

Right when we finished our meals, Anna came to clean up our table.

“How was the taste?”

“It was delicious.”


“Then I’m glad to hear that!”

Anna stroked her chest in relief.

Grave saw her and tilted his head.

“…Actually, almost all the food was made by me today!”

“Is that so…?”

“Yes! I’m glad I made it well!”

Anna’s mother worked as a cook in the kitchen. Anna’s job was to serve and clean up the dishes.

These days, she seemed to have been cooking more often.

She had been trying to improve her cooking skills for some time, but she had been particularly enthusiastic these days.

Grave and I knew the reason.

“Do your best, Anna.”

“Yes, I want to surprise Ibris when he returns!” She said with a big smile.

Anna had promised Ibris that she’d cook for him. That until the time he returned, she shall do her best to improve.

Upon hearing that, Ibris said that he’d look forward to it.

Anna was still working hard to meet his expectations.

“I’ll cook tomorrow, too! If there’s anything you’d like, just tell me!”

“Of course.”

“Yes, good luck with that.”

“Thank you!”

Anna went back to the kitchen.

Grave and I saw her off.

“Anna looks like she’s having fun.”

“I agree…”

She had feelings for Ibris.

I thought I was the only one who knew.

Was Grave aware of it?

“Hmm… I’m full, I will turn in for the day.”

“Are you going to take on some requests tomorrow?”

“Yes, the number has increased again.”

“Fufu, you’re a popular person.”

As expected of Grave—the ace of the Sword of Blue Sky. In the city, he was somewhat of an idol.

Not long ago, he had turned away a horde of demons and even won a duel against the hero.

Thanks to that, his popularity had peaked. It seemed that the number of requests he received had only been increasing.

“I’m happy to receive so many requests. But at the same time, it’s complicated. There are requests that don’t have to be handled by me.”

“That’s how much people rely on you, Grave.”

“Well, I guess that’s true…”


I matched his line of sight.

He was staring at none other than Rigard.

“Hello there, you two.”


“Good evening.”

Rigard approached us.

I wondered if he had come to eat. But apparently, it was different.

“What happened?”

“Both of you seem to have finished your meals. If so, please come to my room. There’s something important to discuss.”


After finishing the meal, Grave and I entered Rigard’s room.

Rigard was sitting on a chair while Teresia stood beside him.

Grave and I stood together although there was some space between us.

“I’m sorry for how sudden this is.”

“It’s alright.”

The atmosphere was tense.

Rigard, who was usually lively, had a serious expression.

What was the important matter he had to talk about?

It felt like a very heavy story. I steadied myself.




“…You’ve been giving it your best lately.”

“Yes! …Wait, what?”

I was praised.

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