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19. Ignorance

“Violet, why are you loitering around all by yourself?”

His Highness asked me in an accusing tone. That annoyed me a little.

Honestly, I had no idea why he was so suspicious of me.

I had no choice but to answer with a smirk.

“To offer my greetings, of course. There’s no point in waiting alone forever. Also, Luria, my maid, is properly escorting me.”

When I answered so, His Highness’ expression soured immediately. I exhaled a lot.

It seemed that he had been completely enraptured by Baroness Mia. He no longer had eyes for his surroundings.

Well, the fact that he spotted me there proved that he wasn’t utterly ignorant—yet.

It was only a matter of time.

With that in mind, I stared at His Highness. Suddenly, Baroness Mia burst into tears.

“F, Feld is late because he was accompanying Mia when she was sick, so don’t get angry with Feld! He’s just being nice!”


His Highness happily murmured Mia’s name as he stared at her.

Of course, my older brother and Count Kayes were also standing at her sides.

When I saw them, I started to feel sick. Still, I put up with the nausea and explained.

“…Your Highness, this party, which is also a public service, has some distinguished guests. It’s not good to invite outsiders to places like this.”

“Outsiders…? By that, are you referring to Mia?”

“I’m talking about all three people who came with you, Your Highness. They aren’t on the invitation list. How did they manage to get inside this party?”

As I explained that, I glanced at the party venue. I was convinced that aristocrats from the factions of Minerva and His Highness present.

When I saw those people, I became convinced.

The royal palace had become suspect.

I wondered if His Majesty was aware of it…?

When I stared at His Majesty, who was at a distance, he signaled at me by shaking his head lightly.

Apparently, he was aware of it. However, there was nothing he could do as of the moment.

It wasn’t good.

If he didn’t take an immediate action, everything would be too late…

When I was looking at the aristocrats of the various faction while contemplating about such a thing, His Highness’ anger intensified.

“We entered with permission through the entrance. Besides, these two are my trusted aides. More importantly, Violet, Sagius is your own brother!”

His Highness smiled triumphantly after saying that.

So, I shook my head.

“Your Highness, that’s not the problem. If this kind of thing is allowed, people who aren’t invited will come one after another. If something regrettable happens, who will take responsibility?!”

I spoke loudly enough for everyone in the hallway to hear. His Highness was upset, the aristocrats of the two factions hurriedly fled, while Minerva tried to keep a low profile.

After glaring at them, I regretted what I had done.

I tried to be as calm as possible, but I was annoyed by His Highness’ stupidity.

Then, as if she had been waiting for that exact moment, Baroness Abazn crouched down in tears.

“I’m so sorry—!! Everything is Mia’s fault—!! Mia’s the one who’s bad—!!”

Baroness Mia started crying, which prompted both my brother and Count Kayes to stare daggers at me.

“Violet!! I’ve been thinking for a long time, but why are you so hostile towards Mia!?”

“…I don’t know what you’re talking about. When was I hostile to Baroness Mia?”

“Every time Mia is with His Highness, you always find a reason to make her cry! Don’t act oblivious, now! I know you’ve been secretly paying attention to His Highness!”

“Again, I don’t understand…”

I muttered while staring at my brother.

Honestly, no matter what I said there, I could no longer expect a decent conversation with that blockhead.

It was regrettable that the conversation ended up being like that. It was clear that discussion could no longer happen. I was at my limit.

Although I thought that, when I was thinking about what should I do with my moronic brother, Crown Prince Neonhart’s servant stood in front of me and greeted them.

“A pleasure to meet you, my name is Rengel, the Marquis of Dantov, a is the servant of Crown Prince Aldam Neonhart and also his escort. In some cases, both neglect and ignorance can lead to a war. Once that happen, can you take responsibility in case something happens to His Highness?”

The moment Marquis Dantov said so and lightly touched the sword at his waist, the entire venue tensed.

Apparently, we were the center of the attention before we knew it.

Meanwhile, His Highness Neonhart also added.

“There are other foreign dignitaries here besides me. Do you know what it means to have uninvited people here?”

Despite the questions of the two, instead of answering, Baroness Abazn became silent.

Honestly, it wouldn’t be strange for them to be accused of slander at that point.

However, inside the tense atmosphere, no one dared raise a voice or lift a finger.

Then, His Highness, who didn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation at all, stood up to protect Baroness Abazn. He proceeded to glare at us.

“If you find me unwelcome, then I shall bid this place farewell! I shan’t waste anymore of my time here! Come on, let’s go, Mia!”

When His Highness said so in a gentle tone and hugged Baroness Abazn, my brother and Count Kayes stood to protect them.

I was amazed by the scene.

I was sure they thought of themselves as knights protecting the damsel in distress—namely, Baroness Abazn.

I wondered if His Highness would remain like that over the next three months…

I was thinking about that while watching the departure of His Highness and the others. At that moment, Marquis Dantov called out to me.

“Are you alright with that? Aren’t you the fiancée of the crown prince of Rolaud?”

“No, I’m just a fiancée candidate, so it isn’t a problem.”

When I answered with a smile, Marquis Dantov nodded after making a slightly surprised expression.

“Is that so… well, excuse me.”

After saying so, Marquis Dantov took his leave. He returned to the crown prince’s side while holding his chin with his fingers.

Looking at the back of Marquis Dantov, I tilted my head.

Why would he think that I’m His Highness’ fiancée?

While I was wondering so, His Majesty called out to me.

“I’m sorry, Duchess of Samaria.”

“…Your Majesty, what on earth are you going to do?”

“I’ll explain everything to Aiden today and begin crushing those factions soon.”

“Then, when you explain this to His Highness the Second Prince, I’d like for his fiancée, the Duchess of Melliere, who’ll become the queen in the future, to also be present.”

When I said so plainly, the king and the queen relented and lowered their faces.

“Alright, let’s do that.”

“…What a shame.”

The king and the queen spoke with tired expressions. It seemed that they were going to apologize to the crown prince of Neonhart. Otherwise, they’d go without power.

I was amazed at their appearance.

If the previous incident alone was enough to tire them, then they wouldn’t be able to stand the follies of His Highness in the future.

I thought so as my lips began to distort behind my fan.

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