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Extra 19.1 The Battle of the Third Prince 5

“Riol, this summer vacation, if you’d like, can I help you with your research?”

In the hallway, during lunch break.

With the summer break coming up next month, Fala Rubia Academy was filled with plans for returning home and invitations to play. As one of the examples, Sevan, who had planned to take a long vacation, spoke to a person who had just come out of the classroom.

“I see, in order to win the upcoming magic tournament and get rewarded by your fiancée, you want to discover the weakness behind my amulets you have been losing against up until now.”

“My, how sharp of you~”

Riol Glen, the star of the Written Magic Department, the man who had once overturned the theory of magic and amulets, who found the cure to an incurable disease, had been developing useful amulets one after another.

As the first prince, Sevan had acknowledged Riol’s wonderful research. He recognized it as a great contribution to the kingdom. As such, he wanted to help Riol—was what Sevan wanted Riol to believe.

“…How did you see through my bluff?”

“…At this point, I can already hear the desperate plea of your subconsciousness from miles away…”

To Sevan, Riol was someone who absolutely failed to understand the inconvenience he had caused the royal family, his reliable counselor, and a certain someone who desperately wanted to overcome. After all, Riol was the consecutive champion of the magic tournament. Meanwhile, Sevan was the consecutive loser.

“Forgive me. Your Highness Sevan is still my rival in the magic tournament. I can’t send salt to the enemy.”

“I’ve already received as much salt as I can! From Sophia! Salt support! I don’t need any more!”

Sevan had a fiancée. A fiancée who said that if he won the annual magic tournament, she’d kiss his cheek as a reward.

Towards Sophia Brightwell, his fiancée and tutor who was still trying to find a candidate for Sevan’s queen, he couldn’t even hope to hold hands with, let alone receive a kiss from.

“Please! Please make me your assistant! I’m willing to do anything! Anything at all! Be it dogeza, prostration, a tripod headstand, reverse zigzag…!”

“Please also consider the fact that you’re the future king…!”

“To this love, I’m but a slave…!”

“That’s just too extreme…!”

Three years had passed since his engagement with his own tutor. On the condition that he aimed for the throne, she had awarded him with a long-standing unrequited love. Afterwards, Sophia never stopped looking for new queen candidates. She was ready to withdraw at any given opportunity. In the end, Sevan was impatient.

“If that’s what you want, I’ll even spin three times and bark…!!”

“Seriously, please consider the fact that you’re now the famous as the ‘Royal Black Killer’ amongst your brothers and your people!”

“That nickname just makes me sounds like the strongest poker player!”

So far, the situation was slightly against Sevan. Unlike in the past when he was treated like air, the number of aristocrats who wanted to marry their daughters to Sevan had increased. After all, he was presently the most promising candidate for the future king.

“Are there any other conditions beside winning the magic tournament? Something more straightforward?”

“Almost every day, I’m ready to throw my hands up… I’ve just successfully impeded the establishment of my fiancée candidate group—the Lily Garden. Although it has a big name, as the future king, I wasn’t truly assuring its future. It’s also a bad custom to give false promises to ladies who are of age.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

“Well, Sophia took that as an opportunity to ‘broaden His Highness’ options and look abroad, rather than narrowing down his princess candidates to just the few leading aristocrats in the kingdom.’”

“It’s being taken in the wrong direction…”

In all actuality, a daughter of a certain aristocrat, one who was slightly younger than Sevan, became interested and began approaching him through her own initiative. It was only a matter of time before Sophia took on the role of tutoring that lady. She already had the opportunity of meeting with that lady during her spare time.

Rather, it had already been implied. As such, Sevan had desperately been extending his class time so that Sophia wouldn’t have any free time. Due to that, Sophia laughed in satisfaction—

“—As your tutor, I’m glad that Your Highness has become more enthusiastic about studying.”

“…More like, she was intending to increase the number of your lessons all along. You are dancing on top of her palm.”

Regardless of Sevan’s lamentation, Riol went straight to the point with an unchanging expression.

“I know that, already! But when she has free time, she truly goes to see that lady!”

The woman named Sophia Brightwell relentlessly took advantage of Sevan’s love to turn him into a fine king. Sevan was aware of that. He was fond of that side of her.

“I certainly wish she’d give you more reward

“Reward… well, a little while ago, something did happen…”

If all he ever received was punishment, even the strongest love would waver. Sophia seemed to know that too, and she sometimes rewarded him—although barely.

“It happened just last week. Due to the increase in class time and assignments, I was tired and fell asleep at the end of the class. Then, Sophia gently approached me and patted my head, saying, ‘Your Highness always does his best. I like the hardworking Your Highness.’”

In addition to lessons at the academy, even after returning home, the number of lessons increased. As a result, both his resting and sleeping time suffered.

However, that one sentence from Sophia made everything alright.

“—in your dreams.

“Why would you add a punchline to my own story!?”

“I, I didn’t mean to! The punch line just slipped right out of my mouth!”

However, reality wasn’t that sweet.

“Well… it’s nothing more than a small reward from Sophia. She emphasized the ‘hardworking’ part because she wants me to keep doing my best!”

“…So, it’s actually a carrot and stick disguised as a reward?”

“T-that’s not the point, she said she likes me! I heard it directly! …Eh? Are you implicitly saying that I’m a horse, now?”

Sophia had already anticipated the timing for Sevan’s ‘fuel’ to run out, and she replenished it as necessary.

“Well then, do your best to make that dream a reality.”

“That’s what I’m planning, too. Moreover, at that time, when I woke up, Sophia was still on the podium. Therefore, it might have been a dream. It seems that being woken up by Sophia has blurred the boundary between dreams and reality.”

“…Aren’t you just bringing dreams to reality?”

Sevan was doing his best, too.

Not long ago, Sophia made friends with another princess candidate and another male aristocrat. Thus, despite the fact that he had managed to crush the second prince’s faction, he still had to bow to his rival for a chance of winning the next magic tournament.

He was doing his best—but it just wasn’t bearing any fruit.

“I’ll ask you once again—won’t you let me help you with your research?”


It wasn’t any good.

Although at a first glance, Riol seemed laidback, when it came to showing off his cool side to his fiancée, he was greedy. Last year and the year before that, Riol didn’t hold anything back despite the going against a member of the royal family.

“…Why don’t you ask her to pay you in advance next time?”


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