The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

161. Radea’s Bakery (2)

As Yuna expected, Hadith, who went peddling the next day, became a celebrity in Radea.

After all, not only was he an outstanding beauty, he also sold very delicious bread. A flood of female customers made the grandma’s bakery lively every day.

It wasn’t long before Yuna was asked to help with the store.

“Hadith-chan shouldn’t have been summoned to the castle.”

When she helped the elder woman man the store, the grandma said so.

“The castle? Does that mean the army?”

“Yes, it seems that he was asked to deliver some bread.”

It seemed that things were going well for Hadith. Regardless, Yuna was still worried.

Recently, Radea had become noisy. There were many complicated stories about the fact that the lord, Grand Duke Georg, had started a rebellion called ‘The Fake Emperor Mayhem.’ There were also rumors that an 11-years-old girl was likely to become the territory’s next ruler. Moreover, the number of people in Radea had increased. That was because the imperial army had arrived while the Kratos army was trying to get their hands on the Dragon Princess’ sacred relic.

“…Are you alright? What about the bread he’s supposed to make?”

“Hadith has hired two new helpers and prepared the recipes for me. He’s really smart and kind. He also told me to find someone to help… so, what do you think, Yuna?”


“Yes, I wonder if I can ask that of you. I’ll pay you a salary, of course.”

Hadith, who suddenly emerged from the back of the store, suddenly said so. His beauty was breathtaking.

“I might be working for the army. The helpers just arrive today too, so they might not be familiar with things, yet. But if it’s Yuna, then I can rest assured about grandma. After all, you’re used to helping her, right?”

“T, that’s… it has become a habit…”

“Indeed, which is why I think I can leave it to you, Yuna.”

When he smiled at her, she felt embarrassed. But she was glad. Even from a bystander’s point of view, Yuna knew that the grandma’s bakery had a chance of becoming prosperous.

“I, if I am enough, then…”

When she said so, Hadith laughed gently.

“I’m glad. Thank you, now I can leave for the castle with confidence.”

“That, uh, be careful…”

For some reason, she felt like saying that. Hadith looked confused.

“It’s a castle, though? I think it’s the most secure and safe place to be in.”

“Yes, but it’ll be best if you don’t get involved in the war…”

Her father and the others were in good mood as they discussed politics and war with the military personnel. But, more than anything, Yuna was worried about the life of the man before her. At the same time, she had experienced food and daily necessities going out-of-stock. She was shocked at how the prices had doubled three days after that.

I don’t know if it will be like that again… I wonder if a war will truly happen…

However, with the support of Duke of Leirzatz, which was adjacent to the South, the food problem had settled down in terms of supply and price compared to that period of time. Now, there was a shortage in manpower. They were trying to keep up with the increasing demand.

Thanks to that, the condition of Radea had improved. Certainly, the number of people had increased and there were many soldiers, but it also led to the improvement of the security. Yuna also thought that General South, who had been dispatched there, was a good person.

Nevertheless, when it was rumored that they were preparations for the war, she felt restless.

They were all standing in a strange place where everyday life was likely to change into something extraordinary. That was why, she was wary of the extraordinary things that might crept up on the lovely grandma. It could be said that she was a coward.

“I see, indeed.”

Hadith nodded without laughing.

Yuna was a little relieved that instead of the barbaric method they used to have, despite the upcoming war, everyone was adhering to civil conduct.

“Maybe I’m overthinking it…”

“Could be. Thank you, stay safe.”

“That’s right, Hadith-chan. If something happens, your wife will cry, so be careful.”

Yuna was startled by the grandma’s advice. She stared at Hadith who was nodding deeply.

“H, Hadith, you are married…?”

Hadith blinked and proceeded to blush. Yuna immediately shook her head.

“It’s nothing, it must be nice.”

She truly meant it. However, Hadith seemed too young to get married. Elopement was a likely possibility, although it was almost unrealistic. With his wife being mentioned, Hadith became all smiley. At the same time, her curiosity was piqued.

For such a beauty to be flustered like that… what kind of person was his wife? Was she a ridiculous beauty? Or was she cute?

“Ah! Will your wife move to Radea in the future?”

“Hmm, I, I think she’s coming after me right now…”

“I see. Then you’re waiting for your wife here.”

It must be difficult for them.

Strangely, she felt that the line separating people like her and an otherworldly being like Hadith had thinned.

He looks like a normal person.

Yuna exhaled and clenched her fists.
“Then, you will have to make a solid track record as a baker! Do your best!”

Yuna grew passionate. At that moment, Hadith turned towards her.
“S, sorry, did I misunderstand? After you get married, are you planning to do a different job?”

“…You aren’t mistaken.” Hadith said, “That’s right, a couple running a bakery… I love the idea.”

“I’m sure it will happen.”

Hadith, who was looking somewhere far away, was waiting for his wife. He seemed anxious whether or not it’d work, so Yuna encouraged him.

“Since the business is currently prospering, let’s save money for the wedding!”

“Well, it’s too early to think about the wedding…”

“You don’t have to rush, but if you’re planning to settle down, then I think you should do it! I think your wife will be happy!”

Hadith nodded back and forth many times. Despite him doing it out of seriousness, it was strangely adorable of him.

“Let’s do our best! I will do my best to sell Hadith’s bread!”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Afterwards, don’t forget to introduce your wife to me.”

“Of course, I will bring her to meet you. Although, you might be surprised.”

Hadith laughed meaningfully. His mysterious words caused her to think that his wife must be out of the ordinary…

—within just a few days, Yuna’s intuition would be proved correct.

“Grandma, are you okay!?”

“I’m alright, Yuna. The evacuation site is right over there…”

Taking as many bags as she could carry, she left the city with her grandma and family. Hadith was nowhere to be seen. Despite being a baker, he was leading the army in the war-torn Radea.

He joined the battlefield in a natural manner, as he did when he was baking bread.

“Will Hadith-chan be alright…?”

“He’ll be alright, I’m sure.”

“For him to be the emperor…”

Yuna bit her lips. She had just found out after leaving the city.

The true identity of that man who called himself a baker.

While holding Hadith’s bags, the grandma murmured.

“…Even though he looked so happy when he was baking…”

Was she mourning or being compassionate? Yuna contemplated beneath the sky before dawn, feeling like she didn’t understand.

Magical power in the form of countless golden arrows was pouring into the city were smoke was rising from here and there. A silver sword flew towards the sky.

She never thought that a war could look so pretty.

***T/N: Yuna is so mature… I half-expected her to shoujo tearful cry when she found out Hadith is married.

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