Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

67. The Limit of His Majesty’s Patience (3)

“I wonder why Luka hates the concept of marriage so much…”

“Well, that’s… as the business grew, there was a sudden increase in the number of matchmaking talks with my brother… at that time, various things happened.”

“I see, well…”

If a man who had the same family and assets as Luka gave his sincere response to a woman, their marriage would probably last for a long time. However, Luka had no interest in women. As such, some women questioned him.

Judging from Luka’s hostility, it seemed that he didn’t have fond memories of either marriage or women. It apparently affected his sister, Elena, who replied shyly.

“…He’s very strict about my marriage. I have to admit that.”


However, Tistye thought that it was also because Luka cared about Elena.

For him, who was an eldest son, and was also unfortunate enough to succeed the family without any preparations, Elena was his only precious family member. Not just sheer determination, he probably also had a strong sense of protectiveness. Hence, he once said, “I will take the place of my father.”

…I feel a bit guilty, but…

In front of Orbit, Tistye clasped her hands in front of her chest.

She’d like to support his one-sided feelings. But, in addition to the strong wall which was Luka, Elena was also preoccupied with the launch of her new brand. She probably wouldn’t think of getting married any time soon.

While watching the two noisy people, Elena weakly interjected.

“Your Majesty, thank you for everything.”


“At the previous party, you told me to not give up on my true feelings…”

“I, that was selfish of me…”

“I was actually happy with that. It’s easy to pity someone, as it’s easy to think that something is impossible… to actually resolve yourself, is very hard…”

Elena bent her knees and bowed her head deeply towards Tistye.

“I will continue to devote myself to the royal family alongside my brother. Thank you for your continued support.”

“…Yes. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Tistye also bent her knees.

The two then happily smiled at each other.

The dinner party continued until night. Afterwards, they had to see off all the invited guests. By the time Tistye returned to the master bedroom, it was already a few minutes before the date changed.

“T, thank you for your hard work…”


Finally freed from the pure white dress, Tistye collapsed into the bed. She was wearing a large gown. She had also let her lightly colored hair down, and the tiara was safely kept in Gaizel’s room. The earrings were lined up beside her. Tistye was sure that Levi and her friend would have a good time that night.

Gaizel had also gotten rid of his white coat. He sat in a chair as he got ready for bed. Recalling the sensual luster of the ceremony, Tistye somehow got up and sat down in a corner of the bed.

“What is it?”

“N, nothing, really…”

After responding to him, Tistye suddenly recalled the current situation.

By the way, he doesn’t need to endure it anymore because the ceremony is over…

Tistye intensely stared at Gaizel.

It turned out that he was doing the same. Their gazes met. Tistye hurriedly lowered her head. Her face felt ready to burn up.

Gaizel stood up from his chair, and sat beside Tistye. Their distance had shortened. When Tistye revealed her tension due to the creaking noise, a weight fell on top of her head.

“You did your best to day.”

“N, no, I did nothing… Is Your Majesty tired?”

“Not at all.”

I can’t escape…!

Suddenly, Gaizel raised the corners of his mouth. Tistye readied herself. However, Gaizel didn’t approach any closer, and only muttered as he stroked her glossy hair.

“…Do you remember the words I swore at the ceremony?”

“Um surely…”

“My heart will protect you, my arms will be your shield—I truly meant them.”

Underneath his jet-black hair, eyes with the same color as levanite could be seen.

“…I’m a boorish, unreasonable, man, I just want to protect you, even if it cost me my life.”

“Your Majesty…”

“That’s why, I want you to stay by my side…”

As if he were touching a fragile object, Gaizel separated his hand from Tistye’s hair. Tistye lowered her gaze in roder to endure her embarrassment, Eventually, she laid her own palm on top of Gaizel’s hand.

“I, I look forward to working with you…”


Perhaps, he didn’t expect to be touched. Gaizel’s eyes widened slightly. He then placed his other hand under Tistye’s chin. With a light tug, Tistye lowered her eyelashes as she was accustomed to.

After the second vow kiss was offered, the two looked down.



There was an awkward silence between the two.

Not knowing when she should release their connected hands, Tistye stiffened in that position. Afterwards, Gaizel urged her to go to bed.

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