A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being a ‘Woman who Reeks of Iron’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness Translation

41. How do I Explain…

The Demon Realms.

They were areas where demons lived. About 40% of the world consisted of such realms.

The Demon King Ibris was who kept them together for thousands of years.

At the demon castle, where Ibris was absent, his entourage was awaiting his return.

“Lord Jaeger! We’re ready!”

“Good job. We shall wait until the Demon King returns.”


Jaeger ordered his men to prepare for war.

Now that the hero had been defeated, there was no one to block their way.

Once the Demon King returned, they expected a full-scale war against the humans.

That was when the communication happened—

“—Jaeger, can you hear me?”

“Yes, I can hear you, Demon King.”

“How’s the situation.”

“We’re ready to invade the human world.”

“Okay, got it. Sorry, Jaeger, I won’t be returning to the castle for a while.”

“What happened?”

“It isn’t a big deal. I want to experience human life for a while.”


A stupid voice came out of Jaeger’s mouth as his head filled with question marks.

He had been following the Demon King for many years, but he couldn’t understand what his king had said just now.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s as I’ve said. I will live as a human for a while. While I’m away, I’ll leave command to you. Don’t hurt humans unless we get invaded. Don’t get in my way, either. Relay this to everyone.”

“W, wait, Demon King! What are you saying?!”

“I’ll contact you again.”

There was a popping sound, and the communication ceased.

“Demon King! Demon King!”

After the communication was cut off, Jaeger sighed loudly.

He shook his head in resignation and looked at the throne belonging to the Demon King.

“Demon King, I truly don’t know what goes on in your mind… Thousands of years later, I still can’t comprehend you…”


“Alright! There’s nothing to worry about!”

“R, really?”

“Have you told them properly?”

“Of course, Jaeger is my aide. If it’s only this, he’ll definitely and instantly understand my intentions!”

The Demon King said so with utmost confidence, but the same couldn’t be said about Grave and I.

I, who could hear their interaction, could safely assume that Jaeger was confused as hell…

“Is it really alright…”

“Now that we’ve come this far, to believe is our only option. We can’t do anything about the demon realm.”

“That’s right.”

I nodded, thinking it was precisely as Grave said.

There were other things we needed to think about. As such, I could only hope for the best regarding the demon world.

We turned towards the Demon King.

“For now, let’s think about how to explain this situation.”



The Demon King couldn’t grasp what we were talking about, and he could only tilt his head.

We were at my smithy, and only the three of us knew the facts.

If he wanted to live in this city, I thought it’d be best to take him to the guild.

Grave was saying the same.

But, the questions was, could I explain to everyone that despite being a demon, he meant no harm?

“Well, we’ll have to be honest with them. I think everyone will understand.”

“Yes. But the townsfolk should be kept in the dark.”

“That’s right. Otherwise, rumors might spread outside the city. Only the guild members will know about this. Do you understand?”

“I, Ibris, have no problem with this arrangement. Such a longwinded explanation is unnecessary, Hero.”

“If it’s indeed so, can you stop calling me ‘Hero’?”

“Well, then, Grave, can you guide me to your base, soon?”

Ibris, who was taking things at his own pace, didn’t seem to be thinking about our anxiety.

Grave showed a tired expression while staring at him.

“Okay, let’s go. But don’t do anything unnecessary.”

“Got it.”

We left the smithy after having such a discussion.

Five minutes later.

“Ah, the number of good-looking guys is increasing.

“Hey, he looks similar to Grave! Did you have a brother?”

“N, no! It’s not like that! Or rather, don’t lump us together!”

“Hahaha, you’re so popular, Grave!”

Contrary to Grave’s intentions, a crowd formed as soon as we stepped out into the city.

Somehow, I knew that would happen.

Grave was popular, after all.

“Ahh, we can’t proceed at all!”

“W, what should I do?”

“Hmm, I’m sure it’ll be a problem if we can’t proceed. Alright, I will lend you a hand.”

Ibris extended his hands forward.

“What are you—”

“—I’ll move us to your base.”

“Teleportation? Can you do that?”

“Who do you think I am? I’m the king who oversees the demon realms? There’s no reason why I can’t do something as simple as teleportation.”

Ibris slipped up.

From the surroundings, “Eh? What does he mean? Is he a demon or something?” Could be heard.

We were impatient and hurriedly took his hands.

“Hu, hurry!”

“Then think of your base. Just the appearance is fine.”

I did as he said.

In the next moment, I was struck by a sensation that my body was floating.

Surprised, I opened my eyes—

“—We’ve arrived. Is this the place?”

“O, oh…”

We indeed had arrived.


*The Demon King: “Of course, Jaeger is my aide. If it’s only this, he’ll definitely and instantly understand my intentions!”

*Jaeger: ???

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