As my Engagement has Been Annulled, I’m Going to Live Freely! Translation

5. Have a Good Time

It took some time before Ryan could stop laughing.

I gazed at him with a smile.

Fuu, I’m sorry. I’m sure it was a disgraceful experience, for your engagement to be annulled like that…”

Perhaps, after laughing, he had calmed down a little. Still, he apologized for the inconvenience.

“Well, I never intended to marry him in the first place. I barely feel a tinge of sadness. Instead, I just want everyone to look at that poor excuse of a man.”

When I said I didn’t mind, he laughed again.

As I thought, he still found it funny.

“Fufu, you showed him his place with such a refreshing expression. I left a strong impression on me. I am happy to have been able to meet you today.”

“You’re welcome. It’s fun to hear other people’s impression pertaining to what occurred that day.”

After he had extended his hand, I lightly shook it.

He concluded the handshake without any unnecessary, nasty, touching.

With such a refreshing smile, Ryan was a perfect young man no matter how someone looked at him.

“By the way, could it be, this store…?”

“Of course, it’s thanks to the alimony.”

I smiled and answered.

Depending on the person, it might not be something that should be boasted about, but I felt no shame, there.


Ryan irresistibly burst in laughter.

He looked truly amused. Besides, his laugh was cute.

“…I’m really sorry. By the way, it’s a really nice shop.”

After laughing so much, there were tears in his eyes.

I was honestly happy to be praised.

The interior was carefully selected, which made me feel proud.

Besides, judging from his accessories, he also seemed to have a good taste.

I was confident that I was on the right track because such a person had complimented me.

“It’s all because you painstakingly endured that one year with him.”

Perhaps sensing my proudness, he showed a profound smile.

Rather than a flattery, I could feel that his words were sincere.

Ryan seemed to be an earnest person.

I had been in the customer service business for a long time, so I was quite confident in my ability to see through people.

“Will you come again?”

“Of course.”

Rich regular—Get!!!

I quietly smiled while thinking about that.

He was also good-looking. I expected him to attract more customers.

I was sure the female customers that I mentioned earlier would come more diligently from now on.

“I’m about to head back, for my break is over. I’m sorry for coming in just before the store closes.”

“No worries, as long as you had a good time.”

Apparently, he was about to return to the royal castle.

Even though it was already night, I wondered if he was still at work.

After paying his bill, his sharp gaze relaxed, and he spoke to me with a smile.

“See you again.”

What’s with this man?

Due to the destructive power of his handsomeness, I had almost knelt onto the ground to worship his feet.

Without noticing my internal turmoil, he swiftly walked down the road to the royal castle as if experiencing a refreshing breeze.

Even though it was brief, my prejudice that, ‘everyone related to a duke’s family is an arrogant prick!’, which had been cultivated over the past year, had been completely dispelled.

***T/N: Ryan is an eye candy and a soul cleanser…

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