The Heinous Mysterious Death Green Translation

5. The Wandering Bomb

When Rintaro opens his heavy eyelids, a pure white ceiling can be seen. Is his headache because of the celebration that went on late into last night? Or is it that too many things are happening all at once and his brain can’t keep up?

“This place is, right. I am in an evil organization….”

Rintaro vaguely remembers yesterday’s events. Even though at first glance his room looks like a luxurious hotel suite, recalling that he is inside the enemy’s secret base depresses him.

Maybe I should just stay asleep forever.
Rintaro ponders such as he keeps his body flat on his bed while looking around the room. That is when a massive bear trap comes into view.

……A bear trap? The sharp and pointy teeth snap shut on Rintaro’s face with great force—



The sharp knife-like fangs cross just a few centimeters in front of Rintaro. He can’t help but jump like a zebra that came across lion.

On the king-sized bed, which has lost its master, a girl is deep asleep while clattering her fangs.

Umyun, I can’t eat anymore, ssu…”

You were totally about to eat just now, though.
Rintaro’s memory of the previous night is fuzzy, but apparently Samecchi snuck in while he was sleeping.

Rintaro, who is badly covered in sweat upon waking up, decides to take a shower in the provided bathroom unit. As if to shake off the nightmare of last night, he rinses his head under as much hot water as he can.

Incidentally, at the hero boarding house where Rintaro had been staying, the bathroom was shared and only had cold water.

When that thought along with the fact that mysterious beings live in such a blessed environment cross his mind, only dry laughter can come out from his mouth.

But no matter how refined the living environment, that place is the citadel of wickedness. It is a den where various fiendish and merciless mysterious beings nest.

Rintaro must escape from that predicament as soon as possible and return to hero headquarters. Thus, within Rintaro’s wicked mind, he already has a number of plans to achieve that.

“If I’m going to act, the sooner I do it, the better… should I get to it …”
“Here, towel, ssu
“Thank you… Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

A shriek reminiscent of a maiden who had her clothes ripped off comes out of Rintaro’s mouth. Samecchi who is two heads shorter with pale hair, appears from out of nowhere.

“What are you doing in a place like this!”
“I was thinking of washing your back, ssu!”

Samecchi says such with a sharkskin grater in her hand.

“I’ll turn into a bloody mess if you wash me with that! Anyway, put some clothes!”
Onee-chan said that it’s bad manners to wear clothes inside the bathroom, ssu!”
“That’s true, however, don’t come inside in the first place!”

Any man would be surprised if a completely naked girl suddenly walked in during his shower. Even more so when it’s a vicious villainous girl with fangs.

Above all, Rintaro is also dressed in the same defenseless guise of one just born. That’s why he is looking at her with both of his piercing eyes. Whether one is a human or a mysterious being, a situation like this is definitely not good for anyone’s education or mental health.

Rintaro tries not look at Samecchi as much as possible as he gently receives only the towel and leaves the shower room.

Damn it, do you have no intention of leaving me alone? You mysterious beings, so you still don’t trust me?

For the time being, Samecchi is charged with monitoring me, huh? At first glance, she may seem harmless to humans or animals, but who knows what kind of evil is lurking inside her heart.

Rintaro decides to rethink his escape plan inside his head.

There should be something I can use in my bag. With that thought in mind, Rintaro opens his handbag, his sole personal belonging. Upon looking inside— cords and a circuit board that the owner of the bag Rintaro had never seen before are there.

There isn’t even any time to think, ‘What is this?’ That’s because the word “Bomb” was thoughtfully written in large hiragana characters. There even remains a trace that the person tried to write it in kanji before giving up.

“Bo…mb? Bomb, as in that kind of Bomb?”
“Ah, you found it already, ssuka? Oh, come on!”
“No, this is not something that can be treated like a Christmas present. Why are you taking the liberty of turning someone else’s bag into a terrorist device?”
“Samecchi is an attentive woman, ssu. Samecchi made that bomb in advance, thinking that it would be used for ‘the usual strategy’, ssu.”
“The usual strategy?”

This is his first time hearing it.

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