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49. Stand Together

An emergency meeting was held that day.

The agenda was clear—it was about the Demon King’s army that was approaching the city.

Everyone looked haggard.

Rigard asked Ibris.

“Is it true?”

“Yes, I confirmed it with my clairvoyance earlier. An army led by my subordinates is approaching.”

“For real? How many of them are there?”

“About 200,000.”


As soon as they heard the number, everyone froze on spot. No one could make a word.

Even if all the adventurers in that city were to be gathered, it wouldn’t reach 200,000.

Sensing the overwhelming difference in strength, a disturbing atmosphere rushed in.

“I don’t think anything will happen.”


“Their goal is obvious. If I leave this place, the crisis will be averted for the time being.”

“Wait, Ibris, are you going to face them alone?”

“Isn’t that obvious? I’m their target. None of you desire to die for the likes of me, correct?”

I didn’t want to do die—

—everyone probably shared the same sentiment. Confronting the army of 200,000 was just courting death.

“Then, I’ll go. It was a short time, but it was fun.”

“P, please wait!”

Anna was the one who raised her voice.

As she called out to Ibris, she looked about to cry.

“Fight alone… are you sure you can win?”

“Of course, I can. Who do you think I am? I’m the king of the Demon Realm.”

“But, 200,000 of them…”

“Are you worried about me? Thank you, Anna.”


“Your cooking is getting better every day. You should continue to devote yourself to it.”

Ibris uttered in a gentle voice that made it difficult to think of him as the Demon King.

Tears overflowed from Anna’s eyes.

At that moment, the loud ring of the bell echoed throughout the city.

“That is…?”

“It’s a bell that signals emergencies.”

“…I see, those guys—”

A man rushed into the conference room.

He was out of breath. With a frustrated face, he reported to Rigard.

“It’s an emergency, Boss! An army was spotted North of the city!”

“What did you say!?”

“Did the entire horde use teleport?”

Ibris rushed to leave the room.


“Keep a barrier over the city! If you don’t want to die, don’t you dare leave it!”

He left to face them all by himself.

The rest of us stood while listening to the desolate sound of the bell.

“He, does he really intent to face them alone?”

“It seems so.”

“He said he could win, didn’t he?”

No one knew whether that was the truth or not.

Especially considering an entire horde was approaching the city.

If Ibris intended to fight while protecting the city, then that development was certainly unexpected.

I wasn’t an expert at fighting, but a mere glance at the faces of Grave and Rigard told me the weight of the situation.



“I’m going to fight.”


The area North of the city was a meadow.

Normally, the forest could be seen beyond the grassland.

However, that night, all I could see was a large number of wriggling shadows.

“It’s a masterpiece.”

A barrier covered the city.

Ibris stood tall to defend the city.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Demon King.”

“Label? Also, Luce and Gigas—why would you betray me?”

“What are you talking about? You’re the one who betrayed us first.”

“That’s right, Demon King! What’s with your nonsensical appearance!?”

“I’m merely adapting to life with the people. Don’t you like it, Gigas?”

“It seems that I wasn’t mistaken. How disappointing. You even assumed a human form…”

“I see. It seems that you fail to understand me.”

Ibris laughed.

Even in front of such overwhelming numbers, he didn’t waver.

Perhaps finding it unpleasant, Luce provoked him.

“What’s so funny? Do you not realize the situation you’re in? Do you think you can win against us?”

“Shouldn’t the answer be obvious? After all, no matter how much of an army you’ve gathered, pebbles are but pebbles.”

“Fufu, how cheeky. But by assuming that form, hasn’t your power been halved?”

“Well, it seems that you’re aware of that.”

Demon King Ibris could change his race at will.

However, ‘human’ wasn’t only his appearance.

He had genuinely transformed into a human.

As a result, his power as the Demon King was weakened so that it could adapt to his current vessel.

As such, he couldn’t unleash his former power.

“Your reign is over, Demon King.”

“Let’s finish this quickly. I’ll make it easy for you.”

“While we’re at it, let’s get rid of all the annoying buildings in that city.”

“Hmm, that’s troublesome. There are people in the city who have high expectations of me. I won’t disappoint them.”

“As if you could achieve anything by your lonesome.”

“He’s not alone.”

Footsteps were heard behind Ibris.

Looking back, there stood—


“Don’t get me wrong. We aren’t doing this for your sake.”

“That’s right, we, the Sword of the Blue Sky, are responsible for protecting the city. Also, Ibris, how dare you make our female chef cry? Besides, it’d be troublesome if you were to die without permission.”

“…Are you guys foolish?”

“You won’t know the result until you fight, right?”

With that said, Grave handed a black sword to Ibris.

“It’s a gift from Liliana, take good care of it.”

“My magic sword! Is it completed, already?”


“Fuhahaha! That’s good! Ever since I discovered that some of my men had rebelled, I’ve been in a bad mood, but it’s all water under the bridge! You guys, I’m ready to forgive y’all.”

“Hmph! As if we’d ask for your forgiveness!”

“…I see, then I have no other choice but to teach you a lesson.”

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