The Heinous Mysterious Death Green Translation

3. Infiltration, Secret Society Ark Dominion

Kuriyama Rintaro, also known as Victor Green, is a hero with a burning passion for justice in his heart. Heroes can’t turn a blind eye to evil mysterious beings in front of them!

“Welcome! To the secret society Ark Dominion!”
“…Ah, yes.”

There are times when even a hero of justice has no choice but to be turn a deaf ear to evil. For example, when they by mistake step into the center of an evil organization, alone and unarmed, and are even being welcomed with open arms.

“Let’s get along with each other from now on, brother!
“Let’s aim for world domination together, sansu.”
“I wanna eat a cute boya… Aha~an.
“By the way, what kind of mysterious being is Mr. Kuriyama, ssuka? Samecchi is… fufufu, that’s a secret, ssu.”

Built hundreds of meters underground beneath Tokyo is a gigantic temple of darkness. Tens of mysterious beings are crowded within it. Some closely resemble humans, while others can be recognized as mysterious beings at a glance.

A man whose body is covered in scales like an iguana. An old man whose has gears rattling below his neck. A woman with an enormous mouth that seems to be able to swallow Rintaro whole headfirst. And a girl with fangs.

Rintaro is in the middle of that harmonious group.

So to speak, he is a rabbit trapped in a cage of beasts.

If he were to answer with something like, “The peace-loving green light, Victor Green!”, he would be beaten into mush and kneaded into ground meat for hamburgers.

“Rintaro was it? I, as Ark Dominion’s leader, welcome you! All mysterious beings are my fellow compatriots and children to be protected.”

At Dragius’ words, the surrounding mysterious beings made three cheers, filling the underground space with vile shouting.

Evil Charisma.
Such words aren’t really fit for an elder.

That is how it should be, but when speaking of Dragius the 3rd, he is a super star mysterious being at Hero Headquarter who is wanted nationwide.

His notoriety is tremendous. Rumor has it that when his rage peaks, earthquakes capable of changing the very terrain will occur.

People who were present at Mt. Fuji ten years ago when a sudden explosion turned the Fuji Five Lakes into the Fuji One Lake claim that was also his doing.

“Mu? Are you nervous?”
Eeh, well that’s, yes. …. My apologies.”
“Well, everyone is like that at first. Recently, the number of mysterious beings losing their way like you have been increasing. It’s all the fault of that person… the abominable demon who can’t even be called a hero, Victor Green!”

Kuriyama Rintaro, hidden in plain sight before Dragaeus, is Victor Green himself.

“My kaa-chan, was caught by Victor Green while buying an expensive futon…”
“My boyfriend was also poisoned by Victor Green. He’s been comatose in prison since…”
“My and my deceased grandmother’s store went bankrupt because of Victor Green…”

Grief and resentment rise up from the surroundings. He might not even end up as a hamburger anymore.

Umu… you must have had a difficult time so far as well. You can rest now.”

Dragius gently holds Rintaro’s hand as he speaks. If Rintaro were a mysterious being, he might have been moved so much that he’d break down in tears. Instead, Rintaro is about to collapse with tears for a completely different reason.

“Samecchi, bring him to his room.”
“I respectfully obey, ssu. I shall carry your belongings, ssu.”
“No, it’s fine! I will carry it myself!”
“There’s no need to hold back, ssu!”

When Samecchi tries to forcibly take Rintaro’s tightly packed carry bag, its lock pops due to clearly being overloaded with daily necessities.

Spilling out is his favorite t-shirt, his favorite mug, and an Italian shampoo hat.

Then, an essential item for a Victory Sentai Victor Ranger—

—“Victory Transformation Gear”

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