His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

4. Our Territory

I was surprised, and tightly closed my eyes.

In the room, I was alone with His Highness. Moreover, behind me, was a double bed where two people would sleep in from that day onward.

Amidst the situation, His Highness called my name—

“—Alisa…” And reached out to my body.

We were engaged… His Highness could do anything to me.

Therefore, there was no reason for me to be nervous.

My heart was throbbing as I waited in anticipation.

However, nothing happened.

Something touched my hair faintly.


When I opened my eyes, His Highness Alexander smiled as he pointed upward with his finger.

“There was dust on Alisa’s hair. I’ve cleaned it.”

“Oh, thank you… I, is that all?”

“Yes, why?”

Really…? Is that all…?

I stared at His Highness, and His Highness shook his head.

I unintentionally screamed.

“P, please give me back my expectations and excitement!”

My Highness was shocked and proceeded to freeze at my cry.

Then, His Highness’ face turned red as the meaning of my words sank in.

I was prepared to be suddenly hugged or kissed!

If I thought about it carefully, His Highness wasn’t one to just suddenly do that. It was one of His Highness’ amicable traits.

“…But, even a little…”

As I became embarrassed, I muttered in a small voice and lowered my face.

I imagined various things on my own. I was the one jumping to conclusions.

Suddenly, His Highness’ big palm was placed on top of my brown hair.

“Yo, Your Highness…?”

As I stared at His Highness, he shyly averted his eyes and gently caressed my hair.

The warmth from his large palm felt comfortable.

His Highness stroked my hair again and again, as if touching a fragile button.

His Highness whispered as his entire face was covered with red until his ears.

“…Alisa, won’t you hate it?”

“I won’t! I don’t dislike it at all!”


“Yes… well, I, just think that it’d be nice. I feel that His Highness is taking good care of me…”

It was difficult to continue, because it was too embarrassing.

His Highness smiled happily, albeit he looked bashful.

“That’s a relief… it’s awkward… this is as far as we can go, right now… the formal marriage is still ahead, so…”

That was true, we were supposed to get married soon after graduating. However, the schedule had changed because His Highness was ousted from his position as crown prince and became the lord of a frontier region.

His Highness said that we’d get married after we had acclimated to the life there, and after he could protect me properly.

I stared at His Highness’ magnificent blue eyes and said—

“—I truly love that part of yours, Your Highness.”

At my words, His Highness quivered and muttered, “Thank you.”

Then, His Highness turned his gaze out of the window. I also followed suit.

There was nothing there. It was just a field. Beyond that was an endless forest of coniferous trees.

The mansion was located on a slight hill. Below, a small port town could be seen. There were a few rural farms around it. That was all there to the territory.

“There’s nothing here… but in ten years, I’ll turn it into a prosperous territory.”

“Yes, you can do it.”

“I’m sure I can develop it into a rich territory with you, Alisa.”

With that said, His Highness smiled mischievously.

I see.

Be it 10 years later, or 20 years later, I’ll be with His Highness—

—because we’ll be a married couple.

It sounded preposterous…

…I also hadn’t asked His Highness why he loved me.

Why did His Highness love me so much that he begged me to remain as his fiancée?

There must be a reason.

I didn’t have the courage to hear that as of the present.

But someday.

The relationship between me and His Highness would change, just like His Highness envisioned changing the territory.

Just him patting my head was enough to make me happy. But, as our relationship progressed, there might be a lot of other things we could do together.

I realized that I was looking forward to such a time in my heart.

For that reason, I shall get used to living in that territory quickly.

I looked outside the window once again.

There was nothing yet—

—but it was our territory.

***T/N: Oh, oh my god, ‘Our territory’, huh!? How bold of our heroine! Usually, in any other novel, this kind of interaction happens like 75ish chapters later!!!!

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