The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

2. Did I Travel Back Through Time?


I muttered in surprise.

Previously, merely saying a word was difficult for me. However, as of the present, I could speak fluently.

Moreover, reflected within the mirror were the ringlets I was proud of, my fine skin, and also my gorgeous dress.

Was it because I was dying?

When I was thinking about that, I heard an unpleasant voice that I didn’t want to hear.

“What’s wrong, Violet?”

His Highness asked me, but I had no intention of answering him. Therefore, I ignored him entirely.

I couldn’t understand why I was still with His Highness in the afterlife.

At that moment, His Highness looked at me with concerned.

“Did the princess education tire you? Maybe you should go home for the day…”

While saying so, His Highness stood up and began to approach me.

I immediately withdrew, causing His Highness to smile bitterly.

“Be at ease, I won’t do anything untoward to my fiancée candidate. I just want to see your complexion.”

With that said, His Highness peered at my face. I was genuinely confused.

‘Fiancée candidate’?

What is he talking about…

…Also, why is he speaking to me so intimately?

While pondering that, I felt that something was amiss.

However, the fact that I didn’t want to speak to His Highness remained the same. Thus, I blatantly ignored him.

“Could it be… you’re anxious about next month’s fiancée announcement?”

“Next month…”

When I muttered involuntarily, His Highness stared at me and started laughing.

“Haha, it’s rare for Violet, the renowned perfect lady, to forget about such a thing.”

“Is His Highness graduating next March?”

When I involuntarily asked that question, His Highness, who seemed concerned, nodded.

“That’s right. You’re acting strange, today. You should go home and rest.”

His Highness suggested such, which was fortunate. Therefore, I nodded.

“…I shall.”

With such a plain remark and hasty greeting, I hastily left the royal palace.

The moment I got into the carriage, I immediately clutched my head and screamed inwardly.

What is the meaning of this—!?

I went back to more than a year and a half ago from the day I was executed.

Was I having a nightmare?

To be honest, I was panicking.

However, after being swayed by the carriage for a while, my head gradually calmed down. I had an epiphany.

If this isn’t a nightmare, then does that mean…

…in the future, I will be executed once again?

I absolutely despised that thought.

Then, what do I do?

In the carriage, which had picked up in pace, I desperately came up with an idea.

…The only conclusion I arrived at was—

—I mustn’t become his fiancée.

I thought such, but I soon felt bitter.

It was because I recalled the relationship I had with His Highness at this time.

Our relationship used to be excellent.

I was also the most eligible amongst the three fiancée candidates…

…That was why. His Highness wouldn’t dissolve the annulment unless there was a compelling reason.

Besides, as of the present, he had a good impression of me. Even the king and the queen expected me to become his fiancée.

My father, who yearned for a strong connection with the royal family, also shared their opinion…

…Furthermore, it was a royal decree. There was no way I could go against that.

In conclusion, it’d be difficult to be excluded from the fiancée candidates without a solid reason.

It’d be difficult—unless I did something that would inadvertently cause me to be exempted.

However, that should be my last resort. I had to think about alternatives.

I thought such and tried to come up with a good way.

Then, I suddenly recalled that scene on the day of the condemnation.

His Highness, who condemned me despite my innocence, and Baroness Abazn, who testified against me—

—and lastly, my own brother.

My clenched fist shook with anger. But soon, I shook my head and dismissed the memory.

That could have been a dream.

Therefore, I mustn’t jump to weird conclusions.

I desperately suppressed my dark emotions.

Finally, when I had calmed down, I arrived at the nostalgic mansion of the Duke of Samaria in the royal capital.

I’ve missed you.

After I entered the mansion, I looked around slowly. My maid, Grace, appeared and subsequently bowed.

“Milady, welcome home.”

Grace smiled, but my emotions were complicated.

After all, Grace was the one who planted the forbidden poison in my room.

Said poison then became the conclusive evidence of my supposed crime. I was turned into a grave sinner who tried to poison Baroness Abazn and the neighboring crown prince.

I recalled the condemnation.

As His Highness pointed at me and accused me of being, “A witch who sprinkled poison on this Kingdom of Rolaud!” I recalled seeing Grace.

As I was being framed, Grace smirked.

I was sure she did it under my brother’s, Sagius’, command.

Before the poison was planted, my brother, who believed that I was about to kill Baroness Abazn, was frantically looking for a definitive proof for my ‘wrongdoings.’

However, there wasn’t any.

Because I didn’t commit any such acts.

Hence why, to properly eliminate the threat, my brother used Grace to plant the evidence.

Taking advantage of Grace’s heart, for she had long yearned for my brother…

…Regardless, it might have been a mere dream.

While thinking such, I stared at Grace, who was smiling innocently, with mixed feelings.

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