Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

68. The Limit of His Majesty’s Patience (Final)

I, it’ll be fine, I’m sure…

However, no matter how long she waited, there was no sign of Gaizel approaching. Tistye proceeded to open an eye. While staring at her, Gaizel smiled gently.

“…Don’t worry. I’m not going to hold you.”

“Well, uh, but…”

“You’re tired. Rest for today.”

After saying that, Gaizel draped a blanket over Tistye and laid down next to her.

The moment Tistye felt calm, her accumulated fatigue revived. To be honest, she felt a little relieved.

“Thank you very much.”

“There will be many opportunities in the future.”

“…C, correct.”

Gaizel’s implication was well understood by Tistye. Tistye froze. That night should be their ‘first night.’ Tistye knew well what Gaizel was expecting.

However, from early morning, he was in a rush to greet the guests. Despite that, he still cared for Tistye. Tistye once again thanked Gaizel for his kindness.

“Good night, Lord Gaizel.”


Tisyte, who completely felt secure, curled up next to Gaizel as usual. Gaizel also tried to hold her in his arms as usual. His expression was somewhat strange, though.

“Are you going to sleep with that robe on? It’s going to be hot.”

“Oh, t-that’s…”

Gaizel pointed at Tistye’s body. At the face of Gaizel’s suspicious expression, she slowly untied her waist strap.

Immediately, Gaizel’s eyes widened.

“…Lizzy advised me to wear this tonight… But I’m embarrassed because I’ve never worn it before…”

What emerged from under her thick robe was another pure white dress. It was a very thin night gown with a smooth silk luster.

Her arms were exposed from the shoulders. The hem of her skirt was only as long as her knees. The soft fabric, which stuck to her skin, served more than enough to emphasize Tistye’s feminine body.

“I, it looks strange, right?! It’s fluttery, and not to mention, uncomfortable, and the length—Y, Your Majesty?”

“—Sorry, I remember I have something to take care of.”

Gaizel, while clutching his forehead, suddenly got up from the bed.

“Eh!? But, it’s already late at night…”

“I must take care of it no matter what. I’m sorry, but please go to sleep first.”

Towards the blinking Tistye, Gaizel held up both of his hands to stop her. Then, he actually left the room.

But, just before the door was closed, the voice of Gaizel’s heart rang.

[“T, that’s foul play…! Is Heaven trying to test my self-control!? W, what is this?! I have to somehow distract myself… yes, the book I read earlier, about a duck carrying a leek on his back… I must refrain from making any mistakes, otherwise there’s no going back…”]

What does he mean?

Towards the unfamiliar analogy, Tistye snuck into her blanket while tilting her head.

Due to the fatigue and the light liquor, Tistye quickly fell into the world of slumber.

A few days after the emperor’s wedding.

The new brand of the Count Astel was officially announced. The designer was Elena Schneider.

At first, everyone was surprised by the fact that the designer was female. But when they learned of the dresses she had designed, they welcomed her and showered her with praise. The situation had dramatically reversed.

In addition, as a result of announcing that the empress’ wedding dress was also designed by her, many women came to ask for their own wedding dresses. As a result, Elena’s reservation list was filled for the next five years. She was forced to hire a helper in a hurry.

Therefore, Elena also recruited women who aspired to be designers—just like herself.

At first, there were no applicants. However, the first one appeared a year later. Then, another, two years later. After training in a first-class workshop, they grew to be well-known designers.

After seeing that, Elena further focused on training the younger generation regardless of status or gender.

—Soon, Verscia would be conceived as a ‘sacred place for brides’, a place which produced wonderful wedding dresses.

Among them, Ciel Etoile had established itself as one of the most prestigious wedding dress brands. It would eventually grow to serve as a sort of status symbol for women who wanted to wear Ciel’s dresses all over the world.

Also, since it was the birthplace of many prominent designers, fashion designers from all over the world would come to Verscia to practice and test their abilities—but that was still a long way in the future…

The End.

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