The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

156. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (46)

Even after the smoke rising from the collapsed buildings had subsided, there was no sign of Rufus getting up.

Exhaling wildly, Jill grabbed the sacred relic, which had returned to be a pair of red and blue gems, that floated in front of her. Thus, her golden ring became adorned with the red and blue jewels, and its weight grew. It felt as heavy as a stone.

After she had descended, Hadith rushed to hug her.

“Jill, you are too reckless! Even though you don’t have the ring…!”

Jill exhaled heavily on his shoulders, and showed her left ring finger to Hadith.

“Y, Your Majesty, even though my magical power hasn’t returned, the gold ring has…”

Hadith was taken aback.

“Y, you’re right… your love, is as amazing as always?!”

“It’s your turn, Your Majesty!”

“Eh, me?”

“Do you know how worried I was—”

Jill’s complaint was wiped out by the cheers from her surroundings.

“…Your Majesty.”

The flag from the top of the temple had fallen.

The sun was rising.

A new flag was raised with the morning sun as the backdrop. Of course, it didn’t bare a cross.

The design of the Dragon God sewn in black on crimson fabric. It was the flag of the Rave Empire.

Camila and Zeke were waving with the Rave imperial army at the place where the flag was just raised.

They had won.

“We did it…”

“That’s right. Older brother Listeard and older sister Elynsia came too, right?”

Someone was ringing the bell to announce their victory. Dragons were flying above in the sky as if to bless them. The magical barrier isolating the city was no more.

“About me becoming a baker… did older brother Listeard learn about that?”

“Of course, I told him.”

“Ah… he’s going to be noisy again…”

Jill laughed. She then pulled Hadith’s sleeve and pointed at the ground below them.

“Your Majesty…”

Under her eyes, General South and the imperial army had begun to gather.

“Are we going to fight again? How annoying.”

Sighing, Hadith descended to the ground while holding Jill. He stood in front of everyone, holding the heavenly sword in his hand.

After standing in front of the line-up, General South then shouted.

“Salute to His Majesty the Dragon Emperor and Her Majesty the Dragon Princess!”

The lined-up soldiers saluted at once.

Jill, who saw Hadith’s current expression up close, wanted to burst out laughing.

“Eh? W, what? Eh?”

“If it’s not too late, we shall protect you.”

General South, with a bandaged right shoulder, stepped forward in front of the appalled Hadith.

“I can no longer serve as a soldier, but my subordinates shall assist Your Majesty. If you can forgive me, could you please allow us to call ourselves members of the imperial army once again?”

“Well, that’s unexpected. Didn’t you hate me?”

Towards the suspicious Hadith, General South became expressionless.

“—Baker, thanks to you, I survived.”


“You’re a lifesaver. A new homeland.”

Hadith’s eyes went round.

He was full of scratches, ragged, and his face was far from his usual calm, beautiful, one.

“That’s how it is.”

However, his eyes were beautiful. There was a glimmer in his them, one which was as bright as the morning sun.



Rho jumped from somewhere onto Hadith’s head. Jill jumped to the ground in consideration of Hadith.

“W, what is it, suddenly!? That’s dangerous!”

“Ukkyun, ukkyun.”

Sneaking up behind Hadith, Rho jumped into Jill’s arm in a spoiled manner. With a bitter smile, Jill patted his head.

“Thank you for your hard work.”


“But, where did you come from just now?”

Rho quickly averted his gaze. He was terrified when Jill grabbed his neck.

“Could it be, you can fly already…?”

“U, Ukkyu!”

“Wait a minute, don’t run away!”

Rho, who escaped from Jill’s hold, ran away and bumped into Camila’s leg, before being caught by Zeke. Amazed, Jill looked up at Hadith.

“He’s truly similar to Your Majesty.”

“No way—”

“Hmm, such an interesting experience.”

In response to the voice from behind, Jill was ready to fight. Everyone immediately followed suit.

“Rufus De Kratos…!”

“You can still move!?”

“Well, wouldn’t it be foolish if I couldn’t? But, look—”

—Amidst the mesmerized crowd, Rufus calmly lifted his cracked monocle.

“It’s been a while since someone was able to crack this. You’re pretty amusing, Dragon Princess-chan. You don’t make a fuss about whether or not you’re loved, but instead about how much you love him. I understand why Geraldo adores you, now. I like you. I will make you mine.”


In response to his vague smile, Hadith slashed his sword at him.

Rufus’ long hair was cut, and his monocle was broken.

“I will kill you.”

Towards Hadith’s quiet eyes, Rufus laughed cheerfully and soared into the sky. With his index and middle fingers on his lips, he said.

“Is this the reverse scale of the Dragon Emperor? How adorable. I will definitely come pick you up, Dragon Princess-chan.”

He threw her a kiss.

Chills ran all over Jill’s body.

Hadith’s golden eyes widened as he charged with his sword.

Before his attack could land, however, Rufus had already disappeared.

He’s able to use teleportation magic, no wonder His Highness Geraldo is troubled…

Next to Jill, who had a difficult expression, Hadith’s lips twisted as his eyes lost focused.

“I’ll definitely kill him the next time we met—”

“C, calm down, Your Majesty…”

“How can I be calm!? This is a declaration of war!”

“Oi, Hadith! Vissel’s army is coming!”

Listeard’s voice came from the sky. The mood of their surroundings changed.

Hadith, who was about to yell, also narrowed his eyes.

That’s faster than I expected.

As of the present, there was no sign of a rebellion. Still, it was clear that there was a fight. If the imperial castle were to label them as rebels, everything would be ruined.

“What do we do, Your Majesty?”

Hadith sighed at Jill who pulled his sleeve.

“…I’ll go and explain.”

“I will go, too.”

“I shall be the one to explain. South, follow the instructions of my older sister, Elynsia.”

Jill strongly grasped the hem of Hadith’s clothes. Hadith had begun giving instructions. She wanted to be of help, too.

However, Hadith gently removed Jill’s hand.

“Wait with Rho.”

“…I’m Your Majesty’s wife. Would it be a problem if I were to come?”

Hadith laughed

“Perhaps. Vissel is my older brother. He knows a lot about me.”

“Well, I know about His Majesty, too.”

Hadith crouched and pressed his index finger against her lips.

“But I want to show you my cool side.”

If she were to be told in that way, she wouldn’t be able to say anything back.

“Our happy family plan will be approved by my brother.”

His smile, which was as bright as the morning sun, was so beautiful. Jill was enraptured by it.

Since when did he become so cool? The Dragon Princess’ sacred relic, which had settled in her gold ring, shimmered, as if symbolizing her love.

***T/N: We all expected Vissel to turn pedo, but no, it’s the Southern King, Geraldo’s Papa.

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