The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

46.2 The Overlord and His Sworn Sisters Put on a Performance

[My wife, come here.]
[Yes, Danna-sama!]

Haruka joins me at my side. She is wearing a dress with a large opening across her chest── it’s the only set of good clothing within the village. She decorated it with 『Elder Nanaira’s feathers』 that she received when she went to the harpy village yesterday.

[You look even more beautiful today……. My wife.]
[I thank you for your compliment, Danna-sama.]

Haruka pinches the hem of her dress and bows.

[Be that as it may, my body is unable to accept all of your needs, Danna-sama. I apologize for my body’s inadequacies. For one such as my lord, our Overlord, a dignified body is more worthy. Compared to Ane-ue and Yukino-sama, isn’t this Haruka Carmillia still lacking?]
[……What are you saying?]

No, seriously. What are you talking about?
What kind of practice did you undergo, Haruka? You play the role of a 「Foolish Ruler」’s wife too well. It’s so much better than my performance as a 『Foolish Ruler』.

[Thy presence shalt always heal my──]
[No, just being beside the Danna-sama is enough to make me feel like I’m1dreaming. My soul was born to melt together with yours, Danna-sama. My pleasure is being a vessel that can receive Danna-sama.]

Haruka rubs her cheek against my arm.
It’s just an act, but behaving like this in front of others is embarrassing……

[…….. Shouma-nii-sama, Haruka.] [── Wh…… wh, wha.]
Lizette and Yukino are crying out behind me.

Yesterday, Lizette, Yukino and Haruka heard many stories from Nanaira the harpy. My role might be that of a lustful and foolish ruler── but I have no knowledge of such a life in this world. As such, we visited the well-informed Harpy.

After hearing about the situation, Nanaira choose Haruka alone to 「impart her knowledge」 onto. According to Nanaira’s assessment, apparently Haruka is the most suitable for this role. It’s why Haruka is doing her best in the role of the 「Foolish Ruler’s Wife」, but…

[…… Ehehe. I wonder if I’m doing it well, Aniue-sama.]
Doesn’t look like she knows what exactly she’s saying.

[……I didn’t know Haruka had this kind of talent.]
[……What amazing acting skills.]

Lizette and Yukino are both surprised.

I’m quite shocked too. I mean, we’re making a proclamation in front of a respected daughter of 『Governor Kittle』. Publicly speaking, this is going to be official information……

[……I’m glad I went with 『Demonkin Awakening』……]
I’m currently dressed in my 『Chuunibyou style』 just like in my junior high days. I’m donned in a black coat, my arm is wrapped in bandages, and chains and power stones are jangling. My unnaturally long bangs partially hide my face, and if I loosen the bandage on my forehead, I can hide it even more. Or rather, since I’ve already used『Demonkin Awakening』, I’m at a stage where my shame is maxed. Anything Haruka says won’t embarrass me any further tha──

[I’m already the 『Aberrant Overlord』’s…… captive. I am even ready to offer this body and soul to the King. May this body melt with the King’s so that I, all the way to the battle with the King’s nemesis, the Goddess of the Eighth Heaven……]

── No, as I thought, this is embarrassing.
I now understand why Nanaira chose Haruka. If she weren’t a natural, something like this would have been impossible.

[── Thus is why my lord, the 『Aberrant Overlord』-sama, is always looking fo── constantly seeking women who can grant his soul peace. Should Silvia-hime desire such, we shall prepare that seat for her.]

With those words, Haruka kneels.
Everyone falls silent.
The faces of Lizette and Yukino are flushed red, the villagers seem to be deeply moved──

Finally, Silvia Kittle-hime and her soldiers are dumbfounded.

With this, the roles of the 『Tyrant』, 『Overlord』, and 『Foolish Ruler』 have all been cleared.

[As you can see, I’m busy tending to my wife. I can’t turn my hand towards anything beyond the frontier. The reason I accepted the alliance with Silvia-hime was also for maintaining peace within frontier so that I can spend more time with my wife.]

If this is how it is, I’ll just push through. I’ll quickly end this conversation and have Silvia-hime return home with her escort.

[Be that as it may, I have no intention of showing mercy to those who tread into the frontier with ill will. The next time intruders appear in this 『Hazama Village』, my 『Twin-headed Dragon』 will deal with them. I believe the wise Silvia-hime will understand, but what are your thoughts?]

[……I am in agreement.]
Silvia-hime pinches the hem of her dress and lowers her head.

[Should an intruder…… interfere with time for your beloved…… your anger is justified. I understand the views of the 『King of the Frontier』.]
Silvia-hime responds with her eyes downcast.

It’s fine, so hurry up and go home. I’m at the limit of my shame, too.

[I am repeating myself, but I merely want to live quietly in the frontier. I have no intention of being hostile against Governor Kittle-sama.]
[I am aware.]
[I request you convey that to Reines Kittle-hime as well.]

Silvia-hime freezes at my words.

[……? Reines-hime is Silvia-hime’s elder sister, yes? I’ve heard from the intruders themselves that she was who sent them this time.]

The swordsman Dims and the man acting as their superior were who spoke up. The others seem to have just been hired without being told anything.

My intel about Reines Kittle comes from the Harpy. As they are well informed, they naturally know of the public figures living in the territory right next to ours.

[These lands are the distant frontier. Therefore, there must have been some kind of misunderstanding. We have no intention of being hostile, and we sincerely wish for Silvia-hime to convey that message to her. With that, let us conclude our meeting, shall we?]
[……Indeed, I wish for nothing more──]

[『King of the Frontier』!! We, the soldiers from the house of Governor Kittle, have a request!!]

Suddenly, the soldiers surrounding the carriage shouted. Just now, a woman with blond hair seems to have peeked her face out of a carriage window. The soldiers waiting at the side are nodding in agreement.

Just who, is that girl?

[We have just witnessed the prowess of the 『King of the Frontier』, and we soldiers are in awe!]
[Moreover, we are deeply impressed by your seizing control over the ajin and of that ajin girl’s heartfelt affection by means of your power!]
[The opportunity to meet someone as mighty and as skilled in military affairs as the 『King of the Frontier』 is very rare.]
[Furthermore, by understanding the strength of the ajin, everyone will also understand you are worthy of our respect!]
[Please grant us the opportunity to engage in a mock battle with the soldiers serving under the 『King of the Frontier』.]

The soldiers standing beside the carriage shout out in turn.

[…… A mock battle?]
[They are referring to a training drill we of the House of Governor Kittle conduct. It is one where we battle for the 『General’s Flag』 of the other…… except.]

Silvia-hime murmurs that and looks at the soldiers.

[You, what are you saying?! To be addressing the 『King of the Frontier』 so directly, how rude can you be?!!]
[Your anger is quite justifiable, however, for our martial spirits to not be excited is impossible.]

A soldier with an ornate helmet steps forward. That person’s armor is more splendid than the other soldiers’. Could this be a captain?

[We are closely related to Reines Kittle-hime. If the 『King of the Frontier』 would be willing to grant us his guidance with a match, we’d be better able to convey the King’s strength to Hime-sama. We implore you. Please grant us the opportunity to engage in a mock battle with the King’s soldiers!]

The soldiers around the carriage raise their fists to the sky all at once.

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  1. Haruka has been saying Waga for I up until now.  Here she broke character and said “boku”.  Future instances of slipping into casual speech will be italicized