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32. The Grevest Mountains

A line of twelve large mountains divided the North and the South.

The tallest mountain was so high that the top most likely passed the clouds and reached beyond the sky.

It was said that a white dragon lived on its peak.

Grave and I were aiming for the highest mountain peak.

When I reached the foot of the mountain, I looked up at the massive mountain towering before me.

“How high…”

No matter how much I looked up, I couldn’t see the peak.

Grave said that there was a cloud amidst the mountain, but even without the cloud, I probably wouldn’t be able to see it.

Are we truly going to climb this…?

My excitement subsided upon imagining the sort of difficulty that awaited us.

Not only had the height changed, but the temperature also dropped as soon as we reached the foot of the mountain.

A cold much more severe than anything I felt in the village permeated my body.

“Prepare yourself.”


The difficulty which awaited us in the future turned out to be way beyond imagination.

He looked to the top of the mountain, showing a determination I had never seen before. His back looked very reliable.

“Let’s go.”


My determination was too lacking. I couldn’t say that I was prepared.

I just had the desire to do my best. I followed after Grave.

As I climbed step by step up the mountain, little white snowflakes were piling up.

The more I climbed, the snowier it got. When I stepped on it, I heard a strange sound.

Before I noticed it, my surroundings had become white.

“The snow… everything in my vicinity is white…”

“Is this your first time seeing snow?”

“Indeed. It didn’t snow in the royal capital, and I’ve never traveled. Snow was something I only read about in books. This is my first time seeing the real thing.”

I gently scooped some snow up.

It was cold and fluffy—and also looked tasty.

“Can you eat it?”

“You can, but I don’t recommend it. Although snow is beautiful, the dust from the air is also froze inside it.”

“I see. The books also said the same. But, it’s so white… and beautiful…”

“It’s indeed pretty. But it won’t be once a blizzard comes.”

Fortunately, that day was sunny with only a few clouds.

Because the sun was shining, some warmth could still be felt.

As long as the situation was like that, then I’d be able to manage the cold.

Speaking of which, if I treaded with too much force over the snow, my feet would get stuck and proceeding became difficult.

Soon, I realized the harshness of nature.

Suddenly, the clouds became gloomy, and it began to snow.

Although there wasn’t much wind, my view became cloudy.

The weather in the mountains was volatile. That was also written in the books I read.

Before I noticed it, the glittering white landscape was no longer visible due to the blizzard.


“Liliana, are you alright?”

“Maybe not…”

Our walking speed slowed due to the blizzard.

Combined with the cold weather, which I wasn’t good with, I felt my physical strength steadily decreasing.

I could still walk, but I was also on the verge of collapsing.

“What about you, Grave?”

“Due to my experiences, this doesn’t hinder me too much.”

“Wow, you’re amazing…”

Grave was also carrying a large backpack.

To also support me, someone one the verge of collapsing, he must have been struggling.

I wanted to do my best to drag down his leg.

“Tell me if it becomes too unbearable. We can take a break.”

“I, I’m fine…”

I didn’t want to burden Grave.

I slapped my cheeks and woke myself up.

Afterwards, I strived for the summit.

I expected that the blizzard would eventually subside, but there was no sign of that happening at all.

Rather, it was getting stronger.

“It’s getting more dangerous.”

The wind was so strong that even moving forward was dangerous. My efforts were close to their limits.

Grave scanned the area.

I couldn’t see anything due to the snowstorm, but Grave seemed to have found something.

“Let’s go over there. There’s a cave up ahead.”

“For real?”

“Yes. If there is a cave, you can take shelter from the blizzard. Let’s rest.”


Grave pulled my hand, and we reached a place where the snow was unnaturally higher.

At first glance, it was merely a lump of snow. But when he cleared the snow, a hole appeared.

The inside was surprisingly large. It was enough for two people to enter.

“It’s almost nighttime. It’s going to get colder, and it doesn’t seem like the blizzard is going to let up. Let’s spend the night here.”

“Alright. It’s not like I can walk anymore…”

I used to feel confident about my physical strength. However, as of the present, I had been reduced to shambles.

Grave didn’t show any exhaustion. Instead, he started to rub firewood to prepare a fire for the night.

The inside of the cave was warmer than the outside.

Thanks to the firewood, I could get warm.

However, it’d be dangerous if the cave filled with smoke. Therefore, airholes were made within the snow.

The wind that blew through them chilled my body all at once.

“It’s cold…”

I shivered.

Even though the inside should be warmer than the outside, I felt colder than when I was walking.

“You’ll warm up if you move. If you stay still, your body temperature will drop at once. Do you want to use my blanket?”

“No, it’s alright. Grave, aren’t you cold, too?”

“Well, that’s right.”

“Hence, I will put up with it.”

Despite saying that, I was actually worried I wouldn’t be able to endure the cold.

Looking at me behaving like that, Grave spread his blanket.

“Then, how about this?”


Grave’s shoulder and mine overlapped.

The two of us were wrapped in one blanket.

“Warm, isn’t it?”

“Y, yes…”

It’s warm…

It was warmer than before.

But, was it truly because of the blanket?

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