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118. The True Saint

  • Nigel’s POV:


I—Nigel, was facing an archdemon.

“Even with the blessing of the Goddess, you’re still too weak. You’ve overestimated yourself. Because you managed to defeat Baldur, you became conceited.”

An archdemon with the appearance of a child uttered such.

This archdemon was called Philomero.

Philomero brilliantly wield his sword and slashed at me.

I was trying my best to deflect his attacks. I wasn’t having much luck at counterattacking.

“With your attack this slow and inconsistent, it’s actually amazing that you have time for idle chatter.”

“Hmm? Humans do say strange things. Philo can see through your lies. You can’t defeat me.”

Despite my provocation, Philomena continued to effortlessly parry my attacks.

It seemed that the archdemons had infiltrated the castle. There was a high possibility that there were others.

I was worried about Eliane…

…Nevertheless, my hands were full.

I also heard that the farther away she was, the less effective the blessing of the Goddess became. After all, the blessing of the Goddess wasn’t absolute.

By confronting the archdemon, I was trying to buy us some time.

“Why do you insist on getting in Philo’s way.”

Philomero asked while swinging his sword.

“Why don’t you just assist Philo in his cause? Wouldn’t that be wise? Even though it’s impossible for you to defeat Philo, for you to be able to last this long is already considered a feat. Don’t worry, Philo will explain the situation to the other archdemons.”


I involuntary scoffed.

There was no way I could trust an archdemon. I also had no intention of joining their cause.

“None of you know how wonderful humans are. You don’t know how powerful they are.”


A question arose in Philomena’s eyes.

—At first, I was surprised when I heard that Eliane wanted to save that kingdom.

But, somewhere in my mind, I already knew she’d say that.

Her kingdom had terribly mistreated her.

Instead of repaying her kindness, the prince of the kingdom exiled her. It was outrageous.

Yet as of present, Eliane was the only one who could save said kingdom.

At that time, I didn’t know that the Demon King was sealed in the royal capital. If that kingdom were to perish, I wouldn’t have cared.

The same should had gone for Eliane.

However—she wanted to save it, instead.

“For what reason do you want to save that kingdom?”

When I heard that she wanted to save the kingdom, I was enraged for some reason.

Regardless, Eliane stared straight into my eyes and said—

“—I understand where you’re coming from. However, regardless of how terrible the people of the kingdom have treated me, they’re still people. Some of them may not even know of my existence. I can’t bear the thought of their smiles being taken away.”


I remembered feeling bitter at that time.

I understood what she was saying. However, as for agreeing, not very much. In the end, I reluctantly nodded.

When it came to saving the kingdom, it wouldn’t be simple.

We’d need to arrange a meeting with Prince Claude and His Majesty the King.

At that time, Eliane might get hurt again…

…or so I thought.

In truth, Eliane was firm.

“Nigel, this is what I believe—that the strong must protect the weak.”

“That’s right. A world where the strong oppresses the weak is useless. However, that kingdom is a different case. Just let it perish on its own.”

“I understand why you’d say that. However… I also have such a thought—maybe I was born for this?”

For a moment, I couldn’t understand what Eliane was saying.

“I was born with the power of the saint to make people all over the world happy. This power exists for me to achieve said purpose. Because that is what a true saint would do.”

I immediately decided to argue.

Except, I was overwhelmed by Eliane’s determination.

—what a woman!

She wasn’t self-centered and prioritized people around her.

No matter how powerful she was, her goal wasn’t one that could be achieved with ordinary effort.

Towards her determination, I had no choice but to relent.

“…Alright, Eliane, I respect your will.”

“Thank you!”

Eliane’s expression brightened.

“However, it will be difficult for me to rescue that kingdom by myself. I’m sorry, Nigel, but will you lend me your assistance?”


At that time, it was as if electricity coursed through my body.

Eliane was asking for my help.

Even though until then, she had been trying to shoulder everything by herself. Perhaps, had the incident involving Baldur not occurred, she’d had headed to the kingdom by herself without consulting me. After all, that would have been faster than persuading me.

But she turned to me.

I was overjoyed because of that.

“Of course, Eliane. I will be your sword and shield.”

Hearing that, Eliane smiled like a flower.

…Thus, the current situation.

“You truly are so conceited that you’re incapable of looking beyond yourself. On the other hand, the saint is trying to save everyone!”

“That’s just foolish. Why do I have to make other people happy? I don’t understand.”

“I knew you’d say that. It isn’t like I want you to understand—!”

“What!? You’ve become stronger…!?”

When I pushed Philomero back with my sword, his face twisted for the first time.

When I was thinking of Eliane, a mysterious power rose up from within me.

“Nigel, just a bit more. I will lend you my power.”

I could see an illusion of Eliane holding my hand within hers.

“I can’t lose to any of you! I have to protect those who are precious to me! No matter what obstacles stand in front of me, I won’t back down!”

When I saw Philomero staggering, I took the opportunity to lunge my sword at him.

Philomero, who got slashed, spattered black blood that fell to the floor.

“N, no way… how could you surpass me…”

Philomero stuttered.

However, I didn’t let go of my sword.


What is this terrifying magical power?

Where on earth is it coming from?

“Well done, Philomero. You managed to wear down the saint’s follower this far.”

An evil voice.

From the floor where Philomero was lying on…

…From below, a hand extended.

Somebody appeared from the floor and tried to absorb Philomero into his body.

“I won’t let you!”

I was confused. A second demon had appeared. Moreover, judging from the situation, it was highly possible this was a senior demon.

I immediately swung my sword and tried to attack it.

However, that being avoided my attack easily and stood before me while holding Philomero.

“Enough dilly-dallying. I shall get rid of him.”

Philomero’s body sank and disappeared into the demon who had just appeared.

The next moment, the demon narrowed the distance between us and overtook me.

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