The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

3.2 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter

After receiving the signal, I ran as fast as I could upstairs so that no one would notice me. I quickly unlocked my room and slipped inside.

“Welcome home.”

“I’m home. Thank you for keeping watch, Liz. I sold a lot today.”

Liz showed a dazzling smile.

“Did anything happen?”

I doubted only one person came asking about my whereabouts.

“Madam came to ask for you. I just said that Milady was meditating.”

I went up to my bed and saw that Liz was making small items. Around her was my mother’s torn, old, dress, and a number of handmade souvenirs. The number of customers who wanted to buy Madam Gonzales’ spiritual goods were increasing day by day. No matter how many I made in a day, I wasn’t able to keep up with the orders. Without a capable helper such as Liz, I’d quickly have run out of stock.

“Alright! 43,000 Rubia, GET!”

After deducting Liz’s share from the sales, I put the profit in the box and hid it in the closet along with my costume and accessories.

The hiding spot was too open, but this was me. There shouldn’t be anyone who’d dare to enter my room by force.

“As long as I help Lady Juliane, I will be able to receive some income. So, I will do my best to support you. But, Milady, aren’t you too busy these days?”

“…Hmm, that’s true. However, even if I’m busy, I don’t feel like I’m being rushed. Instead, it pumps my adrenaline, and makes me want to shout—or something like that.”

We made a lot of Madam Gonzales’ goods, which were selling well.

Between the sewing, I also taught my mother the third move set of the cardio. The movements were so complicated, I had to teach her again and again.

Also, as it was necessary to conduct more research into the red wine hair tonic, I recruited some servants to act as subjects. None of them had hair, thus I proceeded to apply the hair tonic on them.

The ball would be held three months later at the earliest. My parents would probably be condemned around that time. By that time, it’d already be too late for Baldazar Hair Tonic and Rotundian Health Exercise to make their debuts. If they were to be reduced into commoners, it’d be better for them have jobs.

“Father and mother become really noisy if I wear nightwear all the time. I have to review my manners. Before that, I need to take a look at Sasha. Liz, please continue making Madam Gonzales’ products.”


Instead of a nightwear, I reached for one of my mother’s old dresses, one that had been remodeled.

Mother kept insisting on buying new dresses. How were we going to save money that way? As such, I suggested she wear her old ones by saying. “As expected, the chic and simple design looks good.”

Of course, the dresses had to be remodeled a little, though.

However, as expected, the dresses my mother wore when she was still in her twenties weren’t only small, but also too youthful for my mother. Thus, I decided to wear them.

I even made my own corset, one with a hook on the front side to save Liz the trouble. I felt satisfied with the fact that I was able to make something myself. In order to graduate from being a sheltered young lady in the future, I had to work even harder.

I changed my clothes and combed my hair. In the mirror, I looked even thinner, probably because the fortune-telling was taking its toll on me.

“I’ve been receiving the princess education for ten years. As such, there’s no way I’ll forget my manners in just two months. Well, even if that should be obvious, I still can’t help but worry about it.”

Because I had secluded myself, the interaction between my mother and Sasha seemed to have been increasing these days. What a good development. Although that didn’t mean my sins had decreased in weight.

I went to Sasha’s room while complaining about my parents under my breath.

Through coaxing and sometimes threatening, I managed to push Sasha to keep socializing.

It seemed that Larissa and Stephanie, who recently found their men, would still come to protect her. Slowly but surely, Sasha was gaining experience.

By the way, when Larissa was strolling through the city after wearing my handmade mask, a certain marquis’ son fell in love with her at the first sight. After he told her that she was beautiful, she smiled and showed her front teeth. Because of her genuine smile, the marquis’ son was head over heels for her.

What a mystery.

 Stephanie, whose hunchback had completely been healed because of my orthodontic belt, said that when she was protecting Sasha at the tea party of a certain count family, she met a certain middle aged man there.

That was another mystery, but as long as the outcome was good…

I’m really glad… they will continue to support Sasha until she becomes the princess.

I congratulated them both. After all, the happiness of my subordinates was also my happiness. We were tied together with the bond called, ‘being ugly.’ As such, towards such an outcome, we couldn’t help but rejoice from the bottom of our hearts.

“Sasha, can you give me a moment?”

After opening the door and dismissing the maid, I saw Sasha lying on her bed despite the sun still being high.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell? The cold Kyle gave to you should’ve healed, right?”

“Older sister, I apologize. I’m a little fatigued…”

“Ohoho. This is your house, and this is your room. There’s no need for you to apologize to me.”

From Sasha’s perspective, as long as I was there, even the safest house would be considered a danger zone.

Sasha stood up and alternately entwined her fingers awkwardly. Although I told her there was no need to get up, she insisted.

“Are you perhaps tired because of socializing? It’s alright to show weakness. You can rest.”

Sasha’s cherry-colored cheeks were glossy. Her slightly wet eyes gave off a pure atmosphere. Her long, lashes, quivered. Her doll-like beauty was accompanied by a sense of reality. She was truly eye catching.

“Ah, your lips are dry. Somebody, bring us bee honey.”

The maid brought a jar and opened the lid—contained within it was bee honey. Recently, bee honey had been taken for granted in my mansion. In preparation of the opening of Rotundia Beauty Salon, I had all the servants sample some and collected their reviews.

I sat down next to Sasha and coated her dry lips with the sweet honey that the bees had worked hard to collect.

“This shall do. Good child. Don’t lick it, that’s nasty.”

With her lips now stained with honey, Sasha nodded.


She was quiet, delicate, and a little mysterious. Regardless, her fierce determination could stir any man’s greed and affection.

Sasha’s beauty was truly outstanding.

“It seems that you can now muster some confidence. Larissa and Stephanie praised you.”

“Yes, but I’m still scared of the attention. I did older sister’s magic trick many times, but Larissa stopped me…”

“Well, it will make you look suspicious, after all…”

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