The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

3.1 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter

“Here’s a rough sketch. Although at first glance, you look strong, you’re actually delicate, aren’t you? You always prioritize others rather than yourself. It’s a shame that the people around you fail to notice both your kindness and delicacy.”

“Wow, how accurate! I always prioritize my family and friends. However, the people around me say I’m doing whatever I want. I’m so depressed. Madam Gonzales, how do you see through me?”

“Ohoho, it’s the stars! The stars told me everything about you!”

Inside a dubious, black, tent, I laughed as hard as I could.

Actually, rather than sounding mysterious, my laugh sounded like I had injured my shin. Well, it wasn’t like it would reveal my true identity of Juliane Gessel to other people.

“Hence, I’m saying, there’s someone I’m interested in. But he doesn’t notice me at all! Madam Gonzales, how do I get his attention?”

“I see. Just a minute, I shall look into this crystal ball. Hmm. I see, the color of your soul is surprisingly pink. You should wear this scrunchie. It’s a charm that will help your natural charm overflow.”

“Eh, this scrunchie will do that?”

“Ohoho, it’s up to you to believe it or not. Also, yes, I can sense that your fate will change around next month. Please go to places where there are many people as often as possible. I’m sure you will find something good.”

“I see! I’m usually withdrawn, so I’ll do my best! I’m kind of excited!”

“Ohoho, do your best!”

On the tray in front of me, 2000 rubia, a total equivalent to 2000 yen in my previous life, was placed. That money was the price of about 20 minutes of fortune-telling. Afterwards, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Madam Gonzales, it’s about time! If you don’t come out, it’ll be dangerous.”

From the back of the simple tent came the impatient voice of Jack. I appointed him as the shopkeeper.

I immediately put all of today’s earnings and props such as the crystal ball into a bag, flipped the cloth outside of the customer’s entrance, and went outside.

Contrary to his previous voice, Jack looked calm. Hados, an agricultural cooperative, stood next to him. The man then spoke to me.

“Ms. Gon, looks like today was a great success, too.”

“Indeed, thank you. Part of it is also because Hados rented me this place. Alright, here is today’s fee.”

“That’s okay. Fortune-telling is popular amongst the ladies. It helps increase the number of customers in the Blue Sky Market, which is great.”

Hados received the bill I presented and nodded.

“Come, Madam Gonzales, let’s get in the carriage.”

Jack pushed my back. The act itself could be considered disrespectful, but when I glanced at his expression, I knew that we were in a rush.

“I understand. There’s no need to make a fuss. Alright, then, Mr. Hados, next time, let’s do our best again.” With the big bag, I got into the carriage.

“I will be waiting.”

“…Enough already, if I were to get caught sneaking away with Milady, no matter how many lives I have, they won’t be enough!”

“Ohoho, are you in the position to say that? Do you want my father to learn about the tryst you’re having with Liz in the garden?”

“T, that’s—!”

The carriage approached a bumpy road. I refrained from laughing because I might bite my tongue. Three weeks had passed since the last tea party where Alfred squeezed my upper arm. In other words, it had been two weeks since I started my business as a fortune teller named, ‘Gonzales Gonzaliano.’

I especially picked that name because it sounded strong—however, I had a slight regret about it.

Nevertheless, since the fortune-teller Gonzales was already very popular amongst the ladies, I couldn’t change it anymore.

“Ohoho, it’s important to experience love. I’m merely saying that it applies to everyone. Hence, I encouraged others to go to the places where events are held.”

After passed the bumpy road, I laughed boisterously. Jack, who was controlling the horse, shrugged while groaning.

“…The waves are coming. I can feel it, I can feel the rising tide…”

I started the business as a wat to save for the retirement fund of my parents. I intended to do it for a short period of time, only for it to turn out better than expected.

Madam Gonzales’ fortune-telling had a good reputation. The unique scrunchies, ribbons, and other small souvenirs that people could get as bonuses were also becoming popular.

“Ohoho! Then, I have no choice but to ride this big wave! At a later date, I’ll also be counting on you, Jack!”

“Hee, as expected of Lady Juliane. You’re good at handling people.”

The Blue Sky Market of the agricultural cooperative in the royal capital usually opened about two to three times a week. I tried to participate as much as possible, but I could only run my fortune-telling business for three hours at most each time.

It also took an additional hour to make a round trip by carriage. If I were to be absent from the house for a longer set of time, people would become suspicious.

“But, if it’s so popular, why don’t you try raising the price?”

“No, the price is already expensive enough. Well, fortune-telling is basically about ripping people off. I don’t want to cross the line. The price has to be affordable for commoners, too.”

In Ruderva, fortune-telling was aristocratic pastime. Famous fortune-tellers were completely merciless with their prices. They were really bullish.

As expected, I was the only fortune-teller at the Blue Sky Market affordable for commoners. Thanks to that, there was no turf war, and I had plenty of time for entertaining the aristocrats who inadvertently came to such a place. I felt like praising myself for finding such a good business.

By the way, Jack had managed to procure a big crystal ball, a dubious set of cards, and a book for reading the movement of the stars from my mother’s storeroom.

The idea of wearing a feathery mask and a face veil which concealed the mouth came from Liz and the chef. Not to mention, I also wore a fur cloak with unique tailoring to give off a mysterious impression. The two of them seem to have thought about it together.

“Jack, you don’t have to stay with me, you know? I keep saying this, but you just have to come pick me up.”

“Well, I always botched my duties, anyway. No one gives a damn. I’m only running away to have fun.”

“For you to proudly say that to me… I’m speechless.”

A little less than two months had passed since my memory returned, and I was now able to talk with Jack, Liz, and the chef. My past self would surely have spent her time getting angry, instead. Of course, there was a little awkwardness between us. Nevertheless, we were still able to laugh and cry while being in each other’s company. I considered them as big seniors regarding the lives of commoners, as such, I wanted to cherish my bonds with them.

“Madam Gon—I mean, Lady Juliane, we’ll be arriving at the mansion, soon!”

“Huh? It seems that I’ve fallen asleep. The swaying of the carriage successfully lulled me.”

The carriage entered the mansion through the back gate as usual.

Behind my bags, I quickly changed from my Madam Gonzales outfit into a maid’s uniform. With a smile, I waited for a signal from Jack.


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