Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

121. A Recurring Disaster

When we reached the bottom of the basement, we discovered the demon praying before the Demon King.

“I won’t let you!”

Nigel drew his weapon and slashed at the demon… but, his attack was blocked by something like an invisible barrier. It never reached the target.

“It’s too late! Tremble in place as you watch!”

Evil magical power emanated from the demon.

That magical power then enveloped the Demon King.

The stone layer covering the Demon King began to crack. He was gradually being revived.

“We did it!”

The demon spread his arms with an ecstatic expression on his face.

I also tried to interfere with the demon, but as he said, it was too late.

I placed multiple barriers around the Demon King.

However, my barriers were destroyed by the evil magical power. They didn’t work.

The Demon King slowly moved his limbs.

Every time he moved a little, he’d hit the surrounding walls and the ground, causing a tremor.

“My name is Pewiz!”

In front of the resurrected Demon King, a demon named Pewiz spoke.

“I lead the demons in your absence! But now, it’s your time! Therefore—huh…?”

However, Pewiz’ words were cut off.

The gigantic Demon King had grabbed Pewiz.

“Demon King, why!?”

There was a question in Pewiz’ eyes.

However, the Demon King didn’t answer. Instead, he opened his large mouth.

Just like a child chewing on sweets, he threw Pewiz into his mouth.

His death couldn’t even be heard, because it happened instantly.

“The magical power of that Demon King, will it continue to increase…?”

Nigel stared dubiously at the appearance of the Demon King.

The Demon King, who had eaten Pewiz, smiled with satisfaction.

To him, was Pewiz akin to breakfast?

Pewiz absorbed the power of an archdemon, along with the Goddess’ blessing Nigel had received. Therefore, Pewiz should be a good sustenance.

“More importantly, the Demon King has been resurrected. He mustn’t leave this place. We must keep him here.”

“But how?!”

Due to the worsening situation, I inadvertently raised my voice.


The Demon King roared.

The Demon King shook his arms as if trembling with joy from awakening.

The Demon King, who was larger than a dragon, could already bring forth a massive disaster just by moving.

In front of the resurrected Demon King, my barrier magic was useless. No matter how many I put up, they were destroyed by the Demon King as if they were made of glass.

“What should I do…”

“Eliane, is that…?”

When I was appalled, Nigel’s gaze turned towards my chest.

“Isn’t that… the hair of the Original Saint?”

It happened the next moment.

The hair of the Original Saint, which I had kept in my bosom, moved by itself and flew towards the Demon King.

The hair grew longer, and tied up the Demon King as it was.


The Demon King roared sorrowfully.

However, it felt like it was saying, “What an annoying bug!”

The Demon King was trying to tear off the hair that was restraining him. The hair was then cut sharply.

“I don’t think the hair will restrain him for long…”

I also nodded at Nigel’s words.

The area was about to collapse under the Demon King’s rampage in his effort to escape the restraint.

Due to the earthquake, rubble also fell from above.

“If we stay here any longer, we’ll be buried alive. Nigel, we should escape from here right away!”


While looking down at the struggling Demon King, we ran up the stairs.

“I hope the Demon King ends up buried alive as it is…”

“You hope. Even if he does get buried alive, he’ll surely crawl out.”


The Demon King had finally been revived.

My barriers didn’t work, either.

Everyone else was exhausted from the battle with the demons. As such, they wouldn’t be able to fight at all.

There was no other way.

The situation was so dire that it was hopeless.

—the world would be destroyed as it was.

Even so, when I tried to find a way out—


I screamed.

The stairs under my feet collapsed, and both Nigel and I fell.


Nigel scrambled to grab my hand.

“Never let go of my hand!”


On the other hand, Douglas suddenly wondered what was happening in the darkening kingdom…


A loud voice.

When he turned around, there he saw the Spirit King, Philip, and Vincent. Ralph, the pet of the royal castle, was also approaching him.

“What the hell is going on?”

Vincent asked.

“I don’t know. The demons invaded the kingdom—we tried our best to stop them, but suddenly, this happened…”

“Did Eliane fail?”

Philip asked such a question.

Douglas’ face twisted as he shook his head.

“I don’t know that, either. Eliane hasn’t answer my telepathy. Judging from the situation, it’s only natural to think that she didn’t make it in time.”

Douglas noticed Vincent’s sword.

It was a shining sword. A huge amount of magical power could be felt from the sword. Even Douglas couldn’t grasp how strong the sword actually was.

This sword, I’ve seen it before…

When Douglas rummaged through his memories…

“That’s right, when Philip and I stopped by the castle, the sword I had stored there suddenly glowed and started a racket.”

Vincent answered.

“This is the sword that was being kept in the spirit village for a long time. I entrusted it to Eliane…”

“…That rusty sword in the spirit village? Is it really the same sword?”

It was a sword that had been passed down for generations amongst the spirits. It had been kept in an old box.

At that time, Douglas forcibly opened the box, and Philip entrusted it to them as a way to express his gratitude.

What is it, now…

Douglas asked some questions, but Philip only tilted his head.

“But… I think it makes sense for the sword to awaken at a time like this. Afterwards, I got in the back of Fenrir and came here in order to give it to Eliane and the others…”

It was in the next moment—

—the mysterious sword trembled and began to float.

“What is happening!?”

Vincent, someone who was always clam, raised his voice.

The mysterious sword floated in the air for a while, trembled again, and finally flew off into the sky.

That’s… the direction of the royal castle?!

The sword continued to increase in speed as it went straight towards the royal castle.

“I don’t know… this is…”

“I also don’t know. But one thing is certain—we have to entrust everything to that sword and Eliane. It’s beyond the scope of our capability.”

If the Demon King completely revived… our original plan would collapse.

Then, it could be said that as of the present, this was the worst-case scenario.

However, when he saw that mysterious sword, he felt a sense of security.

The sword seemed to have a mission to save Eliane and others—it was gleaming with divine light.

The light became even stronger and illuminated the kingdom which was covered in darkness.

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