The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

152.1 The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (42)

An explosion could be heard. The man woke up from his shabby bed in the temple and yawned. He was looking forward to what would happen. Needless to say, he was prepared.

Is it an attack from the outside? I wonder if the Dragon Knights of Noitral noticed the incident and moved…

However, Princess Elynsia, the one who led the elite Dragon Knights of Noitral, should be at the imperial capital. Duke Leirzatz, meanwhile, was preoccupied with the Kratos military force Rufus left in his territory. The magicians that were brought along should be enough to deal with what was happening.

Doesn’t look like there’s any use in setting out.

It was at that time when he decided to resume his sleep, he was suddenly awoken by a flux of magical power he sensed with his entire body.

“Lord Rufus, they seem to have chosen to fight. Soldiers are already in the temple. How should we respond.”

“Is that so? I’ll head out.”

He dubiously eyed his escort who had entered into his room.

“How were we caught off guard? Back then when we first assaulted them, something interesting happened, didn’t it?”

“…I’m sorry. I failed to see it coming.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter. Whoever this is, he’s good. I didn’t even notice it until now.”

After some thought, he realized the owner might be the same person who foiled their attempt to capture the castle and also defended the city. He didn’t think it too suspicious. There was nothing strange with some soldiers being able to use magic. Looking back, he himself had probably underestimating the situation.

That person showed off his power to announce his presence.

That person was calling.

Rufus’ mouth unconsciously curved into a distorted smile.


The first blow blew away two magicians.

With a roar, the 1st unit rushed into the cellar where General South was believed to be confined, while the 4th unit charged into the center of the temple with Hadith’s lead.

“All soldiers, charge! First, locate the magician! Even if you don’t have magical power, if you fail to hold this situation with our current number, don’t you dare call yourself soldiers of the imperial army!”

After shouting that, Hadith felt dizzy. A familiar soldier hurried supported the staggering Hadith.

“Sir Baker, are you alright!?”

Hadith waved his hand, thinking that the tone and the name didn’t match.

“You don’t have to use honorifics. It’s okay. I’m sleep deprived and using magic burdens me.”

“S, sleep deprived… Then, how about resting some?”

“I can’t rest, you’re all a bunch of incompetents.”

He accidentally blurted his true feelings.

“…Moreover, the food isn’t good for digestion. I’ve also missed my medicinal baths…”

“D, do you want to rest?!”

Before Hadith could answer, the other side of the wall exploded. Screams erupted, and some people collapsed.

Hadith clicked his tongue and swung his sword while shouting—

“—Found him! He’s on the wall, currently heading for the roof! Don’t let him escape!”

“Don’t flinch! Let’s surround him!”

“Believe in the baker!”

It was great that they listened to his commands properly, but the last statement came out of nowhere. As they complied, a soldier with a solid physique called out to Hadith.

“Baker!? What happened to you?! Were you attacked by the enemy!?”

“No, it seems like the baker is getting tired. I’m sorry, but we still need you…”

The words of the soldier, who supported Hadith by his shoulder, made him nauseous. A well-built soldier then supported him from the other side.

“Sorry, but please be patient. If you collapse now, it’ll be detrimental to our morale.”

“…Just focus on my instructions. You should be able to find General South, soon.”

“Maybe, but we need you.”

Towards that, Hadith blinked. The soldier spoke while giving him a slight glance.

“It’s a shame that you’re a baker. Why don’t you come to our side?”

“Stop it, this baker is an imperial.”

“That’s right, while we’re anti-imperial… Regardless, you’re a good person.”

It was the first time ever since Hadith was born that he was told that. Perhaps because of that, excuses started flowing from his mouth.

“It’s because the grandma from the bakery was nice to me…”

The grandma, who recognized the signs of battle, held Hadith’s hand in concern. She also gave him some bread to eat. Hadith liked them. Their simple taste was simply something that he couldn’t imitate.

“The townspeople are also worried…”

‘I’m sorry’, ‘thank you’, ‘please’—

—for some reason, as a roaring sound erupted from the temple’s cellar. The soldiers didn’t seem to be the only ones engulfed by the sound.

“Besides, if I were to flee, my wife will surely be disappointed…”

“So, you have a wife! You absolutely have to return, then!”

“It’s alright. Even if it costs me my life, I will guarantee your safe return.”

They’re willing to risk their lives for me?

While being supported by his shoulders, Hadith wondered that.

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