The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

1. The Executed Villainess

Everyone in my surrounding vicinity hated me.

Be it my former family, former friends, or former fiancé…

Moreover, to think such a large execution site was prepared in the square of the royal capital…

…Of course, the purpose was to be expected—they wanted to show the decapitation of a villainess to the public.

Such bad taste…

When I looked down at the excited people, the executioner pushed me to the block.

Apparently, the time for my head to separate from my body had come.

As I pondered such thoughts, I endured aching back. That was when the dirty and ragged clothes I was currently wearing crossed my eyes.

During my final moments, I wanted to at least wear a dress…

Despite thinking such, I smiled with dismay when I saw the lacerations littering my body.

…Well, with such a body, there’s no point in wearing one, I guess.

The moment my smile grew, blood spilled from my cracked lips with a crisp sound and fell to the ground.

Seeing my own blood, I recalled my fiancé’s words—

“—With such an ugly heart, your blood must be black!”

…Unfortunately, it’s still red.

I muttered in my heart that it would have been better if it was pitch black. I climbed the stairs to the decapitation block.

I was short of breath by the time I reached the top. The executioner proceeded to push my shoulders, forcing me to kneel.

A beautiful young man with a light jade hair gradually came to stand before me despite my terrible state.

…The blue eyes he glared at me with were full of hate.

He, His Highness Feld Rolaud, was my ex-fiancé.

He was also the man who sent me to the block after having condemned and imprisoned me.

When I tried to lift my head to stare at him, I noticed the woman standing beside him.

Baroness Mia Abazn, who had pink hair, moved like a fragile creature. Her eyes were round and big.

She, Baroness Abazn, was the cause of my execution.

The moment she saw me, she shrieked and embraced His Highness’ arm.

Towards the actions of Baroness Abazn, I let out a small sigh. His Highness glared at me while hugging Baroness Abazn in a loving manner.

“Even during your last moments, all you can do is antagonize Mia.”

As usual, His Highness was great at making my blood boils. Knowing it was useless to say anything back, I ignored him.

Or, rather, I was no longer in a state where I could even speak anymore.

His Highness smiled when he saw me.

“…Hmm, too scared to talk? It seems that you do fear plunging into the depths of Hell.”

His Highness misunderstood and said so. But, when I ignored his words and only stared at him, Baroness Abazn looked up in tears.

“Feld, Mia’s—it’s all Mia’s fault!!!”

Baroness Abazn acted up once again. At that moment, His Highness kissed her lips.

I had seen the same scene many times before being convicted, I was sick of it.

However, when I thought that might be the last thing I saw before my death, I realized how ridiculous it would be. My mouth inadvertently loosened as my fear diminished.

A person noticed and yelled at me.

“Violet! What are you laughing at!?”

A tall man with the same purple hair and eyes as me, Sagius Samaria, was yelling.

He was my brother.

Aggravated, my brother glared at me while holding his glasses.

Even if I could speak, I wasn’t willing to answer him.

No matter what I said, he’d deem it senseless.

No matter how sensible my explanation would be, I was still the bad person.

He was the same as His Highness.

I didn’t want to see those three anymore, so I decided to look down.

…These three are so eager to see my head fly. They even came up the decapitation block…

How nasty.

Do I even know them?

I tried to look up at His Highness, but lowered my gaze once again.

I was sure back when he was still my fiancé, he was only putting an act.

Standing before me, was the real His Majesty.

…I wondered if I should thank Baroness Abazn for revealing his true nature.

When I tried to look at Baroness Abazn, my hair was yanked, and my neck was fixed to the block.

Fear engulfed me once again.

My entire body trembled.


I’m scared…

This isn’t the same as whipping…

My trembling intensified.

At that moment, His Majesty the King—Dapthen Rolaud, announced to the square.

“The woman standing before us is none other than Violet, the fiancée of the crown prince, His Highness Feld. She attempted to murder Baroness Mia Abazn and the crown prince of the neighboring kingdom using poisons forbidden by the Kingdom of Rolaud. This is considered the greatest betrayal towards us, the royal family. Therefore, the execution of the great sinner, Violet, shall be enacted.”

The moment His Majesty declared that, everyone began to cheer for my execution. My former family members and friends who sat in a distant turned their eyes in contempt.

Thanks to them, my fear gradually transformed into anger.

I glared sharply at everyone—

“—…even though I know nothing…”

The moment I squeezed those words, pain ran around my neck and the ground approached.

To be more precise, it seemed that my head had fallen.

Just before my face hit the ground, my field of vision dimmed.

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