The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

154. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (44)

The anti-air barrier was fierce. The enemy side knew full well their opportunity would end once reinforcements arrived or once the inhabitants escaped.

Listeard went there under the notion of conducting an investigation. As such, he only brought a small number of soldiers. Hence, avoiding the attack was all he could do. Before long, their abilities and stamina began to reach their limits.

A dragon shrieked in the distance. It was a green dragon. The brown and spotted dragons had already fallen.

“Third unit, a dragon has crashed! I’ll go to support them!”

“Don’t crash!”

All that remained were the green dragons. How long would it last? His reins were slippery with sweat. The dragon he rode screamed as if concerned.

“It’s alright, Brynhildr. As long as we’re together, we won’t lose!”

That time, a scream could be heard nearby. A Dragon Knight had fallen from the top of his green dragon due to the impact. To make matters worse, an attack was flying beyond the crash. Brynhildr, who understood Listeard’s slight movements, flew in straight line.

Listeard’s arm reached for the falling Dragon Knight.

However, a ray of magical power flew straight at him. It came too suddenly to avoid it.

Brynhildr can withstand it!

His dragon was a golden eyed, red dragon. As such, it should be able to endure an attack of that level. As he clasped his reins and tried to withstand the shock, a flame flew to intercept the attack.

The flame was released side by side in a platoon. The magical attacks were eliminated, and the vicinity soon became clear.

Reinforcement!? From where…!?

Dragon Knights, in a splendid formation, flew across the sky. The attack stopped for a moment. Listeard was surprised upon seeing their leader.

“Older sister?! How!?”

“What happened to you, Listeard? A magical barrier of such level shouldn’t have hampered you so much!”

Listeard argued with Elynsia who gave an indominable laugh.

“Easy for you to say. That’s a Kratos anti-air barrier.”

“Your point is?”

His older sister, someone who was usually wishy-washy, wouldn’t hesitate when it came to a battlefield.

“You all are working to evacuate the citizens. Vissel’s army will catch up soon, hurry up! I’ll set an example for the chicks within the Dragon Knights!”


When he was about to ask, the magic barrier reactivated.

However, Elynsia gallantly unsheathed her sword. She showed no sign of wavering.

“Dragon Knights of Noitral! Let’s go! Spread out, raise your altitude!”

The dragons spiraled upwards into a crescent-shaped formation. The anti-air spell followed after them through the clouds. The spell naturally became thick and unified.

At the top, Elynsia’s red dragon—Rosa, performed some somersaults. Then, she suddenly flew straight down.

At the very core of the magic barrier, the dragon’s flame, which could burn magical power, was released. Half of the barrier was blown away.

Listeard didn’t foresee any of that happening at all. Listeard, who was amazed, regained his senses.

“Let’s go, leave the rest to them! Assisting the injured and evacuating the citizens are our utmost priorities!”

“W, will that be alright!? Some of the magical barrier is still standing…”

“It’ll be fine!”

His subordinates smiled bitterly at the fiery Listeard. Listeard, who was unknowingly biting his lips, suddenly unraveled along the way.

From now on.

From now on, their empire would surely become stronger. A beautiful magical arrow had fallen from above to promise that.


The girl was crying.

A girl wearing a crown of flowers was crying. She was crying before her shattered love.

The girl wearing the crown of a princess was crying. She was crying from the pain of her love being pierced.

[Who are you? Did you fall for that man again? That callous man who doesn’t know love?]

No, His Majesty said he loves me.

He has changed.

[What about the gold ring? Without that, you won’t be able to fight.]

The ring doesn’t matter. All I care is about helping His Majesty. I promised—

—I promised that I won’t leave him alone.

[I see. Well, love is like that. Don’t give up.]

[Good luck, new me. Your love, albeit a pitiful piece, can’t be thrown away. Please, that man—stand by his side.]

Jill woke up suddenly.

“What… just now…”

Jill woke up while clutching her temple. The rumbling of an earthquake and an explosion returned her to reality.

“Where is it!? The Dragon Princess, sacred—…”

The statue was no longer there. It had disappeared as if nothing had been there from the beginning.

Instead, there was something inside her palm. Jill opened her clenched palm in a hurry.

There was a jewel, one consisting of red and blue gems.


It was pretty. That much was apparent. She could also see that it wasn’t just some ordinary jewel.


“…What do I do!? It’s neither a sword nor a spear, wh, what should I—!?”

Suddenly, the jewel shone. It spread, and its shape began to change. It transformed into a sword, and then a spear, as per according to Jill’s will.

 “A, amazing!! Nothing is impossible, it seems! As expected of the sacred relic!”

Impressed, Jill stood up and leaped to the roof of the temple, which was about to collapse.

Perhaps, the attack was a success. Half of the thin magical barrier, which covered the city, had disappeared.


“Camila, Zeke!?”

“Take my hand!”

Jill floated in the air as she took the hand of her subordinate who was riding a spotted dragon.

“Why are you guys here!? Also, why on a dragon!?”

“Princess Elynsia dragged us here~! It’s an order, she said~!”

“She said that we’ll suffice as a distraction!”

“That’s her plan!?”

The dragon was still flying and evading attacks. An evacuation had started from the place where the barrier had disappeared. The dragons meant for rescue were coming. Hadith, who intercepted the attack that flew towards said direction, was overtaken by another attack, and crashed into the ground.

At the profile of a man who chased after Hadith, Jill narrowed her eyes.

“The Southern King of Kratos…!”

“T, that’s the king of Kratos~?! What is he doing here~?!”

“You two, help the people in the temple. I also left Rho there.”

Within Jill’s hand, the jewel transformed into a bow. The golden bow shone.

“As if I’d let you!”

She shot at her faraway enemy who was about to stab Hadith.

Countless magical arrows fell from the sky before dawn.

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