I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

67. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

It’s raining a bit today.

I, Rururia, sat on the terrace, looking through the glass while in the middle of a meeting.

The former first aid room that had become my temporary residence hadn’t been this stylish.

When I returned from the Frontier, I found many magicians lined up in my room for some reason.

They then completed the glass dome they were assembling and vanished in the blink of an eye.

What the hell was that…?

It’s a complete mystery to me.

Now, three people were sitting, relaxed, in front of me.

I had assembled them today to discuss the serious issues that had happened to me.

My Dragon sat on my lap, awake for once.

“What should we do!? What’s the right move!?”


“So… About your marriage, Ria…”

“Rururia-san is getting married…”

“To think Ria’s getting married…”

The three of them had been kind enough to arrive at my heartfelt plea.

Sara-chan had her typical smiling expression, Irene-sama sat with her hands clasped, looking off like she was daydreaming, and Solan-kun was giving me a doubtful look.

I understand you, Solan-kun.

I’m feeling a lot of doubt myself.

Meanwhile, Sara-chan seemed to be enjoying herself, while Irene-sama was off in a world of her own.

It’s a little odd that it was Solan-kun, the man, that understood me best.

I’m not getting married!

I pled again, but they ignored me and just kept looking at the matchmaking papers.


Please pay attention to me…

“So? Who are you going with?”

“Who… Well, that’s what I wanted your advice on, Sara-sama.”

Sara-chan seemed amused as she played with the Crown Prince’s page.

What? Do you want that one? Go ahead. You can have itOh, I’m sorry, Sara-chan!

“Wow, the school director was in here. What about him? He’s handsome and unexpectedly nice!”

“He’s only nice to you, Irene-sama. Didn’t he propose to you?”

Irene-sama cocked her head as if she didn’t remember.

She doesn’t even remember…

What a sinful woman that Irene-sama was.

“…What… Irene-sama… With him…..”

“Yeah… Yeah! Let’s focus, Solan-kun! We’re here to talk about me right now.”

Solan-kun used magic to snatch the School Director’s page out of Irene’s hands to rip it all up.

That was my paper, though… Ah, whatever.

“It must be tough to choose from one of these, Ria.”

“I know, right!? What should I do…”

Sara-chan smiled at my distress.

Wait, what!? What’s so funny to you!? Why were you being like this, Sara-chan!

“Or maybe, you want someone not here. The Knight Commander, perhaps?”

“Wha… Wha… What… Why would you say that, Sara-san!?”

At my uncontrolled outburst, Sara-chan looked at me with her ancient, dark dragon smile as if she’d caught me in a trap.

Oh, she really does look scary when she does that!

I looked down at the tea in front of me to avoid Sara-chan’s terrifying gaze.

Oh, Your Majesty, why have you put me in this situation!?

It’s not about the Knight Commander!

I don’t care about him… I swear!

I tried to enjoy my tea as I broke out into a cold sweat. Irene-sama just murmured, in turn.

“Oh, Rururia… If only I had a brother, you could have… One of my distant relatives has a son that might just be right… If I adopted him and you married him, we could be family, Rururia…”

“Don’t involve that poor soul in all of this. Knock it off, Irene-sama.”

“…Oh well.”

Irene-sama slumped her shoulders dejectedly.

Thank you anyway, Irene-sama.

I know you’re looking out for me.

But I don’t want you trying to put me into the Duke of Dilaver’s house all of a sudden!?

…We wouldn’t have any space…

I felt like I was losing my life.

I leaned back farther into the sofa as everyone sat silently thinking.

Once again, I felt overwhelmed and defeated. I collapsed slightly.

…Yeah, I know.

It’s like His Majesty had said, as long as I’m an essential asset to the country, I can only choose from within this bundle of papers.

Despite all that, I felt like there was no correct answer here, and I felt so bad about it.

It felt strange to rush to choose a partner and marry them so quickly.

I needed to find some way to overcome this situation!

“…Alright, let’s pick someone.”

I just let it out involuntarily, and the three of them looked stunned before bursting into laughter.

Huh? Perhaps they’ve come up with a resolution to this situation!?

“By the way, Solan-kung, whatever happened to those soybeans you wear working on?”

“Oh, yeah! I’d been looking forward to that!”

“Uhm, well… Uh… I got… They don’t explode anymore…”

Wait… Wait a minute.

“Why would there be explosions involved in breeding plants?”

“Well, I didn’t want it to… I just took a shortcut and…”

“Well, that explains it! For sure!”

Wait, wait, wait.

“Do they taste good, at least? If not, then there’s no point to breeding them?”

“Exactly! So, were the exploding soy beans delicious?”

“I can eat more than before, but they weren’t quite ready for me to give to you yet, Irene-sama.”

Waaait! We’re supposed to talking about the big problems in my life, right!?


“…No, Dragon, just because I stood up doesn’t mean I want to play.”

“…So, you really can communicate with him now.”

Solan-kun murmured with a smirk.

No, no, no!

I can’t communicate with him! I just said I didn’t feel like playing with him… That was all!

The Dragon swung his tail excitedly on the table.

…Hmmm? Dragon… Ah–

“Ah, I got it! It’s because I have a Dragon that people want me!”

I lifted him high and asked seriously.

“Dragon! Hey! Become a dog!”



Everyone looked at me, wanting to know what I had just said.

Relax, everyone…

Just be calm like me.

“If I made him look like a harmless dog instead of a Dragon, then I’ll be on the clear, right!?”

…Huh? Why were they still looking at me like I’m crazy?

Yeah, I guess no one would believe that my Dragon could become a dog! It’s understandable!

“You can go now, Dragon! Since the Heavenly Dragon is a friend now, right!?”

“…She just disclosed some pretty confidential information, right?”

“…Well, you’ll all be careful about all of this, won’t you?”

“A Dragon with human friends… Incredible!”

Well, I just kind of said that… It’s not really true!

Well, Dragon! Just read the room and become a dog for me!

Dog, dog… Dog…

A little puppy dog… With big eyes… A little tail…


The Dragon in my arms let out a loud shout, but did not stop being a Dragon.


I took a closer look at him.


Hmmm, let me think…

Well, he was already small with a bit of tail and squishy round eyes…

“He has too many eyes.”

“He shouldn’t have horns.”

“I have never seen a dog like that.”

“–It’s not a dog! It’s a monster!”

If I tried to take him on a walk, I’d be called a monster’s master!?

…No, no, no, but my Dragon did his best. He’s a similar shape to a dog, so I can make him like a dog if I kept trying. Yeah! Definitely! Let’s go with that!

This would make it seem like I no longer have connections with Dragons, so that this marriage problem would go away… It’s perfect!

I pet my three-eyed, brown scaled Dragon as I thought about the future–

Hm? Brown? Actually, wasn’t he looking a bit black now?


A familiar black sphere floated near the ceiling.

“Ah!? That…”



Solan-kun and Irene-sama rushed toward me, casting magic circles as they did.

Why me again!?

Was the black thing not finished with me yet!?