Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

112. Everything I Want

Just before we hit the ground, I activated my barrier magic.

A soft air enveloped us, nullifying the fall.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

Leticia casually dusted off her clothes.

“We’ve fallen a long way.”

Even if I looked up, I couldn’t see Nigel or Claude.

Looking ahead, it seemed that a long corridor continued. The long, frustrating, stairs had ended.

Something was lying in wait for us—was what I thought.

“For the time being, shall we wait for Nigel and others to reach this place?”

“Do we have time for that?”

Leticia answered my question with a question.

“There is no point in rushing. I am also exhausted from the long staircase. Let us take a break.”


When I sat down on the nearby rubble, Leticia followed suit.

The white thighs, which extended from her short skirt, were dazzling.

Her breasts weren’t completely hidden by her clothes. Her outfit was quite revealing.

It could be said that she had a feminine charm.

I wondered if that was the reason why Claude was attracted to her… Uh-huh. I was quite positive of it.

“…Leticia, what are you going to do?”

“What am I going to do?”

Leticia stared at me dubiously.

“…Why did you decide to come with us? I do not believe I have heard your reason, yet.”

“What? You still can’t trust me?”


Towards my honesty, Leticia laughed bitterly.

“Well, it can’t be helped, especially after everything I did. However, it seems that you already know that I’m a sorcerer.”


“You must think that I’m pretending to be your ally. No wonder you’re suspicious.”

Leticia stretched her legs.

“…I—I’ve always liked His Highness Nigel.”


I was surprised by Leticia’s words.

I refused to say anything more. Perhaps because I wanted to conceal my surprise.

“Hence why, when I heard that you were about to be engaged with His Highness Nigel, my heart turned black. I wanted to destroy everyone.”

“Is that your reason?”

Leticia nodded.

“Now that I think about it, I behaved like a dolt. Even if I did that, His Highness Nigel wouldn’t turn to me, and I would just end up bringing him trouble. My shallow thoughts will only shoo him away.”


“Until now, I’ve always been granted everything I wanted. Money, prestige, men… maybe that’s the reason why.”

“…Are you telling me this so I’d forgive you?”

I was surprised at how sharp my tone was.

But, Leticia only shook her head.

“I don’t want your forgiveness. But… I envy you. Earlier, when you were flirting with His Highness Nigel, Claude looked envious.”

“I, I wasn’t flirting!”

I became embarrassed and involuntarily denied it.

She neither affirmed nor denied my words. Leticia continued her story.

“For some reason, I’m sure that Claude loves you. I thought Claude was the only thing I have, but it seems that I’ve also failed to attain him. Even though I usually got everything I wanted… I’m jealous of you, and I can’t help it…”

Leticia’s expression darkened.

Hmm… I didn’t think expect that from her. Apart from that, I didn’t think Claude loved me. I knew that from the time I was still the saint of this kingdom.

“Also, I’m indebted to you. As such, I’ve been watching you for a while, trying to repay the debt…”

“E, eh!? Could it be, the watching gaze I’ve been feeling lately is yours…!?”


Leticia nodded.

I wondered why she wasn’t being upfront about it… I wondered for a moment—

—well, it was part of her personality, maybe.

She must had been reluctant to honestly say, “I want to be of help.”

“So, you were just trying to repay your debt… well, I do not believe you need to go to such an extent…”

“Well, maybe…”

When I was trying to continue my words.

“…! Leticia, look out!”

I felt an imminent danger and stood up immediately.

A white haze was charging towards us from the front.

I didn’t feel it being created in the slightest…

“Is that… a curse?”

“It must be.”

Leticia also stood up and stared at the white haze.

The white haze—the curse—took a bird-like shape and attacked us.

…! I had to purify the curse!

No, wait, I wouldn’t make it in time…!?

Even so, I tried to counter the curse by extending my hand forward.


Leticia was one step ahead.

She also extended her hand forward. Then, a black aura swirled from her palm and engulfed the white haze.

The black aura vanished along with the white haze.

“When it comes to curses, I’m second to none.”

Leticia waved her hand.

“Leticia, just now…”

“I just countered the curse with a curse. Even so, it was quite the strong curse… it’s an ancient grudge… there seems to be an ancient being who has a massive grudge, to the point it manifested long later in the future.”

Leticia concluded.

As a sorcerer, Leticia could counter a curse with a curse. 

As I thought, we had to stay on guard.

“Someone who bore a grudge, could it be our enemy?”

“I’m not quite sure. I mean, it’s not the same as an offensive spell. It’s a curse that overflows from one’s body. Not just anyone can do that. But… for someone like the Demon King, it might be possible.”

“Then, as I thought…”

The Demon King was sealed in that place.

I arrived at that conclusion.

“I would like for Nigel and Claude to reach us soon—oh…”

I saw two figures going down the stairs and heading towards us.

They were Nigel and Claude.

“Great, now we can move forward.”

Nigel and Clause had caught up to us.


Leticia grabbed my arm, and swiftly pulled asie.

“I always get everything I want! I won’t give up on that! But, I won’t resort to treachery anymore! I will fight you in a straightforward manner! I will fight this reality! Never forget that!”

It was a one-sided declaration of war.

After Leticia said that, she blushed. She was probably embarrassed.

“Yes. I will accept your proposition and fight. I will not let go of those who are precious to me.”

But, Leticia, you already have one of the things you want, right?

Claude’s eyes were on Leticia instead of me…

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