Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

58. The Homes of Aristocrats and One’s Parents are Challenging (10)

“By the way.”

“W, what is it?”

“I heard that during my trip, you went to Count Astel’s workshop.”

“I want to see how they made dresses…”

Actually, it was just an excuse for her to see Elena out of worry for her, but Gaizel didn’t know that. He turned his eyes towards Tistye. The fleeing voice of his heart could be heard.

[“Isn’t Count Astel single? However, there should be nothing for me to worry about. Anyway, why didn’t she say a word? She could’ve invited me to go with her…?”]

His Majesty sound’s lonely…

She felt a mixture of remorse and adoration. Tistye involuntarily smiled.

When Gaizel saw that, his gaze sharpened. He suddenly put a lot of strength into his arms.

“L, Lord Gaizel!?”

“What are you laughing at?”

“I, I’m not laughing!”

Gaizel’s eyes narrowed as Tistye’s face reddened. Eventually, he closed his eyes, lifted up Tistye’s chin, and landed a kiss on her lips.


At first, it was long. Then, after a slight separation, he pressed on to her slightly parted lips. His tongue peeked into Tistye’s mouth for a warm touch. Then, their tongues were intertwined.

—!? —!?

Tistye desperately yearned for oxygen, it was as if she had forgotten how to breath. As he breathed through her slightly open mouth, Gaizel released a melting, hot, breath.

The break was soon over and Tistye was suppressed by Gaizel’s thick chest and lips. Then, Gaizel finally got up. With a tearful gaze and a flushed face, Tistye gazed at Gaizel as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand in satisfaction.

“L, Lord Gaizel, that was painful…”

“It’s a punishment.”

Gaizel laughed and embraced Tistye once again.

Tistye, who saw that Gaizel was in a good mood, pulled his bangs in rebellion.


Gaizel’s expression suddenly turned cold.

As Tistye grew worried, wondering if he was angry, the murderous voice of Gaizel’s heart echoed.

[“I can’t… she’s cute no matter what she does… it’s impossible for me… At this rate, should I order for her dress to be reworked?”]

W, what does he mean??? The dress needs to be reworked???

In that moment, she pictured their wedding ceremony. She also noticed that whenever Gaizel was in a dilemma, his expression would turn flat.

That may be the reason he always showed such scary expressions during regular meetings.

Gaizel finally smiled at Tistye who regretted her action.

His calm, saint-like smile, was also unusual—Tistye, who witnessed that smile for the first time, was terrified. His beautiful lips uttered life-threatening words.

“What happened? Are you unsatisfied?”

“No! No, that’s not the case, Your Majesty—!!!”

“It’s ‘Gaizel.’”

After that usual line, only a fleeting scream from Tistye could be heard from the master bedroom.

A few days later, the chief of the ceremony reported that the tiara was completed.

“This work really is wonderful. The craftsmen declared that it’s their best finish ever.”

“Is that true? I’m really looking forward to it.”

Originally, it was supposed to immediately be brought to Tistye’s hands. But due to the fact that the processing place was in a distant city, and that there was a slight delay in the dressing process, the tiara had been delivered to Count Astel’s workshop first.

That’s right, Luka said he wants to match the tiara with other accessories…

The dress had to be completed before the day of the ceremony was decided. Levi might be lonely, but she could meet her lover another day.

Tistye agreed and just said thank you.

“—The tiara was stolen!?”

However, that day, she was suddenly summoned to the drawing room. Upon arriving, Tisyte repeated the words of the chief of the ceremony.

According to the chief, a thief entered Count Astel’s workshop. They took advantage of the opportunity to steal the tiara while it wasn’t in the safe and was being used as a reference. He didn’t any cash or other jewels—only the tiara.

Luka stood next to the chief of the ceremony. He was devastated.

“I’m truly sorry… For such a blunder to happen right under our nose…”

Tistye shook her head at Luka. He sounded ready to give up upon his life.

“More importantly, were you hurt?”

“…No. Fortunately, the other craftsmen are also safe. My sister was also in a separate room.”

“That’s a relief…”

A blessing in disguise—as Tistye called it.

Tistye rubbed her chest in relief for the time being. However, she soon became worried. Wouldn’t the absence of the tiara, which played an important role in the ceremony, jeopardize her wedding?

I don’t mind having to use a substitute, but the prestige of the kingdom is at stake…

Luka and the others might also get acquitted.

Even if no one was injured, if the incident became public, the trust and achievements Luka and the others had build would be destroyed. As a result, the craftsmen who worked in the workshop, even Elena’s hope, would be lost.

Even though she’s been doing her best… this is just…

The chief of the ceremony’s expression was especially fierce. He kept raising and lowering his fluffy eyebrows, perhaps because he was in shock. While clenching his fist, he affirmed.

“It’s alright, Your Majesty the Empress. The knights are investigating the incident. We shall find the culprit right away!”

“A, alright…”

Tistye had no choice but to pray for the tiara to be found soon.

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