The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

145. The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon (35)

Elynsia frowned at Natalie’s sudden proposal.

“I honestly wantto do the same—but that would mean leaving all of you here.”

“We’ll be alright—right, Frida?”

Frida nodded.

“I’ll be alright. After all, older sister Jill has given me charms…”

“Oi, the thing she’s holding, isn’t that Hadd—”

“Pretend that you didn’t see anything, Zeke~! We haven’t seen anything~!”

Ignoring the noisy knights of the Dragon Princess, Natalie looked up at Elynsia.

“It’ll be more annoying if that pair of siblings were to start a quarrel there. They are both stupid and refuse to relent to each other.”

“…That’s right. Will they even hear what I have to say?”

“You can resort to violence to stop them, if needed. After all, you’re the oldest, elder sister Elynsia.”

Their half-sister, whom was kind and compassionate to everyone, was actually strong. At the very least, Listeard and Vissel would take her seriously.

Towards the radical remark made by her half-sister, Elynsia looked down at her palm. She closed and opened it.

“That’s right… maybe that’s where I’m lacking.”

“Precisely. Just remember, you’re doing it for us.”

When Natalie held her hand, Elynsia laughed.

“Okay, but due to Hadith’s command, the dragons refuse to fly. How am I going to get there?”

“It shouldn’t be so complicated. I doubt the lower ranked dragons would adhere such a command—remembering the name of a place is too complicated for them. As such, Hadith can’t command them not to fly to Radea. Moreover, there’s a loophole… the dragons from Noitral can still be utilized… can you tell me about their behavior?”

While blinking, Elynsia answered.

“If it’s the dragons of the knights, they flee the building whenever a knight tries to ride them.”

“What about the cargo-transport dragons used by the merchants in the imperial capital?”

“They can still fly. But, whenever they see a Dragon Knight, or the imperial army, they escape…”

“Which means, they refuse to let knighst ride them… but, is that it?”

Camila, one of the Dragon Princess’ knights, suddenly looked up.

“But, the messenger from Noitral, who is also a Dragon Knight, can ride his dragon just fine, right~?”

“Now that I think about it…”

“The military uniform of Noitral is different, right? Does that mean the dragons are only avoiding those dressed in the imperial army uniform?”

“But, the dragons also fled from me and the others, and we weren’t wearing the imperial uniform. Many of the soldiers brought by Vissel also don’t have uniforms, yet either.”

Natalie agreed with Elynsia’s point. Even though it was a military uniform, there was a small difference in design depending on the size and position. There were no way low-ranking dragons could remember such trivial details.

We must’ve overlooked something else…

Natalie contasted the appearances of Elynsia and the knights of the Dragon Princess. There was barely any difference between them. However—she soon noticed something.

“…The armband! It’s the coat of arms of the imperial army!”

The armband and the military flag had the same dragon design. Elynsia, Zeke, and Camilla all wore armbands with said design on their left arms. The soldiers brought by Vissel, whom hadn’t yet been provided with uniforms, also wore the same armbands.

“If it’s only an armband, even lower-ranking dragons can memorize them. ‘Don’t fly with a human wearing that armband.’—was probably the order.”

“Which mean, without this armband, we can utilize the dragons. Let’s try it right away. Let’s go, Camila, Zeke.”

“We, we’re coming too~?! B, but, I can’t ride a dragon yet, I can’t~!”

“It’s field training! It’s simple, just think that you’ll fly if you don’t learn how to ride them—that way, you’ll be able to ride a dragon, for sure!”

“Did you hear yourself!?”

“Without her knights, the Dragon Princess will surely lose her credibility in Radea!”

Elynsia grabbed Zeke and Camilla by their collars and mercilessly dragged them. Once their half-sister decided upon something, she’d act immediately.

Suddenly, said half-sister stopped.

“Thank you, Natalie, Frida. I’m going, leave the rest to me.”

After seeing the expression of their half-sister, Frida and Natalie replied with smiles.

“You’re welcome. We’ll also take care of the rest.”

“Please… be safe, everyone.”

“Of course.”

After exchanging such dependable words, their half-sister disappeared into the depths of the castle while dragging the two screaming knights. After sighing softly, Natalie remembered her terrible appearance.

“I have to take a bath and change my clothes. Otherwise, no one will believe I’m a princess.”

“Older sister Natalie, did something good happen?”

Frida, who held Natalie’s hand, asked. Natalie frowned.

“Nothing at all. You’re overthinking things. …However, indeed, I feel a little more confident. I feel like I can do it—the role of a princess, I mean.”

Frida’s eyes went round as she muttered.

“…I see, older sister is wonderful.”

“Thank you. Then, I have to do what I can. I have to build a strong foundation so that I can have a tea party with the Dragon Princess once she returns.”

Frida beamed and nodded.

“By the way, what are these ‘charms’ you mentioned?”

“Umm… a stuffed teddy bear and a chicken…”

“What’s that? That Dragon Princess is truly incomprehensible…”

I have to help them.

I have to help the Dragon Princess and my brothers.

While holding the hand of her little sister, Natalie started walking with a prideful gait.


“I heard that the imperial army were elites… who would’ve thought the temple would fall so easily.”

The man muttered while casually walking through a stone hall.

It was a small temple. It was well maintained, but the structure wasn’t so gorgeous. A number of stone pillars supported the high ceiling, but that was it. It was said that there were usually no guards, let alone priests and shrine maidens. The man wondered what the imperial army was preoccupied with at the time they had arrived.

The corpses and blood of the imperial army dyed the shabby floor.

“Indeed, Lord Rufus. We’ve been preparing for this day.”

A hunchbacked man appeared from behind the man. His tone was nasty. Rufus didn’t remember the name of the hunchbacked man. However, that man should be the aid of the Grand Duke of Radea. A traitor looking for an opportunity to flee to Kratos in exchange for the Dragon Princess’ sacred relic.

…How repulsive.

I’ll just kill him.

The moment Rufus decided so, he moved his right arm. The hunchbacked man’s face, which was still grinning, was cleanly cut in half. The man fell and rolled on the floor.

The soldiers, whom were brought in, didn’t look at the traitor, but only asked what was necessary.

“The flag of Radea, one marked with a cross, has been raised. What should we do next?”

“Shouldn’t it be obvious? We shall wait for Ms. Dragon Princess—or, even better yet, the Dragon Emperor.”

“There’s information that the imperial army led by the crown prince is also on the way. What should we do when they arrive?”

“If I get tired of waiting, I will just go home. All that matter is that the uprising of the Rave Empire has been staged—surely, my excellent son won’t get angry. Oh, right, I will leave the small fry to you.”

The man who arrived at the altar without glancing at the corpses sat down on what appeared to be a pulpit, and smiled.

“In the first place, that child just won’t do. It isn’t like they can keep the identity of the Dragon Princess a secret forever.”

“Is that so?”

“I’m here to confirm exactly that. Well, at worst, we can just start a war here. It’s going to be difficult for my son, but it’s been decided that it’s his job to wipe his father’s ass.”

As it always had been.

The man laughed while the hooded magicians knelt.

“As you wish, Your Majesty the King—Rufus De Kratos.”

“I’m in incognito right now. Just call me the Southern King.”

Crossing his long legs, the man played with his gold bangs as he looked up at the ceiling.

That empire was governed by Rave, the Dragon God of reason and the sky.

The man smiled, wearing a costume of the color he stole from the sky.

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