Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

57. The Homes of Aristocrats and One’s Parents are Challenging (9)

That night, Tistye was reading a book in the master bedroom. Gaizel, whom had been on a trip until yesterday, had returned. It had been a long time ever since husband and wife had slept together.

While Gaizel was taking off his coat, Tistye was invested in the book. Eventually, she closed the book with a thump.

“As I thought, is it impossible for a noble lady to work?”

“What’s with that sudden question?”

Gaizel sat down on the edge of the bed and gazed at Tistye who was strangely furrowing her eyebrows. For someone whom was about to go to bed, Tistye looked haggard.

“No, I mean… even if you do the same job, the impression will change just because of a difference in gender. I’m wondering if we can somehow change that mindset…”

“That’s true. Let alone aristocrats, there are many who are willing to work…”


In her home country, Lacie, a small kingdom, many aristocrats worked. If she wasn’t wrong, her older sisters, whom were royalty, were scouted to become models.

It wasn’t just in Lacie. In Isiris, all the women were working. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to survive the harsh winters.

Is it because Verscia is a rich kingdom…?

Of course, as according to the idiom, ‘the right person in the right place,’ there were things that just wouldn’t work. However, Elena’s talent shouldn’t be dismissed just because she was a woman.

Gaizel lightly tilted his head, perhaps sensing that Tistye was concerned about something.

“Do you want to work?”

“N, no! I’ll do my best to be a good queen! I just wish that people can work more freely, whether they are an aristocrat or a woman…”

Gaizel then crossed his legs and put his hand over his mouth as if contemplating something.

“I was thinking about that, too.”


“Until now, as long as the military service improves, our territory will continue to expand. But if I am to proceed with my policies, the number of aristocrats who won’t able to continue surviving with just the income of the rent will increase.”

If territories didn’t expand, they wouldn’t be able to earn new income. However, with each passing generation, the land was divided due to inheritance.

Of course, there was a way to make it so that only the eldest son would receive the inheritance, but it wasn’t without risk.

“To make up for that, I want to develop the domestic economy and start businesses. Ideally, the dukes should be the first to test the out. Of course, this only applies those who don’t want to let go of their stability.”

“It’s difficult to start something new…”

“Indeed. I have to think about where the royal palace will be steering towards in the future.”

According to Gaizel, the current royal palace was run by influential aristocrats from each region. There were cases where the house directly went to the head of the family, or to the second or the third son. However, there were only men, no women.

Tistye replied.

“…Is it alright for women to get involved in politics…?”

“It’s true that many people aren’t happy because politics has been solely organized by men, but I think that regardless of gender, the door should be open to those with the talent.”

In the words of Gaizel, Tistye thought of Verscia from the distant future.

Industry would be more prosperous than it was now, trade would be progressing, and men and women were working on equal ground. The city was livelier. Some women worked in the royal palace. They’d seek value in each other’s culture and technology, and not territorial scrambles or the rights to plunder.

A peaceful world without conflict—inside such a world, Tistye could picture Elena smiling happily.

If the kingdom changes, I wonder if Elena will be able to make dresses using her own name as a brand…

However, Tistye’s shoulders immediately dropped. It wasn’t that she wasn’t supportive or hopeful of Gaizel’s vision of the future.

However, it’d probably take a long time to achieve that. Many collaborators, and also the people’s understanding, were needed. How much support could Gaizel get by appealing to the current Verscian aristocracy? Gaizel’s vision was ahead of his time.

Tistye was disheartened when she realized it’d take some time to get rid of the principles and concepts that had permeated society.

Gaizel gently put his hand on top of her head, perhaps noticing Tistye’s gloominess. He caressed her head as if comforting her.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to tell you such a disheartening story.”

“No, I want to hear more! Going forward, what does Your Majesty want to do?”

“You have changed…”

Gaizel, who smiled again, slowly stood up, turned over the blanket, and slid his body next to Tistye.

As soon as Gaizel’s body temperature approached her, Tistye casually hid her face with her book. However, as if to say it was an obstacle, Gaizel pulled the book away. Tistye lost her means of defense.

Gaizel embraced her. As usual, Tistye fit snugly in Gaizel’s arms. She wanted to get used to that position, but she got nervous whenever she saw his beauty.

I, if I were to look over his back, I won’t have to look directly at His Majesty’s face.

Full of love, Gaizel caressed her fluffy hair. But soon, he stared into her, and spoke.

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