Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

42. Hyahou!

“…In conclusion, I know nothing about that [Fairy All Seed] thing and have no memory of attacking the two of you in the park.”

While we are introducing ourselves, I finally establish my claims of innocence. Currently, we are in a café across from a subway station gate along the main street. Since we were just standing around talking, I searched around for a place where we could talk privately, and we ended up coming here.

“That’s right—! Goshujin-sama was nervously waiting, wondering if he was going to get confessed to the entire time!  He definitely didn’t send you two letters calling you to the park!”
“U-Urd! Don’t say more than necessary!”

Even if I thought I was going to get confessed to, she didn’t have to announce that I was nervous like that. You chatter-box of fairy, you can go without a snack today.

“Sanda is also telling me that he isn’t lying, desu.” (Owl)
“Then, the person who attacked us in the park was a different person. Seem like at least that much is true.” (Uruna)

Oh! Looks like they believe me thanks to my explanation.

“Truly, please accept my humblest apology!” (Uruna)
“Please accept my humblest apology, desu!” (Owl)

From that, an apology festival commences.

With an incredible amount of spirit, the 2 girls lower their heads to a high school boy.No one is watching, but the sight is incredibly picturesque.

“If you understand your mistake, then everything is fine. So, raise your heads.”
“No, we were going to seriously injure you because of our mistake. Somehow, please let us apologize for it.” (Uruna)
“That’s right, desu. This is our responsibility, desu. We wish to properly apologize, desu.” (Owl)
“You want to apologize…”

Ah! In that case, couldn’t I have them teach me about various topics like techniques and fairies? This isn’t information I can just casually look up after all.

“Then, as an apology, would you mind telling me about various things? Like about fairies and that barrier technique. As a freelance practitioner, I don’t get many opportunities to speak with other practitioners like this.”

I’ve heard from Kuro before that there are freelance practitioners who are independent from organizations. Knowing this, I’ll pass myself off as one for this conversation. Although in truth, I don’t belong to any groups, so it’s not wrong.

“That’s totally acceptable. I’ll start by telling you about the barrier. My [Mist Illusion Barrier] possesses the effects of repelling people and concealing those within its boundaries. As such, if you use it on a small scale, you can also do this. As our voices can no longer be overheard, we can talk freely.”

The class representative’s imouto, Uruna-chan,explains as I watch a mist like barrier envelop our section of the café. This [Mist Illusion Barrier] is the same as what was used during our battle earlier.

 Uruna-chan’s barrier technique really is incredible. If I place one around my desk, I might be able to create a private space. How convenient. I’m going to try it the next time I need to study.

“Next is about spirit artists, but… Kousuke-san, aren’t you also a spirit artist?” (Uruna)
“I probably am but seeing as I met Urd the day before yesterday, I don’t really get what ‘spirit techniques’ are.”
“The day before yesterday!?” (Uruna)
“Then, you just made a contract with a spirit-san you met the day before yesterday, desu!?” (Owl)
“Well, something like that.”

I did properly make a contract just earlier.

“Tha- that’s incredible, desu. Being able to use such a variety of techniques after having just signed a contract is unheard of, desu.” (Owl)
“I have never seen such a beautiful barrier or stone golems like those before. Even though I don’t understand the technique, they must be highly advanced ones! Your technique for usurping Owl’s [Greatest Golden Giant Soldier (Greatest Gauguin)] was just as incredible!” (Uruna)

So they’re called golems…
My stone pavement puppets were created through a special ability while the shiny, gold, giant was operated by Near, but they seems to have gone off and misunderstood it all being the result of my techniques. However, talking about Near would be complicated and Kuro advised me not to say anything about being able to use [special abilities] and [techniques], so I’ll just go along with they said.

“Unfortunately, the power is too high. I still can’t control it well.”
“That can’t be helped, desu. Since spirit arts utilize the mana found in nature, the power increases on a massive scale, desu.” (Owl)
“When the contracted spirit is that powerful, control will also be proportionately difficult.” (Uruna)

“A powerful spirit?”

I look at Urd who is messing around with the three different colored spheres of light. Unable to do able to do anything against her, they seem to have been forced into massaging her shoulders and limbs.

Goshujin-sama, what’s the matter?”
“No, it’s nothing. That said, enough with ordering around those spheres of light.”

A fairy this pompous and talkative is powerful? I didn’t mishear, right?

With such a thought in mind, I turn back to the 2. Their mouths are opening and closing from shock.

“What’s wrong?”
“No, it’s just you really are contracted with this spirit.” (Uruna)
“Ho- how surprising, desu. This is my first time seeing a practitioner able to quarrel with a spirit this powerful as equals, desu. It’s incredible, desu.” (Owl)

They’re shocked because I can quarrel with Urd as an equal? I don’t think they need to be so respectful to this chatter box fairy though……

Goshujin-sama, are you thinking something rude?”
“No, I only thought that Urd is a brilliant fairy.”

As expected from a fairy. She quite sharp.

“Speaking of which, in the first place, what’s the difference between [fairy] and [spirit]? I don’t even know that much…”

I’m calling Urd a fairy, but during our casual conversation, I noticed that the 2 of them are oddly refering to her as a spirit.

“Simply put, fairies and spirits differ in positions of rank. Fairies who have lived many years elevate into spirits. Furthermore, it is said that after a long period of time, they then elevate into great spirits.” (Uruna)
“As a way of distinguishing them, the [fairies] we have contracted with, Guran, Sanda, and Dine-chan, have spheres of light as their appearance. If they assume distinguished guises such as humans or animals, you can consider them [spirits], desu.  Nearly all spirit artists contract with fairies. Spirit artists contracted with spirits are rare, desu.” (Owl)
“I see.”

So then, Urd is not a [fairy] but a [spirit]. I didn’t know.

“Rather, having contracted with such a powerful spirit exceeds the boundary of rare. Where did you happen to meet Urd-san?” (Uruna)
“Even if you ask where, she was born in the garden of my house. I suppose that was the time we met.”
““Born?” desu?”

The 2 tilt their heads while repeating a question back to me.

“A stranger gave me a seed about the size of a child’s fist. When I touched it, Urd was born.”
““Bo- born from a seed!?””
“Ye- yeah.”

I guess that’s unusual? No, spirits are rare in of themselves.

“That’s…” (Uruna)
“Probably, there is no doubt, desu…” (Owl)

The two exchange glances before focusing their gazes my way.
What could have happened?

“Yuuki-san, perhaps, that seed Urd-san was born from…” (Uruna)
“It is the [Fairy All Seed] we are searching for, desu.” (Owl)

Upon hearing that, the mysterious seed Urd was born from and the characteristics of the [Fairy All Seed] are perfectly linked.  It makes sense. The [Fairy All Seed] is the object from which fairies are born.

“With that said, looks like the [Fairy All Seed] is already no longer in existence, desu…” (Owl)

According to the details, the [Fairy All Seed] seems to be a valued treasure of the magic organization Owl-chan belongs to, one of immeasurable value.

I glance to the side at Urd. She is passing the time using water from a glass cup to draw a picture.

Goshujin-sama, what’s wrong?”
“No, your drawing is surprisingly good. Is that Near?”
“It is! Eh hehe—, it looks just like him!”

Yep, it resembles… Hold up! That’s not the issue here!
I was casually escaping from reality.

Afterwards, upon apologizing to Owl-chan… No, to Owl-san as best as I can, she forgives me on the condition of being periodically provided with reports about Urd’s condition. Apparently, this is the first time a [spirit] was born from a [Fairy All Seed] and she wants to know how she’ll develop from now on.

If doing something like that will get me her forgiveness, then I’ll report as much as she wants.  Dang, I’m seriously relieved… just what would I have done if I was asked for an outrageous sum as reparation?

“The true criminal who stole the [Fairy All Seed] still hasn’t been caught. Our disastrous encounter was probably a trap of theirs.” (Uruna)
“There is a high possibility that Yuuki-san will be targeted from now on, desu. I want you to be careful, desu.” (Owl)
“Got it, I’ll be careful.”

Afterwards, for the sake of keeping them informed about Urd, I exchange my contact information with the 2 of them.

Goshujin-sama, your upper lip is growing~ 1
“It is not growing!”

It’s just that being able to exchange contact information with 2 beautiful girls made me a bit happy. Something like my upper lip growing was never my intention.

Urd won’t be getting a snack tomorrow.

“There might still be clues laying around, so we’ll be going.” (Uruna)
“We’ll contact you if we learn anything, desu!” (Owl)

With those parting words, the 2 leave. They are going to search for the criminal a bit longer. They will be looking around the meeting point in the park and the escape route once more.

“I hope we can meet again—” (Urd)
Considering that the middle school area is a separate building, the probability of meeting is low.” (Near)
“That’s true. Although, as long as there’s a connection, we might meet again.”

Urd, Near, and I return home while making idle talk with each other.

—Long time no see noble diamond—

“Chrome, what the heck were you 2 doing?”
“It’s inexcusable, de gozaru. The boy Io-dono found is an outrageous spiritual artist. There weren’t any opportunities for me to cut in, de gozaru.”

Within the room of a luxury hotel adjacent to the Sapporo station, Chrome is bowing his head to Io.

“Well, it’s fine, not like you’re a combat designated practitioner. When it comes to fighting on stage, Ferm and I will go out.”
“No, excuse me for having you pick up my work, de gozaru.”
“You will properly be taking responsibility after the mission.”

Chrome trembles as he backs away from Io’s magic infused scolding.

“Well then, Chrome, you will infiltrate the school and gather information. Got it?”
“I- I understand, de gozaru.”
“I, along with Ferm, will be looking for an opportunity. Ferm, got that?”

Io directs her voice to a corner of the room. Standing there is a girl wearing a black robe.


The girl in the black robe replies with a single word. Afterwards, she quietly polishes her magical power.

—Except, a noble diamond has never appeared for us—

The next day.

Today, an assembly is being held in the gymnasium for the [recreation accommodation]. I didn’t know this due to having entered this school through the entry examination, but the recreation accommodation isn’t just for 1st year high school students. Apparently, 3rd year middle schoolers will also be assigned into every team. Looks like we will be passing this 2 night 3 day event while connecting with our middle school juniors.

Oh! They’re here, they’re here.”
Takigawa looks at the gymnasium entrance with an expression full of excitement.

I look and see our junior middle schoolers entering one after the other.

“E1 is over he-re!  Here, here!”
With Takigawa’s cry starting everyone off, the other groups also shout out their team names to the middle schoolers.

Our high school has five class ranging from A to E with each class containing about 40 students. As each team consists of 5 people, there are 8 team per class. Incidentally, we are the 1st team of class E. As such, our team name became E1.

Oh! Looks like the middle schoolers are starting to move!”

Just as Aihara-san says, the middle schoolers are starting to search for their groups. Apparently, the high school group they will join was determined by a lottery. They search while looking at the lottery slips they drew earlier.

“Ai-chan is quite excited too.”
“That’s cause wondering which child will come is fun!”

Aihara-san and the class representative have a cheerful conversation from beside me.
Certainly, there is fun in wondering what kind of child will come.

“Who in the world are those 2 girls? They’re seriously beautiful…”
“They’re cute!”
“Incredible, they look like idols!”

Out of the group, there are two beautiful girls drawing everyone’s attention in particular. The 1 with the pretty, short blond hair has a well arranged face reminiscent of a doll’s. The other 1 has her shoulder length, black hair tied behind herself in a ponytail. Or rather, they’re Owl-chan and Uruna-chan.

Those 2 were 3rd year middle schoolers?

“Te-am A3!”
“Team C5, over he-re!”
“Team D2, that’s us-!”

At the same time those 2 appear, the tension spikes among the high school boys. While the teams who already found their members are quiet, those who still haven’t found theirs are franticly crying out from anticipating that the two will join them.

“What team is this?” (Uruna)
“We are team B6!”
“Really now? We were mistaken, excuse us.” (Uruna)
“Oh, alright…”

The moment a team finds out it isn’t them, the raging boys deflate. It happens one after another.

Ahre? Somehow, I get the feeling I’ve seen a scene like this before.

“Takigawa, aren’t you going to try calling out to those 2 girls?”
Ishida takes note that the boys are all focused on the 2 and passes such a question to Takigawa as if to tease him.

“Not in particular. In our group we have Mizukami-san and Aihara-san, the most popular girls in our year. Asking for more would inviting punishment…”

Ishida and I are astonished at the impossible from Takigawa’s answer. Normally, he’d charge ahead while crying out, “I’d go even if you didn’t say anything! Hyahou!”  He’s being frightfully humble today.

This guy, is he actually Takigawa!?

“Not! I’d go even if you didn’t say anything! Hyahou!”

He’s actually him.

“E1 he-re! Te-am E1!”
Takigawa charges ahead and pushes aside the boys flocked around the 2 girls while shouting out our team name.

“Ah, he’s coming back…!?”

Ishida and I are even more astonished at what is unveiled behind the returning Takigawa. Just how?  Both Owl-chan and Uruna-chan following Takigawa.

“They’re both with us, team E1”

All of the surrounding boys, straining their ears to hear Takigawa, droop their heads at his words. Takigawa himself, accompanied by 2 beautiful girls while pushing aside those boy, comes off as divine.

Ah, onee-chan! And Yuuki-san!?” (Uruna)
“Yuuki-san is also in team E1, desu!?  I’m relieved there are people I know here!” (Owl)

The moment our eyes meet, the 2 leave Takigawa and rush up to me.
The surrounding guys glare at me while shedding tears of blood. This is completely déjà vu.

“In the end, it’s Kousuke!?
Leaving those words behind, Takigawa kicks me in the shin and runs off somewhere.

That hurt.

T/N: Please thank Hisya for this chapter~

The addition of middle schoolers into the groups doesn’t make sense.  The high school groups are made of 5 people while the added middle school groups consist of 2-3 people.  If one middle schooler group is added to each high school group, wouldn’t that mean there is an average of 50% less 3rd year middle schoolers compared to 1st year high schoolers?  Or is the difference in amount made up each year by bringing in new students from the outside.

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  1. A Japanese expression were a person’s expression/face loosens when talking to girl.
  2. Io keeps referring to Chrom first by his name, the by calling him you/anata, “Chrome, anata…”. My guess, it’s to show that she is a foreigner and isn’t used to speaking proper Japanese, or flat out isn’t speaking Japanese.