The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

2.5 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter

That was to be the turning point. I put a lot of effort in my deliverance.

“I mean, think about it. Our territory might be a good place to sell hair tonic and build a beauty salon. However, the medical facilities in our territory are poor. Even if we want the aristocrats to become our customers, our territory is just not convincing. We won’t be able to persuade them to buy the product.”

“I, is that so?”

Father tilted his head.

“I never knew our circumstances were that bad.”

“They’re not just bad. Certainly, there are other territories around us. However, if we are to count from the bottom, we’ll be able to get a clearer picture. If the lords under us are unhealthy while we ourselves are, would succeeding with our venture even be possible?”

I was desperate. I was so desperate to persuade my parents, I stared straight at them.

“I want mother and father to be healthier—both physically and mentally. I want the two of you to live longer. Until our dying breath, we are lords. As such, it is only expected of us that we bestow what we have upon our people—be it money or health. Except, father and mother do not know the sort of medical system desired by the people in the territory want, correct? Kyle is the most familiar with that at the moment.”

It was almost time for Kyle and Sasha to carry on with our legacy. Part of that was because Kyle was planning my downfall while the rest was my own fault.

“For the sake of our business, why don’t we just give Kyle authority regarding the medical facilities? Because of the severe restrictions being imposed upon him, he has collapsed with an illness. He’s doing his best, to the point of collapsing. Believe in your son more.”

Father and mother stared at each other, then kept silent for a while.

It had been a week since Kyle collapsed. I breathed violently through my nose while drinking the tea Liz brewed tea in the room.

“Even so, I wonder if Sasha has a cold.”

Kyle’s cold was very persistent. It took him three days just to be able to get up. According to the doctor’s diagnostic, Kyle’s cold stemmed from a combination of fatigue and overexertion. When I heard that, I felt so guilty the back of my nose became hot.

The quality of the stone soap here was different from that of my previous life. The water supply facilities were also poor, but I gave a lecture to everyone in the mansion on the correct method of hand-washing and distributed handmade mask to the maids who cared for Kyle.

Thanks to that, an explosion of virus within the mansion was prevented. However, after being called out by me, Sasha collapsed. It turned out that I couldn’t prevent everyone from contracting the illness.

“…Even the viruses and fungi know how to target a beautiful woman. Still, Sasha is resilient. Even if she has a mild fever, she should be able to recover soon.”

“Stepsister, can I have a moment?”

There was a knocking sound, and Kyle’s voice echoed. When I answered, “Alright.” The door was slowly opened.

“Like I said already, it’s cold. You’re also allowing the dust to get in. Just enter quickly.”

Kyle hesitated and twisted his bangs. His expression turned bashful.

“I shall return to the territory once again.”

“I see. By the way, isn’t that a good coat? Not only is it warm, it also makes you look a lot more mature.”

“Indeed.” Kyle smiled lightly. “For some reason, mother suddenly gave me this. The one I had been using was a hand-me-down. She said that this will suit me better.”

“Well, what a surprise.”

“Also, father suddenly told me to build some new medical facilities in the territory. Building them from scratches would take time, so I decided to use the old mansion and villa. Everything seems to be up to me.”

“Hmm, maybe they’re being whimsical.”

“I have to stockpile the medicine so that the doctors will immediately have them on hand. I will need to go back and forth between the territory and the royal capital for a while. I also have to return for the lottery ticket sales, and to host a second sale if everyone is looking forward to one.”

Kyle put his hand on my forehead, and gazed at me. Even though we were in such close proximity, it was as if he was staring at someone far away.

“…Which reminds me, maybe, or maybe not, did stepsister perhaps kissed me?”

“Huh? What foolish things are you spouting? Why the heck would I do that?”

Kyle furrowed his eyebrows.

I snorted at his strange expression that bordering between disappointed and anguish.

Why are you spouting such a naïve comment? Once you become a marquis, you will inadvertently have to dirty your hands. What are you doing, suddenly giving in to your evil stepsister who only showed you basic human decency?

Once we, the trio embodying all the vile things in the world, leave, I need to ensure Kyle will have a woman worthy of him. As the partner of a marquis, she needs to be able to straighten him up. I definitely didn’t want Kyle to end up being a fat guy who only care about basking in luxury.

Kyle silently stared at my hands.

“H, hey!? Isn’t that me?! Stepsister, you’re looking at my portrait while you’re alone!? What are your intentions!?”

Before Kyle entered, I was reviewing the personal statements he had received regarding his matchmaking. Unlike in my previous life, photography hadn’t been developed yet, so illustrations were used as a substitute. Of course, I threatened a maid to get info on Kyle.

“You, are these your preferred women? They are no good. Get yourself together. They may appear prim and proper on the surface, but they’re all loose on moral conduct. The quality of these products are such that they can’t be improved due to already being terrible from the start. How can your standards in women be so awful?”

“I don’t think that’s what their personal statements say at all!!”

“Isn’t it obvious? Do you believe what everyone says on their personal statements to be the truth? Even I will be a completely humble young lady on a personal statement. I will shower the painter with money, and he will paint the obese me three times thinner than I really am.”

Kyle was silent. I arbitrarily took it as him asking, “Then, what should I do?”

“As expected of a 17-years-old young man. If I leave it to you, the Gessel family will be dragged through the mud. Let me choose a wonderful lady for you. All you need to do is your best in the territory.”

“A, are you going to harass me?”

“Ohoho, but isn’t this merely natural? If the wife of the princess’ younger brother is no good, it’ll become but a nuisance, right?”

Although the one who’d become said princess was Sasha, not me.

“Just leave it to me! Your stepsister will surely find you a wonderful fiancée!”

Ohoho! Due to my boisterous laugh, Kyle’s expression twisted.

“S-suit yourself! Whether I like the girl or not is another story. Besides, you will just choose a lady that you can manipulate at will!”

Actually, I will find a really good girl for you, one who will make you happy.

Of course, I didn’t say that to him. While huffing his shoulders, he stormed out of the room.

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