The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

2.3 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter

Perhaps in a hurry, Alfred turned his back to me with a stiff look.

Right before he left, I was told, “Be sure to see a doctor.” However, I neither nodded nor shook my head. Alfred walked away with the chancellor.

“Lady Juliane, please sit down. We will prepare some tea, soon.”

“O, okay, thank you. About the doctor, it’s really unnecessary—”

“Don’t worry, I understand. A maiden’s heart is a troublesome thing. As I recall, men and women at the age of Your Highness and Lady Juliane usually become a little emotionally unstable before the opposite sex.”

The maid said so slyly.

The problem was—do men and women of our age grab each other whenever they are emotionally unstable?

In my previous life, I had no experience in dating.

In my present world, it was common to find a partner after making a social debut at the age of 16. However, I was engaged at the age of eight. To be honest, I didn’t really understand what was considered the norm between men and women.

Larissa and Stephanie also lack partners. As such, I wonder if I should ask Kyle. He seems to be both experienced and a playboy.

As for Alfred and I, I didn’t think he was interested in anything other than studying. Whenever I gloated or talked about money, he always seemed to be in an agony. Then, by the end of it, we’d end up fighting over petty reasons.

I have never experienced a sweet atmosphere with him—not even in the slightest.

I waited and waited, yet Alfred didn’t return.

In truth, I had already expected that.

To the dejected servants, who bowed their heads, I said, “I understand.” in a sullen voice.

I was able to gather up all the friendliness inside me and talked with the servants in a friendly manner. I was also able to hear a little about Alfred. So, today could be said to be fruitful.

Also, it seemed that my plain hairstyle, which could be called the manifestation of my spirit, and my face, which had almost no make-up, made the maids tremble with fear.

“Ohoho, the bee honey shampoo is easy to make, but it won’t last long. The most important thing is to massage the scalp like this. There’s also a concern with allergies… someone who can’t eat bee honey shouldn’t use that shampoo.”

Because everyone was scared, terrified, and afraid when they saw at my new appearance—which was my prime objective—I was in a good mood. I put my hand in my hair, and massaged my scalp. Then, I organized the information I had gathered.

Everyone said that Lord Alfred has been busy working lately. It doesn’t seem like he’s been doing what the rumors suggest.

Although, that might be expected. After all, everyone who said that swore allegiance to Alfred. There was no way they’d say anything detrimental about their lord. Still, there seemed to be no deceit in the atmosphere. Also, I thought I was able to promote Sasha’s beauty and personality fairly well.

If an annulment scene, like those in romance novels, were to happen, some ruthless people would surely seek maximum enjoyment. As such, the annulment should be done in a place that gave the villainess maximum humiliation.

As I thought, would I be annulled at the ball hosted by the royal palace, the climax of the social season?

At the end of the social season, Ruderva usually holds a royal ball. The 16-years-old noble ladies making their debut will be unveiled there for the first time. Then, they’d met the noble children recommended by their parents.

In other words, the actual courting started from the age of 17. Ladies, who had no connections at the ball for 16-year-olds, shall bravely appeal for themselves at the beginning of the following year’s social season. Should they inadvertently exceed the age of 20, however, they’d be in a difficult situation.

I couldn’t make Sasha debut at the age of 16. However, I was grateful my memory returned when she was still 17. I felt like prostrating and thanking Buddha and the Gods from all over the world.

Ah, but she went home so fast, she didn’t get the chance to be treated like a woman.

Towards that beautiful Sasha, Alfred would surely be fascinated. It would be as if he were staring at the sun. No matter how plain her attire, it was as if her entire body emanates light. Sasha was truly dreamlike. It was quite fortunate for Alfred to be able to find such a flawless beauty. He needn’t look all over the continent.

“Welcome back, Lady Juliane.”

“Yes, I’ve returned!”

When I returned to the mansion, I was greeted by the melting, carefree, smile of Liz. While tilting her head, Liz said to me, “You’re quite late.” To which I answered, “Well…”

Anyway, I asked. “It seems a little noisy. What happened? Father and mother didn’t cause any trouble, right?”

I saw several maids rushing up the stairs. During the social season, we often held flashy parties, but things had quieted down for a while.

The reason was of course, my depression. I had told my parents, “Let’s refrain from flashy social events until we achieve more results! Also, let’s amaze our surroundings with father’s fluffy hair and mother’s slim body!”

The actual reason was—to save money!

When I made a suggestion, my parents, whom were too gullible to doubt me, came on board immediately.

“…Lord Kyle has collapsed. After Lady Juliane left for the royal palace, he fell just like that.”


I was so surprised, my head became numb. It wouldn’t be strange if I went as pale as a ghost. As I asked Liz, “How’s his condition?” I trembled. Liz shook her head. An old maid holding a tub walked past us in a hurry.

“How’s Kyle?”

I called out to the maid, but the maid only frowned at me. She had been serving Kyle ever since he was adopted. She was like a mother to Kyle, so to speak. It couldn’t be helped that she hated me.

“Lady Juliane, he suddenly got a high fever and is suffering.”

The tone of the maid, which should normally be firm, was strangely weak. She seemed to be in a great deal of trouble.

“Has he seen a doctor?”

“That’s, he said it’s just a normal cold, so a doctor is unnecessary.”

“I give you permission to call a doctor right away. Oh, will Liz rush one in a carriage with Jack? It’s an emergency, so don’t flirt.”

“I understand.”

I did my best to give instructions in a collected voice. Afterwards, I hurried to the kitchen where the chef was. Perhaps due to the time, there was no one other than the chef in the kitchen. When I entered, he nearly jumped beside the silver counter.

“W, who are you, young lady? Are you alone? What a nice dress—”

“—Chef! Please give me sugar and salt! Also, please pick some of the sour fruits growing in the garden!”

“Those fruits? You mean sudachi? But they’re so sour, they’re not suitable to be eaten raw!”

“It’s alright! Also, please prepare some soup!”

The chef looked overwhelmed for a moment, but he immediately smiled. “Leave it to me.” Then, he got to it.

I took out a jug that seemed able to hold about 1 liter from the shelf and pour water inside it.

“About 5 tablespoons of sugar, and less than a teaspoon of salt.”

I stuck a spoon into the jug and mix it.

The chef came back with some sudachi fruit. He had the fruits cut, and then he squeezed them tightly.

“Milady, could this perhaps be for Lord Kyle?”

“When someone has a fever, they lost moisture from their body. This drink is more efficient than ordinary water. In places where hygiene is bad, it’s good to boil a glass of water and add a handful of sugar, and a pinch of salt. If there are those who are in need, just tell me.”

I recalled the sweet, gentle, smile of the nurse who was in charge of me in my previous life. She taught me a lot of things. Back then, I wholeheartedly believed, “Surely, this knowledge will be useful after I leave the hospital.”

However, I didn’t get to leave the hospital alive.

Thanking the chef, I went to Kyle’s room with the jug.

The maids stared dagger at me for suddenly entering Kyle’s room, but I pushed through.

“…Stepsister? What is that? Are you going to poison me?”

After Kyle menacingly glared at me with intense hatred, I ran my mouth.

“Ohoho, I came to bask in the suffering of a buffoon who refuses to see a doctor even when he gets sick.”

Kyle’s face was bright red, as if steam would erupt at any moment. I put the jug on the bedside table and poured the contents into a special container.

The container was made so that a sick person could drink water while lying down.

“Drink. It will be easier for you that way.”

Kyle snorted. I also snorted, but still pressed the container, which had beak-like mouthpiece, against Kyle’s lips. Surprisingly, Kyle obediently opened his mouth.

After taking a sip, Kyle looked surprised.

“It’s a flavorful poison.”

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