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116. For the Woman I Love

  • Side: Douglas

“Guh, there are too many of them…!”

In face of a large army of the demons, Douglas’ expression distorted.

Eliana’s barrier should still last for another day.

She also determined that the demons would most probably invade after the barrier had completely disappeared, but… everyone was caught off guard.

Eliane was so powerful, everyone had full confidence in her power.

Therefore, the demons have already factored that their power will be greatly reduced decided to force their way through the barrier… they caught us by surprise.

As of the moment, Douglas was in his dragon form.

He flew over the royal city and dealt with the demons from above.

On the ground, the knights led by Adolf and Klaus were fighting against the demons.

The townspeople had fled, and the city was a mess.

Previously, we got lucky. There are many undead amongst their ranks.

However, currently, that wasn’t the case.

If Douglas were to try to annihilate them by breathing fire, he might hit his allies.

Even if that wasn’t the case, Douglas was having trouble facing the demon army as it was.

The demons weren’t a big deal. The problem was no matter how many he defeated, they just kept on coming.

No matter how much Douglas annihilated the demons, it barely made any difference.

“You’re a dragon, so why are you siding with them?”

A spear-wielding demon spoke to Douglas.

“Gahaha, is it that strange for a dragon to be on the side of humans?”

Douglas deflected the demon’s attack with his hard scales.

“Dragons are sacred creatures. You’re a hassle to us demons, but we acknowledge your strength and pride. However, it seems that a once mighty dragon has fallen to the side of humans—a race that is weaker and dumber than us.”

“Hmph! Is that all you wanted to say? Are your eyes rotten?”

While flying around the sky and fighting, Douglas thought to himself.

Douglas was born and built a nest near the kingdom where he then lived.

He had never seen his father or mother. The mothers of dragons gave birth to children at the expense of their own lives. Moreover, Douglas didn’t live with his family like humans did. His father went somewhere long ago.

It wasn’t all that strange to him—for that was the custom of dragons.

His dull life went on.

In the old days, it seemed that some humans attempted to hunt dragons. There’d be a daily battle between the two races.

However, in a peaceful world, no one tried to go against dragons.

Well, it wasn’t like Douglas bore any ill intentions towards humans.

Therefore, he spent his dull, lonely, life in his nest.

That was when I met Eliane.

They first spoke through telepathy.

Eliane was initially surprised by Douglas’ true identity… but soon, it no longer mattered to her.

Their conversation was intriguing.

As he talked to her, Douglas’ barren heart was moistened.

Eliane has a kind heart. However, she’s also oppressed by others. It wouldn’t be strange for her to despise her kingdom, to think of revenge… But Eliane never considered any of that.

Until her banishment, Eliane didn’t try to leave the kingdom.

Even though the kingdom did such a terrible thing to her, she kept trying to protect everyone with her barrier.

She was a true saint.

To Douglas, Eliane was dazzling.

“Is she the reason why you sided with humans? She’s the saint. Why would you lend your power to the saint?”

The demons, who were overwhelmed by Douglas’ onslaught, asked that.

“The saint, you say… do you even know her name?”

The demons didn’t reply. They probably didn’t know.

“Before being a saint, she’s a girl. She’s kind and treats everyone equally. I fell in love with her.”

Until he met Eliane, he rarely encountered humans.

Occasionally, a reckless adventurer would try to slay Douglas to make a name for himself.

Most people who saw Douglas’ true form screamed and fled. Only a small few dared approach him.

They only saw Douglas as a ‘dragon.’ Impurities such as fear and ambition were mixed in the back of their eyes.

However, Eliane was different.

She saw me as a man, not a dragon.

Amongst the stories Eliane had told him, there were many he wasn’t fond of.

The very first story she had told him was about her bitter daily love. Afterwards, she’d tell him about an interesting romance novel she had recently read.

Where else in the world would he find a woman that would enthusiastically talk about romance novels to him, a dragon?

Douglas initially felt strange about that, but gradually opened his heart to the pure Eliane.

When I heard she had been banished, I felt indignant. How strange—we ended up fighting for the sake of that kingdom.

Douglas smirked.

“Do any of you even have a woman you love?”

There was no reply.

“To me, she is the woman I’m willing to risk my life for.”

Douglas accumulated magical power in his mouth.

…I’m starting to recall what Nigel said back then.

Dragon’s Flame—Roar!

He breathed out fire which proceeded to engulf the demons who were wriggling before him.

“If you aren’t a man who can fulfil the selfishness of a woman you fell in love with, you aren’t qualified to stand beside Eliane!”

After the flame went out, there wasn’t a single demon left.

Immediately, Douglas went to the ground to resume fighting.

“Haha, what a strange thing for a dragon to say!”

A large amount of magical power was generated in front of him.

Douglas immediately turned towards it.

The empty space distorted, and a demon appeared there.

His size wasn’t different from humans. He floated in the air and stared directly at Douglas.

However, the magical power and intimidation which emanated from that small body wasn’t comparable to other demons.

“Are you an archdemon?”

Seeing the figure, Douglas inferred.

The archdemon nodded.

“My name is Godflor, what is yours? Let us fight.”

He revealed a sword in his right hand and rushed towards Douglas.


Douglas snorted and deflected the attack using magic.

“Let’s stay as strangers—after all, you’ll soon be reduced to charcoal.”

…It seemed that it wouldn’t be possible for him to rush to the ground, or Eliane, immediately.

It’ll take some time. Please bear with it, Eliane…!

As Douglas started to fight against Godflor, he prayed for Eliane’s safety.

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