The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter—I’ll Show you What I’m Capable of! (LN) Translation

2.1 The Struggle of a Reincarnated Marquis’ Daughter

Upon arriving at the royal castle and subsequently alighting from the carriage, everyone stared at me with doubt. Their gazes seemed to ask, “Who???”

In front of the entrance, which could only be used by the royal family and those of similar standing to them, I stared at the servants with an intimidating gaze. Towards everyone who had stop doing whatever they were doing and went agape, I made a stern laugh.

“Ohoho! How long are you going to wait? It’s either all of you are lazy, or just too proud to do your actual jobs!”

When I tilted my head, my black hair, which was relatively rare in that kingdom, fluttered. The cheeks of a young butler were died red for some reason. Did that guy have a fever?

No, even in the carriage, I experienced the same hassle. The knight and the servant kept stealing glances at me.

Then, an old maid elbowed the young butler.

“What is taking you so long, you fool! Forgive us, Lady Juliane. Please, come inside.”

“Thank you as always. It seems that for the rest of tonight, I will be bothering you all.”

When I thought that I wouldn’t meet those annoyances anymore, I felt a bit moved. As such, words of gratitude spilled out of my mouth. I also smiled.

It wasn’t an arrogant smile, nor was it a gangster-like smile. It was a lovely smile that I had been trying to achieve to be considered a lovely lady. My eyes were a bit squinted, and I had single eyelids. My eyebrows were similar to father’s—they looked as if a thin brush had painted them. As such, if I were to smile with those facial features, a fluffy, warm, smile should appear.

“U, understood.”

The maid’s face looked like a boiled octopus.

I look ridiculous, I guess.

Hmm… I seemed to have had overestimated my smile.

In the royal palace, I was infamous for being selfish, arrogant, and clumsy. I felt somewhat relieved that Sasha would be taking my place in the following month. That way, she’d be able to show her transcendental beauty.

That’s the only way left for me.

Even so, the eyes of the servants, which were fixated on me, were kind of bothersome. Perhaps, by wearing a plain dress and not applying too much make up, I managed to pull off the sick person act well.

If my present appearance was enough to shock them, how were they going to take Sasha’s? Her appearance was that of the true princess, meanwhile my former appearance was that of the Unhealthy Lifestyle’s Princess.

Well, I’m no longer obese, but still…

I was grateful for their patience.

Before my memory had returned, I was always high and mighty. My self-esteem had been enlarged beyond recognition.

“I’m sorry, Lady Juliane. Please step in through here.”

I nodded and started walking. Ah, my body felt light. Furthermore, it was also silent. When I was fat, I made noise all the time, no matter how small the movement.

“Please rejoice, Lady Juliane!”

As I entered the usual drawing room and settled down, the face of the old maid crumpled as she smiled.

“T, today, His Highness Alfred will attend the tea party!”


Both my mind and body stiffened, and my eyes swam.

Of all the times, why would he attend now?!

That day, I expected to be slapped with, “His Highness Alfred can’t meet you.” Afterwards, I planned to drink some tea and eat some sweets. My objective was to gather information about Alfred’s condition from the servants, and then appeal Sasha’s charm.

What should I do?! Is a direct confrontation about to happen!?

On a chair with graceful decoration on its armrest, I kept looking at the door without making the slightest movement. Thoughts swirled within my head.

Eventually, the signs of multiple people being present came from the other side of the door. Then, the door opened. I trembled—he truly came!

I was amazed that I was still able to stand up. My heart was racing, and my hands were both sweaty.

Alfred, who entered, went agape as he froze.

Both his aide, Georges, and his escort, stopped moving.


Did time stop?

Wow, after a long time of not seeing him, he has grown even more handsome!

Alfred’s beauty, which was as awe-inspiring as that of a saint, mesmerized me.

Silver hair which shone as if emitting light. A manly and firm face. Sharp eyebrows. Each of his facial features were neat and tidy, while their arrangement were exquisite. His impressive green eyes were akin to a rare jewel. His outstanding beauty was brilliantly painted.

Why did my former self think herself worthy of standing beside him?

Was I a buffoon?

I felt embarrassed for my past self’s stupidity.

“W, what happened to you!?”

“Ouch, ouch, ouch!”

Alfred’s astonishing face approached mine while he grabbed my upper arm with unrelenting power.

Georges and his escort, who seemed to have regained their senses due to my scream, rushed to Alfred’s back.

“Your Highness Alfred, please calm down! Calm down!”

“Once His Highness gets serious, he can easily break someone’s bones!”

***T/N: Yo, what’s gonna happen naw. I bet he thinks she’s sick.

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